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Movie Comments

CutawayShirt 07/20/2018
I never saw Dani Robles full active before. He was awesome. Also Dario Beck was great. This is now one of my new favorite map-movie. Thank you so much.

stripedtie13 07/20/2018
Always great to see Dani and as a top for a change. I was wondering what happened to his pocket square but finally saw it got tucked down into the pocket.

markbind 07/20/2018
Wow, Dani as a raging top. Love it. These two are quite hot together.

jeremy_hunk 07/20/2018
I know this is a fetish site on suits - and JC has worked hard in response to those critiques. A very good scene. Dario and Dani are hot. However for me, I wish we can see more of Dani and Dario without their shirts probably towards the end. I suppose for some - fully clothes at the end is what they are looking for.

musclefucks 07/20/2018
These guys have done good work in other films, but this coupling didn't fly (secondo me)

musclefucks 07/20/2018
Hah-hah, I see I'm in the minority, nae bother ... glad people enjoyed it

Jon62 07/20/2018
Good one but shame Dario didn't come over Dani. He normally is happy to take the load all over his suit. Good that Dario got it though. Good they stay suited throughout - please keep that trend up.

sheersoox 07/20/2018
Hi, MenAtPlay team. Thank you for those few moments of black Goldtoes worshipping & sockjob. But for me, a question remains unanswered : either it is very cold this summer in Spain, or you have completely forgotten the existence of sheer socks. Thus, for months, you only dress your gorgeous models with big and thick cotton socks and this is a huge disappointment for sheer nylon socks lovers as me... and regarding the sock garters, I don't even mention it. So, I hope to be read and heard by you, and that you will be able to meet the wishes of a large part of your faithful subscribers. Maybe one day will we even have the grace to discover a scene with a sheer sock-pulling sequence, we can always dream... Bye, thanks

pornboy1 07/20/2018
This is excellent. The socks are perfect; black gold toe. No nylons please. They look like stockings for women. Dani is hot as a top! Dario never disappoints. He’s beautiful and aging so well.

Sugarman06 07/20/2018
Ditto, sheer sock worship, footsies under a boardroom table, any variation of a cumshot on sheer socks would be hot.

Sugarman06 07/21/2018
J C, Does Dani have a foot fetish or request that he infuses that into his scenes? I think it's hot if so

icewheel 07/21/2018

raven 07/21/2018
Well groomed, well dressed men; interesting set; a new story line; great photography! Dani pumped out an awesome ejaculate while both Dani and Dario remained suited. I am happy not seeing Dani's tats but do enjoy seeing the men finish undressed . Thanks for the nice production this week and hope you will continue with more of this quality! RAVEN

kerlefaktor 07/21/2018
extremely hot, perfect!

masstiehemd 07/21/2018
Ok on the advice you give! indeed the explosive cum shots on the suit, shirt, knot tie THAT is excellent and that's what we like fetish costume - tie! we do not like to see getting lost on the bed all this juice that could be spread on the partner, and even licked .....

masstiehemd 07/21/2018
sorry for you! but it is true that the partners completely naked at the end of the sequence do not correspond to what is expected of a site on suits ties even socks ..... it becomes a banal porn and we find hundreds of them

algerp 07/21/2018
Once again, the pants came off completely, and too soon. It isn't real suit fetish, or even suit-interest, unless at least the top keeps his pants on the whole time. Other commenters are really into the socks, but that's just a side-show to the real deal: a throbbing dick thrusting out of a suit fly. They shouldn't even bother making more videos unless they give us that consistently.

RJHToday 07/21/2018
I'd like to see the MAP guys wearing briefs under their suits. The last few weeks the guys have all been commando and they unzip and start cock sucking is getting a bit repetitive. Lets see some CK's or brief worshipping

RQUEST 07/22/2018
MAP, this film offering was okay, but would it be okay to show more fun with sheer socks in some scenes please. I cannot believe Dani is in the scene without TNT sheer. That was odd for me. Anyway, I love the way Dani sucked that hardon and also the way Dani is a water fountain when he squirts his load. HOT!

eiswirth821 07/25/2018
Love the men, the scenario and the cum! More of the same, please.

kelle68 07/26/2018
thumbs up, mate: a fuck out of a suitpant is what I look for here. real men don´t care if the pants are ruined....

pascha2 07/27/2018
Hello gentlemen. Another beautiful clip that you offer us thank you. Nice guy, nice body and good scenario. I always hate to Friday. In this video we would like to see the beautiful shoes worn by your models ... too bad but maybe we will see them in the next. Thank you

jackbrown 07/29/2018
2 of my MAP favorites! Dario Beck is my ‘go to’ MAP model, and when I saw him with Dani, it was my immediate choice! And they did not disappoint!

robicart 04/12/2019
One of the best in MAP.

air4711 08/19/2019
Great sock-stuff :-) I like to see more of that.