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Movie Comments

Wow 02/28/2020
Wow. Excellent. I had been waiting all week for this one. Lukas is a very handsome man.

wannacmore 02/28/2020
they’ve stayed in their suits for all the recent videos... can we get some where they at least loosen or untie their tie? unbutton a little?

Me 02/28/2020
Loved the burgundy three-piece though..very hot! Wish his pretty face and tie got covered in cum instead of his socks.

SuitNSocksGuy 02/29/2020
'Been waiting for this all week too. Lukas is one of my faves. Too bad David missed cumming on Lukas' sheer sock. That would have been so hot. And yeah, would have been nice to see Lukas' vest and shirt undone for a more ravished look. Besides he's got nice pecs and abs. But really, nice job guys. Made my weekend. Thanks!

Suitsfan 03/02/2020
Loved Lukas' suit - especially the fine waistcoat - so seeing that getting spunked on was a real highlight for me. (He's a very attractive guy, too!) I'd have liked to see David's cum added to it, but at least his own tie got messed a bit as well. Please include ripping as often as possible, too; it's so much more passionate and arousing than simply unbuttoning or unzipping and removing clothes as guys get really horned up!

ROBICART 03/16/2020
Love Lucas' suit, especially the vest. Love the way he sucks David's big dick and balls.

Constantine 06/17/2020
more lucas, more sheer sox on lucas!

RobbieRed 02/10/2022
David is HAF, hope to see him again. Nice pairing with Lukas. Cute having Lukas speak Spanish. Pair them again with less clothes:)