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Movie Comments

Jon62 08/17/2018
Good to see Andy again but why did he have to take his nice white shirt and tie off...?

pascha2 08/17/2018
I always hate to see a new video of MAP on Friday, again very handsome guy with beautiful body and good scenario, I imagine they had to have beautiful shoes but unfortunately we have not seen .. .. nevertheless it is part of the fantasies of Men at Play. Michel

MANSMAN 08/17/2018

mrbubuzzzzz 08/17/2018
More shoe scenes, please, touching, licking and cumming over it.

Rainer75 08/17/2018
I don't agree! Focus should be on suits, not on shoes! Sure - I know fine shoes belong to a nice suit. The whole package, I know. But this time we saw Andy wearing glasses - wasn't that sexy? We all have to be happy about what we get served. For instance I love well groomed, masculine, veiny hands. Not often there is a feast for me with sexy hands...No director is able to fulfill everybodys wishes in every movie... and shoes for me are just shoes and do nothing for me to drive me crazy. People are different and so are the movies. So haven't you enjoyed these nasty guys???

pornboy1 08/18/2018
Axel is a sexy fucker: nice addition. Socks were perfect on Andy. This was a hot scenario. Good stuff.

AkaneK1103 08/18/2018
Thank you for releasing Andy Star's scene. I've been waiting for! I became a member again immediately,when I knew you released it. I watched two times. Andy was brilliant and smoking hot. He always does do his best. He tries to keep his beauty body. I subscribe whenever his scene is released. His work deserves to be ranked. He doesn't wear suits in his personal life. I appreciate you keep producing his scene. Thank you, thank you, thank you for casting him. I already promoted "ABOUT LAST NIGHT" Check my tweet.

Suitman63 08/18/2018
These shoe fetishists will not shut up on here and are frankly pests - this is a suit themed site, if you want a focus on feet look elsewhere

actor117 08/18/2018
Now of course, I could be wrong, but most porn folk don't use their real names, so the fact Andy Star had his porn name tattooed on his lower back is..peculiar .

mtmslg 08/18/2018
Nice suits, boring scenario. Andy is so handsome, but the tattoos are RIDICULOUS.

Rainer75 08/18/2018
I was afraid using such clear words. But you are right. It's impossible to serve every fetish in a movie. Unfortunatly shoes and socks are "near" to suits. Please folks: Look for special studios - you are "frankly pests" at MAP!!!

musclefucks 08/18/2018
Wow gents, a great film, one of your best; thank you everybody. Axel is promising (want to see the body) bur as for that Mr Andy - he is MAGNIFICENT. Very beautiful boy - handsome face, super body, nice cock, perfect arse. And of all your actors, he is the one who is totally convincing in sex, every time. He loves being fucked and is so realistically vocal. He is a superstar, bravo. And just BTW - are we going to see Bruce Beckham on MAP? He and Andy could make sweet music together - or even Bruce and Enzo, or Emir, or Hector :)

notyetexec 08/21/2018

eiswirth821 08/22/2018
I agree. Enough with that ugly, distracting, boner-killing ink. It's ruined more scenes for me than the total number of Trump's lies.

Richie2675 08/24/2018
Loved this seeing Andy socks , nice to see more socks on guys

Richie2675 08/24/2018

musclefucks 08/25/2018
(Second viewing) Andy has been fucked to death all over the place, but he comes to each new coupling with a fresh, clean, innocent face; he is remarkable. His naked body is perfection, such great proportions. And his performance taking a cock is outstanding. Bravo, young man :)

kapukane 08/26/2018
Andy is hot but that lower back tattoo has to go. It is awful. Also guys should not be getting lower back tattoos.

davidjohntorres 09/16/2018
Would like to suck and fuck Andy's feet.

robicart 11/19/2018
Love Andy Star's dick and balls, especially through his pants fly. Love the sucking.

musclefucks 11/23/2018
Third time round even better! Andy is a marvel :)

raven 04/03/2019
Andy is a well endowed, truly handsome young man .whom I enjoy watching as long as he keeps his back side covered. Oh, what a shame! RAVEN

robicart 04/29/2019
Love this. Both guys sucking.

suitedcboy 05/22/2019
Andy does have a tight great bod but he is one of the best suited guys here. He looks stunning in a suit. He has that “hot guy in office that I’d do or let do me in a second given the chance” look.

Skiier 08/30/2019
Andy Star with a hairy chest should be in every movie... Men should never shave their bodies....

bootedmen 08/31/2019
I believe Andy Star is one of the best, hottest guys on this site. In anything I've seen of him on MENATPLAY videos, he looks fantastic. I hate tattoos, and Andy is an example of how guys like him can tarnish their otherwise beautiful, manly bodies. I love the suits and black OTC socks...very hot look, especially with the jacket, shirt and tie still on the guy during the sexual action. I have to disagree with SKIIER to a point about guys shaving their bodies...I like body hair trimmed, unless they are naturally lightly hairy...just my little opinion.