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Movie Comments

everhard12321 10/17/2014
Five star fucking. Hell yes! This film is destined to be an award-worthy Menatplay classic. And even though I'm not a fan of paisley I really like Caleb's tie. Great work, guys.

hatetatoos-4-2 10/17/2014
Perfect movie, I loved the braces and the garters, and the fact that most of the clothes remained on during the fucking, except for Flex's trousers.

olderbutsexy 10/17/2014
Sexy work from the guys :) Flex is a new star, great butt, good cum shot while being fucked into a coma by Caleb (every gay man's fantasy, the straight guy who fucks you) and his cum shot is exceptional! Thanks gents

Ryans 10/18/2014
This is my kind of Map ! Great suits and ties. Love it when the ties are kept on. More of this please? Thx

tiedupsuit 10/18/2014
Great movie! Wish I were in Flex's position.

joedoe1000 10/18/2014
I love Caleb Roca performance...will love to see him with shoes and pants off in next scene. Thanks MAP!

joedoe1000 10/18/2014 need to bring more often Caleb Roca..his dick is spectacular and his macho style is hot!

colik555 10/19/2014
I could jack off looking at Caleb Roca dressed like this all DAY!!! LOVE the braces, the contrasting white collar and white french cuffs. SUPERB and very much like the old Men at Play. LOVE it!! Lets have the roles reversed and Caleb get fuck in this outfit and his clothes messed up!!!

kendeezyx 10/20/2014
Fuck yea!!!! More ripping please. That shit gets me off so good.

loosecollarntie 10/20/2014
So hot, loved the ripping of the suit and shirt, more of that!!! Great film guys.

ilst 10/21/2014
Can't help but Caleb Roca does not turn me on - it's too obvious he is just into fucking ass (any ass) but not into men. No wonder he falls for Flex's absolutely adorable muscle ass. This hunk may offer his hole to all willling tops of your site.

woodyalert 10/21/2014
I am so glad to see Flex back and his pairing with Caleb is fantastic!

colik555 10/24/2014
The MP4 download on this film does not work.

Suitsfan 10/26/2014
I do so agree about the ripping! That's definitely the way to show the bottom who's boss - and the sight and sound of smart fabrics tearing and buttons popping off gets my hormones racing every time!

ilst 11/01/2014
Flex has the most tempting ass since Rogan Richards whom I miss so much.

NYCfan 11/08/2014
This is the best meantplay video in years in my opinion. I like how Caleb Roca treats Flex like a cocksucker.

NYCfan 11/08/2014
Also LOVE the way that Caleb Rocca is dressed: hot, woo. the suspender buttons outside of the pants, the crisp white collar and suspenders with that extremely well done tie. Amazing! Keep it coming

NYCfan 11/08/2014
no please! Lets keep his image just as is--please

johnny5 11/12/2014
Nicely done, I especially enjoyed watching Caleb rub his dick against Flex's finely suited arse, HOT!!

bradbolt 11/17/2014
about time we saw some real hot bubble ass.

bradbolt 11/17/2014
less clothes more skin...

18061974 11/20/2014
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Suited33 12/15/2014
Awesome movie and it was nice to see some suit lining again.

taylorgrant116 12/28/2014
YESSSS more spanking!!!

LeoMap15 06/29/2015
Flex's ass in this vid sent me over the edge. Didn't even get to the sex, lol.

Muscmark10 06/12/2016
Fuck yea man. Where you at?

Gregel.7 10/04/2017
This has to be the BEST Alpha scene I have seen of all of Flex's Movie scenes , H's the ideal Gay Man. He's charming, attractive, and a pretty GOOD Actor! Please bring him back ! ALPHA was far too short, i want to see more of Flex in a continuation of Alpha. Enjoy, very Much-"Men At Play !