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Movie Comments

Rainer75 09/14/2018
Vadim Romanov! What a found! Urgently MAP needed new models and then this first class stallion... Great! His smile is overwhelming plus a little bit sadistic. And so his style of fucking is also - no mercy. His giant dick is something to become a submissive faggot. I'm a top - but Mr. Romanov could fuck me whereever and often he wants. The result is Diego's unbelievable cumshot - hope anybody from the team licked it up because it would be tragedy when wasted! MAP - you are on track again - even suits stayed on....

robicart 09/14/2018
Diego's cum shot was terrific. Vadim's cum shot was a disappointment though he is sexy and I would like to see him again.

kevdesu 09/14/2018
This movie was sexy compared to the last few that were posted. This week I was interested more than ever before. Vadim is great, definitely should return but his cumshot was disappointing.

loloraph 09/14/2018
older men do not enjoy each other so much, so the younger ones enjoy more ....

musclefucks 09/14/2018
Fucked to death by Vadim, lucky Diego! I look forward to seeing more of Mr Romanov, in more ways than one

tiedupsuit 09/15/2018
Great video. Wish Romanov's cum shot were larger. His suit was amazing. Love seeing a dark suit splattered with cum. Still trying to figure out how to get cum off a suit. Any recommendations?

Rainer75 09/15/2018
Why poor Vadim get judged about his semen amount? One guy has lots of whipped the other of clotted cream. This says nothing about his masculinity. Maybe he got milked from a thirsty lad short time before? I love him not about his "gallons" of cum but of his whole appearance...

hollandsuit 09/16/2018
Wow - would love to know where you bought the tie Vadim is wearing: it is absolutely great! Who directed this vid? TC?

sabe1949 09/17/2018
clothers off sooner and needs to show those beautiful furry bodies. Great pubes with lots of cum eating, all that cum goes to waste, what a shame!!

brisgay 09/25/2018
Wow! Vadim is hot! I would have loved to have seen some of his pinstriped suited ass whilst he was fucking Diego!

brisgay 09/26/2018
One other compliment for Vadim.. even tho there wasn't much cum, that has to be the most intense, moaning, hot orgasm ever on MAP!

robicart 10/02/2018
More of Vadim, pleas!

brisgay 11/01/2018
Totally agree! I really want the directors to show a lot more suited arse!

Jack60470 01/08/2022
Totally Agree too ! More Suited Arse !!!!! - More Vadim !!!! Please