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Movie Comments

MANSMAN 11/18/2016

everhard12321 11/18/2016
I can't decide what I love about this film more: Kayden Gray's gigantic cock (seriously, I think his is the biggest dick ever featured on this site), the way Emir rides Kayden's dick, or those fine suits. Amazing!

Rainer75 11/18/2016
Normally not a size-queen but this one is realy impressive - and he can handle it! So welcome Mr. Gray! Nice film.

Rainer75 11/18/2016
PS: Would like urgently see both guys in the "photos"-section!!! Dressed to kill with their cocks dangling out the suit pants. P L E A S E !!!

musclefucks 11/18/2016
O DIO! Guys, this is a masterpiece. Kayden is an immediate superstar. A cock of legend, but also a good actor, and loads of charm. Emir is a virile, totally masculine bello,he takes this huge dick like the star that he is. Great chemistry and real sexual excitement. Thank you to these superb models and all of you. The element of voyeurism and narcissisim is great too, and the orgasms so real ... it is obvious that, technical as the process of making such a film, the guys really got off on one another, and it shows. This film has set a new standard. Gracias!!! x

NylonOTCs 11/19/2016
Very HOT!!!...Very Erotic...Kayden's cock is like a lucious long bologna!!!...mmmm He fucks Emir just so nicely....Emir is so HOT with his jacket, shirt and tie still on as he being violated in the ass!!!...his groans are wonderful ....both men are fucking wonderful .... those cupcake buns of Emir and him girating the fuck!....He is good!... mmmmmmmmm!!!...Very "tasty" film ...LOVED IT!!!

Okkergu1 11/19/2016
Wow wow wow!

Dckww 11/19/2016
Best film you've posted in ages in my personal opinion. The new actor is really attractive. I never notice the production errors that get pointed out in the comments I guess I'm too busy looking at the actors lol Not a criticism just my own preference - I would like to see both actors with just shirts and ties on while they are fucking in more films, hopefully I'm not alone on that. Keep up the great work. Thanks

Suitman63 11/19/2016
I'm curious to know what other members think here - I agree Kayden is hot (and can act a bit too) and i like the set up but how about running with the dynamic more rather than feeling compelled to go for the usual porn plot line (suck rim fuck etc)? In a scene like this he might have had his hands tied and just been reduced to his big dick (wanked off all the way or ridden till he cums and just left dishevelled and dripping) when instead we get the usual thang despite the horny kick off?

LORIS 11/19/2016
Great movie, bravo ! I had to shoot a big load when Emir started riding Kayden's awesome dick. Emir is as always pure masculinity and Kayden is simply superb, a real MAP guy being fully dressed up or naked. Would love to see him paired with Philipp Zyoss - two biggest cocks on this site together... that would be a real feast for eyes of all huge dicks lovers.

mtmslg 11/19/2016
Emir has always struck me as kinda creepy. This movie does nothing to dispel that! The new guy is attractive and wears a suit well (LOVE the shoes!). Give him a chance with someone else. Anybody else.

jmchc68000 11/20/2016
Would love to see Kayden Gray totally soaked in suit and tie !!!

gladys10 11/21/2016
dupla fantastica realmente

RQUEST 12/03/2016
MAP Thanks! I held onto my membership for some hot to trot sexy suit action like this. That chair scene is OUTTA THIS DAMN WORLD - WHEW! WHEW! WHEW! So damn hot and thanks!

Cali-suit-shoot 12/10/2016
I agree with all about Kayden- a total hottie who obviously enjoys getting his cock played with and sucked- and he's a piston fucking stallion as well. I especially appreciated the lack of mechanical fake groaning and grunting that often occurs in these clips- and that suit needs more of a workout. Maybe next time...... super super hot!

hyper80 12/13/2016
who is that young man. more of him please

joedoe1000 12/15/2016
Great production...but terrible old/cheap socks! Switch to sheer socks.

pickel24 12/31/2016
More Kayden Gray!! Love him as a Top or Bottom!!

Bull2016 01/13/2017
Fuck, that was hot!

raven 01/30/2017
"Analyze this" is an interesting departure from the usual scenario and cast of characters! Kayden is beautiful to watch-- what a beautiful face and smile; what a great cock and powerful ejaculation; what a normal looking tall and slender guy who is not all inked up! Would enjoy seeing Kayden playing beside another of your men with a similar frame and size. Thanks for providing your audience with some interesting variety! RAVEN

Sherman 04/24/2017
Emir found what he was looking for by being quite. Kayden has the longest, thickness cock and he knew how to use it on Emir and he enjoyed every moment of that large cock.

paul9999 05/08/2017
Emir is one of the hottest guys on the site. Pairing him with Kayden was amazing. Kayden is handsome, masculine, and knows hot to give it good. More Kayden!

Tristram20 06/19/2017
More Kayden please

javiergalu 07/01/2017
Emir me gusta mucho de Pasivo. Gran Escena muy caliente !!!

barneylincoln 07/24/2017
obviously anything with Emir in it is Hot and here it is certainly taken to another level! the D/B suit was the icing on the cake for me, just great! now Kayden, nice WASPY boy next door, an absolute stunner in one of my favorite MAP suits. and under the pants a big juicy tool. uuum! I also liked Emir putting the rubber on Kayden, you can see the eagerness there. thanks MAP. Barney.