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Movie Comments

tiedupsuit 08/22/2014
Love the scenerio and the cum shots. Have always wanted to role play this scene, with me being the guy in the suit. Wish the suit had stayed on the entire time, as it was already ruined by the grease. Hope this means a slight return to the messy days.

joedoe1000 08/22/2014
Dani & Denis....this is super CALIENTE! ....later I will post my comments. Matt, you made my week end

johnnyt43 08/22/2014
Not a pretty rash on Dani's ass

suitedattitude 08/22/2014
This is a hot scene and one many of us fantasise about (indeed I fancy my local tyre fitter), I love Dani and his love of being used, and his suit outfit is gorgeous (where from?). The only groan is that the abuse did not go further - surely after ruining his suit with engine oil he might have simply ripped his shirt and trousers open. For us monolingual Brits its also a pity I don't understand a word of it - overdubs or subtitles would be nice though I appreciate a big ask.

masstiehemd 08/22/2014
Bad, bad bad Bad! Even if the beginning we see Dani in suit and tie, and even the fellatio in the car. Later too fast naked too fast a commonplace porn! It is necessary to please in largest number because Men at Play is a buzness! I wait next Friday!!!

raven 08/22/2014
Dani's out of control razor burn was esthetically off putting for me! You should have given his butt a chance to clear before filming him. Other than that glaring shortcoming, the facials were pretty awesome, and I enjoyed the edge, in retrospect, produced by Denis smearing grease all over Dani's white shirt and tie. English subtitles would have improved the overall experience for your non- Spanish speaking audience. Denis is a handsome man whom I continue to enjoy seeing perform stripped down while Dani is a knock out suited for the board room.! Thanks guys. Raven

olderbutsexy 08/22/2014
Mmmmm, good sex from the guys. Denis is a real treasure, a star performer, so wonderfully vocal and truly versatile, with a killer body and technique ... my hero any day.

Mta1966 08/22/2014
Needs to get some germolene on those spots..........nasty! Put me right off!

joedoe1000 08/22/2014
We need a well dressed Dani (like in this scene) having a threesome some on a big conference table at Corporate setting

joedoe1000 08/22/2014
100% satisfied as a customer of Men At Play. What else to ask for! Dani and Denis are two gorgeous/handsome actors, know how to suck a dick, excellent kissers, love to fist-lick-taste ass, The chemistry was impeccable...horny deep breathing was present. Perfect scenography, clothing/grooming (from gel on hair to Italian blue sheer socks), and direction. Dani turns on when someone is aggressive with him, loves dirty play and is insatiable. In the other hands, Denis knows how to turn on a man. To all the staff of MAP, keep doing a great job....bring Dani to the fashion corporate world on a conference room with other 3 style managers (Tomas Brand, Denis Vega and Misha - all well dressed from heads to toes), all on the table taking turns with new intern Dani making work harder than ever in his life. Thanks MATT!

Rainer75 08/22/2014
I agree with you! Once upn a time MAP produced suit fetish films. These times are gone. Today every film is mixed with another guy wearing a "masculine dress" like a blue collar worker etc. Sometimes this could be interesting - always repeated it's won't say boring but 100 % mainstream porn. Do we want mainstream? I think and hope most of us are into suits... This vid? The most handsome guys together, fantastic cum shots. But really guys: when my ass is full of cheeky red pimples I wait with the help of an dermatologic ointment before I act in a porn vid! Wonderful guys, wonderful cumshots, but alltogether not satifying. I wait for next friday.

NylonOTCs 08/23/2014
Dani and Denis are so fuckiing HOT together. Denis is just so fucking masculine I love it!. I loved him licking the HOT socks of Dani's legs. would of loved him to grab luscious feet up on the door ledge and sucked Dani's toes wet!...Dani has the cutest little ass and the tan just takes it over the top! Great job once again, MAP!...Dani those hot nylon socks were just killing me!...Fuck!...they looked good!....Thanks Guys!!! cum shot of Denis (and Dani!) is just unbelievable!!! Ps...Dani just use some Nair to take the hair off!...(we all get razor burn!) That ass made up for it, Baby!!!

ken4cock 08/23/2014
Super fantastico, dos clavos calientes. Denis, follar mi culo, en cualquier momento.

ken4cock 08/23/2014
Vaya, hombre!

tiedupsuit 08/23/2014
Agreed. Well dressed Dani in a boardroom with three also well dressed studs would be hot, especially if all remained suited. Personally, I love the messy play also. Seeing suited Dani, as in this movie, in a dirty garage with three mechanics would be great too. Dani would remain totally suited and be the deposit for all three cumshots.

joedoe1000 08/23/2014
Denis and Dani are so BEAUTIFUL!....razor burns, that is just temporary. The BEAUTY of these two actors should be in the pages of top fashion magazines. Let's show our support, they work so hard on their bodies and appearance. Dani Robles still new in this business but is a fast learner and is getting loose in each scene to show his fantasies/desires to all of us. Also, is not easy do have sex completely dressed while having hot spotlights over you while filming (that's kind of abusive), they need to take off at least jacket and pants to regulate blood temperature in genital area. Matt, thanks again for discovering Dani and Denis, gorgeous actors/models with a great future, bring them back as many times as you can, we support them 100%.

kapukane 08/23/2014
What is with the constant camera flashes??? killing he fantasy. Also what with the spitting in the face trend I see everywhere now? Turnoff no purpose to it....dude does that to me, sex is over.

joedoe1000 08/23/2014
The constant camera flashes are for the professional pics that you can download from the website (no way they do this twice - for the video and the for photos). The spit might be a trend of the new generation of porn call evolution (per Darwin). SEX IS NOT OVER, with these 2 actors and MAP, sex just started! Thanks MATT, Denis, Dani and all MAP staff.

joedoe1000 08/23/2014
Es que los dos estan para chuparse los dedos!

moby17 08/24/2014
to match all criteria to get a scene that comes across as right in its context, that's the force behind MAP. This time, mechanical setup leads to mechanical sex, satisfying the Vega fans (way too mucho for my gear). A HD Spanish/Canadian remake of the wonderful "Pick Up 102" with Misha and Dani (with his feminine socks and the "happy" endings of this movie) would top MY gear. Hey fans of the new "stars": go and discover the wonderful MAP back catalogue. With so much quality, we can live with these rollercoaster weeks.

LORIS 08/24/2014
What do you get if you combine fire and ice ? Well, this movie is proper answer to the question. I think Denis Vega is definitely too hot for Dani Robles. Both guys coming from Spain, even from the same region - Andalusia, but they are totally different. Dani worked very well with Edu Boxer and Misha Dante but here with sultry Denis exuding sexual energy I found him very much lacking of charisma. That is why I was finally more interested in Dani s stockings and Denis s awesome, powerfull back than in their "autofornication". The idea of besmirching beautiful white shirt with grease was not convincing, cheap and not at all kinky for me. Nevertheless I liked the conversation showing Dani far more interested in Denis s mighty pecs than in what was wrong with his car and of course final showers with hot load both really memorable ones.

joedoe1000 08/24/2014
I remember back in 2013 when MAP released PICK UP 102 with Eduard Dubov and Carlos Rivas. That was a hit. The part fucking on passenger's seat and Carlos putting his socked feet against the windshield while getting penetrating was unforgetable. Of course, in that one the scenarion was different, a parking lot with two buisinee men. I like AUTOFORNICATION...Dani is the perfect actor to personify a rich gentlemen with exquisite taste for clothing and Denis is the horny bull looking for any opportunity to satisfy his desires. MATT...I am sure you can re-make PICK UP 102 exactly as it as it was (pickup at parking lot) but with new actors..

moby17 08/24/2014
back in 2013? Hey Joedoe1000, you must have hibernated last winter for quite some years. It was 2007!

joedoe1000 08/24/2014
LOL that is true, I need a de-icer!

Jon62 08/25/2014
Good one. Mechanic scenarios are great for having the suited man getting down and dirty - and this didn't disappoint. The messy the better and the engine oil all over Dani was just what needed to happen.

joedoe1000 08/27/2014
Mmmm...I can imagine Dani Robles with Landon Conrado and Dato Foland in a business meeting. That will be fire!

ilst 08/29/2014
Supernatural cumshots like I've never seen before.

oikoik88 08/29/2014
Rainer75, It's a loosing battle. For guys like us that have supported the growth of this website, we continue to bitch about the "lack of suit" content with great hopes of something suit fetishy the following Friday. Ultimatley the site is laughing at us because we continue to shell out money every month, complain and wait unit "nest Friday". Perhaps if another website took on the suit fetish porn and catered to our likes would Matt and Rico finally open their eyes and realize who got them here and how many of us there are. Sorry for the rant Matt and Rico but being a memeber since the VERY beginning gives me and others the right to voice our opinions. Still love you guys...maybe things will change.

oreolvrs 08/31/2014
Even though I like them having them speak their native tongue as it's authentic and sexy but I would like to see subtitles to know what there saying

ronylh 08/31/2014

Suitsfan 08/31/2014
Pairing two of your best-looking hunks in a garage mechanic scenario was bound to be a winner, and Auto fornication certainly is that! Robles looks fantastic in a smart suit & tie, while Vega looks equally sexy in OR out of one. I loved all the cock-sucking, the spitting and licking - and the climactic cum-facials were a total turn-on! My only (minor) disappointment was with the grease-smearing scene, which for anyone turned on by suit-messing and clothes trashing (as I am) should have been an erotic highlight of the video. Vega delivered the greasy mess with passionate energy (I would have LOVED my best suit, shirt & tie to have been his target!), but the mostly passive Robles almost appeared not to have noticed. Some change of facial expression, a few moans and/or a shift of body language could have indicated that he was turned on by Vega grease-smearing his suit, shirt & tie, but I could see almost nothing. He just continued to look into Vega's sexy face as if he hadn't even realised what Vega was doing to his clothes. Thankfully, the camera gave us a good look, which certainly did it for me even if it left Robles largely unmoved. More like this next time one of your vehicles needs a service, please, MAP! ;-)

BlackTie2006 09/02/2014
Beautifully dressed love the big knot windsor knotted stipped tie, cutaway collar and well cut suit. Loved to see him get dirty, just it would have been nice if he has been made to wear his dirty outfit throughout rather than stripping.

explorer310 09/07/2014
Another stellar performance by Denis. He's one o fthe best in the business now - super hot in every scene and amazing cumshots everytime. More of Denis!!!

joedoe1000 09/07/2014
These Spanish actors are incredible hot!

woodyalert 09/29/2014
Did you get a Honda sponsorship for this movie? You should have. Makes me want to run out and buy a Honda.

tweee 10/02/2014
LOVED it, MAP after all these years you still got it! Thanks!

AC03awal 10/10/2014
fuck so hot. so HARD right now.. and its like the 6th time I've seen this. WHY DID YOU TAKE DOWN LUKAS KNOWLES' AUDITION? That was so hot too. Anyway, this does for now, handsome boys, gonna keep going with this for now ;)

tonejock 10/10/2014
Super hot cum facial scenes, these Spanish actors are the best! Please bring them more often, thanks!

raven 03/17/2015

Rick8668 04/07/2015
Tonejock, I strongly agree!

seahbh 05/03/2015
everything about Denis-the-Penis-vegas is Herculean: the chiselled bod, the whopper cock, the copious cum he shoots, the unbridled sex-drive, the hyper-eagerness to fuck; he is a gay man's dream

Logan5 05/23/2015
Dani Robles looks so good with a dick pumping in and out of his ass.

cumchum 10/01/2015
Denis Vega is hot. He is perfection. That body is amazing! Its good to sometimes shoot the scene from behind so you can see butt clenches and the wideness of his back. I came pretty much straight after the shot of Denis from behind. The cum shots were also amazing. That's a lot of cum! An excellent film and both guys look like they enjoyed it!

menrock 01/09/2016
LOVE THIS SCENARIO!! SO MASCULINE! AND DUAL FACIALS on each other??? WHOAAAA...FINALLY SOMETHING different! LOVE IT!!!! BUT PLEASE.. Dani shaving his pubes down to a triangle???? For a MAN? It almost ruined the whole film for me.. to see these ultra masculine dudes and then the triangle pubes...... THE FACIALS saved this move for me.. ALso Dani shaving also his ASS?? MEN have hair.. this is called MENatplay..... DONT SHAVE NOR trim.. I come here for masculinity.....

joedoe1001 01/09/2016
Dani Robles looks so gorgeous in the blue suit and plain long sheer socks....he is imppecable and flawless in every move. Hope to see more of him in 2016 wearing suit and sheer socks. My full support to MAP in this type of scenes!

Sherman 05/26/2016
Dan had such a great amount of hair around his cock, & now shaved it. Not sexy. Both were hairier & they need to grow it back to look like real men at Men at Play....handsome men.

joedoe1000 11/27/2016
Life is not perfect and sometimes our body produce some temporary imperfections....what matters in this scene is the acting, the passion, the sex, the roleplay...this scene is a classic with suit or without suits on.

joedoe1000 11/27/2016
I really don't care about razor burn when I have in front of me one of the most beautiful man on planet Earth!

joedoe1000 11/27/2016
Believe me, there are other nasty things in life and people even eat them. The scene is perfect!

Tristram20 05/02/2017
great video, just took way too long for the guy's suit to come off!

Sherman 08/23/2017
Great "cum shots" from both gentlemen and we will all enjoy. Both men shoot a great cum shot right on their face. Still enjoy after several years. ............ 23 August 2017..................................................................................great job gentlemen.

tonejock 11/16/2018
Best cum facial

tonejock 11/16/2018
Me too Sherman, I enjoy as well this scene after several years... There in nothing better than two handsome masculine faces covered in cum

robicart 03/26/2019
The foreplay in the auto is great. The kissing is NOT kissing. The fucking is good.