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Movie Comments

Jon62 01/15/2016
Great cum covering of Dani at the end - with suit still on...... One of these days you need to get Dani really messed up again !

trombone1988 01/15/2016
OMG - Best video in such a long time! Some nice to see the trousers on whilst fucking! Loved the belt buckle slapping against his ass!

Dan1762 01/15/2016
Excellent -- hottest threesome you've ever done. Great cum shots on suit. Let's see Klein Kerr more often!

LORIS 01/15/2016
Wow, yesss, very fine movie indeed, love it ! Both guys have great dicks and Dani has particularly handsome looks in this film. One of the best finale so far - what a cum shower at the end, yummmy....

georoundy 01/16/2016
Dani your DA hair..even more sexy in this encounter with BF Massimo. Klein you are wearing one of my favorite MAP suits and you keep it on too! this is a great way to start 2016, thank you MAP!! love George.

Thick85 01/16/2016
Sexy video, one of the best Threesomes I have seen in a very long time. Beautiful, nicely done MAP!! So far this year has been amazing with the videos. =) Keep it up guys!

NylonOTCs 01/16/2016
MAP!!!...this has to be the best with Dani!!!..Oh Man!...Klein and Massimo are beyond belief!....Keep this going, Dani, your hot legs and TnT's are to die for!....Dani, your being fucked by two HOT gents, is fantastic!!!...Everything here was excellent!...Do more like this, MAP. would love to see the guys "kick off theirs shoes" to fuck Dani. ...HOT AS HELL!!!....Thanks, MAP!!! excellent as always!

stardusted 01/16/2016
Love it

limerick 01/16/2016
Dani is so handsome and sexy! Nice three way!!

Suitsocks 01/16/2016
WOW Fantastic Really Hot , but 3 hot suit men , only 1 showing socks :(. Lett's see Dani service Klein's shoes and socks soon , Please . Great work men !

RONREED27 01/16/2016

suitedsex100 01/16/2016
Thats why we are members - SUITS SUITS and more SUITS - more of this please!!!!

joedoe1000 01/16/2016
That will be so hot...Dani taking Massimo and Klein pants and shoes off to worship their sheer socked feet/legs.

joedoe1000 01/16/2016
MAP, next time let tops take off their pants and shoes to show sheer socked legs/ so sexy to see man dressed from waist up and only with sheer socks from bottom down. Excellent job with this scene!

joedoe1000 01/16/2016
I renewed my membership because of this scene...a threesome with Dani Robles was a pending item for Menatplay, GREAT JOB GUYS! Massimo and Kelin did a fantastic job as tops and Dani's resistance as a bottom was impeccable, Great to see actors keeping suits on close to end. Next time the three actors can take off only belts, pants and shoes. So sexy to see executives dressed from waist up and only with long sheer socks from waist powerful, provocative, sensual and elegant. My only recommendation for improvement is to zoom out more to see full bodies (from head to sheer socked toes) in action for at least 30 seconds (is so good to see full bodies shaking while having sex). Thanks again for this scene and stay in this style....much better than those scenes with blue collar workers. MAP Thanks for using the long blue sheer socks on made me cum so quickly. LOVE YOU!

Suitsfan 01/18/2016
Thanks for treating us to the best cum-climax we've seen in a long time! Two copious loads into Dani's mouth, all over his face and all over his jacket, shirt & tie before firing his own load over himself - fantastic! I think I enjoyed it almost as much as he did! ;-) Watching handsome, beautifully suited sub Dani revelling in being roughed up, used and abused is sheer joy. I hope you'll keep coming up with new scenarios to push his limits - and to keep those cum-fountains flowing!

Keith_Lincs 01/18/2016
You listened ! Great movie and the guys kept their shirts on until nearly the last couple of minutes - very horny - emember it's the exec clothes we love - especially the business shirts How about a bit of shirted armpit sex ?

imhorny 01/19/2016
Damn! That was hot! Hot #1 – Dani on his knees, feasting on the two big dicks bouncing around in his face. Hot #2 – Dani on the couch, with one big dick in his mouth and another big dick hammering his asshole. Hot #3 – Dani on the couch with two big dicks splattering sperm all over his face, then he blows a big load! Way Fucking Hot!

robicart 01/19/2016
Have been a fan of Massimo since he "joined" MAP now his friend Klein Kerr is a great addition.

loosetie13 01/19/2016
What a fantastic scene! Such hot actors! I would love to see such a scene where the guys all loosened one another's ties as well though, so part of the scene they are fucking with loose ties. Still not seen Dani in a loose tie yet hint hint :-)

freesiafirdaus90 01/21/2016
yes..this is what i like to see..add on more scenes where the guys not naked until the happy to download the videos..

BlackTie2006 01/22/2016
That was a MAP classic, wonderful shirts, ties, knots and suits, and great see the lead get his suit, tie and shirt drenched in cum! Thank you.

toolelover 01/22/2016
Dani is back! I was going through withdrawal. He looks great with a dick in his mouth and ass at the same time. And seeing the cum all over his face, mouth and beard - priceless!

joedoe1000 01/23/2016
Don't forget the amazing and elegant long sheer socks on Dani's beautiful legs/feet.

DesertMan 01/23/2016
This was the first evening I've spent with SAM. What an introduction!!! Massimo & Klein are truly hot & beautifully equipped.. And, I'll never get enough of Dani. So classically handsome and oh-so-hungry. The cum finale was nothing less than sumptuous.

DesertMan 01/23/2016
Whoops! I meant to say this was the first evening I've spent with MAP; not with SAM. Dani does that to me.

Suitedpiss 01/23/2016
Yes yes yes, this is the kind of thing we want - hot. Could only ask that it gets rougher and dirtier still.

olderbutsexy 01/24/2016
Hot guys, lots of fun for all of us (gracias guys) but missed the opportunity for a DP or a sandwich :(

joedoe1000 02/04/2016
We need Dani once a month at Men At Play..he is the best in suit and long sheer socks. Elegance and powerful sex!

robicart 02/05/2016
More of Klein Kerr, please!

joedoe1000 02/10/2016
When Dani Robles is coming back with that elegance in suit and long sheer socks? He is so beautiful!

SaberEgo 03/05/2016
That motherfucker sucks cocks like he own it. DAMN! that was hot.

ilst 03/11/2016
Repeat that a few more times. There might be someone who doesn't know yet about your obsession.

tiedupsuit 03/11/2016
Love seeing Dani's vpl. Looks like he is getting excited.

LORIS 08/20/2016
I thought it would be DP, but it was exciting nevertheless. Dani is accomplished cocksucker and final triple cumshot was awesome !

RQUEST 09/04/2016
Klein and Massimo are both so gorgeous and so remarkable together. I wanted to nutt inside both of them at the same time looking at this map flick. As usual Dani holds his own and is sexy in TNT. I still look for TNT on any map porn.

Alann11 09/06/2016
Too many clothes... no one gets naked.

joedoe1000 12/05/2016
Was extraordinary to start 2016 with a threesome scene with the most elegant and sexy actor on Earth: DANI ROBLES. Dani shines in suit and long sheer socks, is 100% glamour. Dani taking off only his shoes and pants was brilliant. A boner to admire him as a suited executive from waist up and with beautiful long tnt sheer socks while getting pump. I am probable is to see another threesome with Dani Robles starting 2017? Will be the perfect gift for the holidays!

robicart 03/26/2019
Three hot guys.

robicart 05/24/2019
Top of the Charts.

TerronK69 12/24/2019
What an ending!! Love to see Dani Robles covered in jizz. Love to lick it all off.