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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 12/08/2017
That becomes a classic of the video site of M A P to stage a naked man and a man dressed in suit and tie. But, because there's a but, it is not always very exciting and sometimes boring as say certain commentators. The scenario proposes this week answers at this remark. Long sequence of sucks cock, then fucking inside the ass. The tie is used as reins to make horses obey. And it is the end of the interest for this video because both men are naked....Well! All right it is my point of view!!! But I would have liked well to see when the dressed man sucks his friend, his tie go out of his jacket and at the of the mouth which sucks the tie strokes the balls of his partner ....It is very fun, and I like this practise. It is a small remark and I wait next week to be more exciting . Your faithful friend

stardusted 12/09/2017
Tired of Denise Vega and Dani robles

Dan1762 12/09/2017
Two of your hottest guys -- thank you, MAP. LOVE, love, love Seth Santoro. Great facial at the end. I only ask for more suit time, sock sucking, cum on the suit. Pair these two up again and let them get nastier, I know they know how!! :)

Sherman 12/09/2017
Seth, you can do a better video with your handsome, “hairy” large cock than this video. Bored with Denis. Go back Seth and view Manuel with “Check In, Check out” and Manuel had better chemistry with each other............................I will wait next week for a better video of two gentlemen, and Seth, we need you back with that handsome body.........................Great cum shot Seth.........................................

Sherman 12/09/2017
Seth, you have a handsome ass and also Denis wanted to do was to fuck it for his first time with you without to much chemistry between the two of you. Denis needs a rest at Men At Play.

explorer310 12/10/2017
Love The video with Denis Vega and Seth Santoro. Denis always gives a good performance and copious cumshot. What would have made the video better was for Seth to have swallowed more of Denis's cum and sucked on Denis's cock after he has cum. Really love Denis Vega. Perhaps we will see a Denis Vega and Dani Robles paring again in the near future.

musclefucks 12/10/2017
Thanks guys, not sex. Denis always reliable and committed and Seth is such a fabulous, enthusiastic bottom; he really enjoys being fucked and cums buckets :)

Rainer75 12/10/2017
Agree 100 %. But seems Matt and Rico have a different philosophy...

barneylincoln 12/11/2017
Well here's another sexy MAP guy to add to my list ( getting longer) SETH, very admirable bod and hairy with it, juicy cock and wears nice shoes! a simple scenario but VERY entertaining. The thought of a BJ from Mr. Santoro's mouth is a Christmas present worth having. Thanks again MAP. love , Barney.

chakev 12/11/2017
I can't help but wonder (and I think about this a lot) if it would be possible for Denis to be any better looking than he is now. And I've decided that he probably can't. He is, for me anyway, as close to perfection as I can imagine. And hot and sexy as well!! Does it get any better? The scene at the end is beautifully shot (pun intended). The sun glistening off of Denis' amazing body as the cum is dripping off of his dick and onto his partner's face. Love it. I appreciate what the others are saying, but I'm not nearly done with Denis yet!!

tonejock 12/11/2017
Denis used to give amazing facials, what happened!

Sherman 12/16/2017
Both gentlemen had large and “hairy” cocks and hairy bodies. Sexy................and both of them presented us with “great cum shots” Thanks for the excitement. Seth, you have a great ass and you enjoy being fucked in each of your videos.

raven 12/20/2017
No spoken dialogue but nevertheless wonderfully entertaining man sex between two beautifully handsome guys. So far as personal looks, an inviting setting, and sexual performance, Dennis and Seth are as good as it gets at MAP. Nice photography and directing as well. Happy Holidays to all of you ! RAVEN

summer32 01/19/2018
Terrible cumshots

halpofein 03/03/2018
Gorgeous men.

Fit424 11/10/2018
Low rating for such a great movie and concept. A nice fantasy and more believable than some. All good though. People complain about anything these days. Two studs, great set, great camera work, and sex. Perfect.