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Movie Comments

georgeroundy 01/24/2014
The old saying "be careful what you wish for.." I always wanted to see Danny in a suit and of course more of the glorious Paul Wagner.. so once again thanks for another top notch movie Matt and co. One more thought...I'd like to see Mr. Jordan "helping ou

auhottie 01/24/2014
Fantastic to see Paul return - May there be more films for him!

suitstudda 01/24/2014
Great video! I would like to a Pure Suit hookup starring Landon Conrad and Woody Fox flip-flop video. What do you think Matt and Rico?

hatetatoos-4-2 01/24/2014
A very enjoyable film. Paul Wagner is always outstanding. Dan is a handsome young man, but it is a shame about his tatoos. He should never remove his shirt.

masstiehemd 01/24/2014
No I do not like! For me it is a commonplace video and even the guy in suit is neither credible nor elegant! I shall thus wait next Friday!!!

tbone 01/24/2014
I could watch Paul Wagner all day!

soxguy 01/24/2014
not the men at play quilty i like...just a porn video.,how ever both guys very nice looking

Jon62 01/24/2014
Nice but he was a very clean workman ! Shouldn't he be a bit dirty, oil smeared or something ? Then interaction with clean cut suited man could be more interesting as he gets steadily soiled too.

bazildon 01/24/2014
Love dan he has a lovely smile and eyes hope to see more of him

raven 01/24/2014
Paul Wagner and Dan Broughton play well together. I wish Dan's arms weren't so inked up but he has stunningly good looks from his head down and I was anxious to see him undressed. I loved watching Paul shirtless in action. Both men delivered well at clim

Jude 01/24/2014
Dan Broughton - Awesome - Man O Man he is so fuckin sexy - MAP - please please please - need Dan again and again - SEXY Man . x

cactusman26 01/24/2014
Nice one guys! What a turn on body, Paul.

wolfgang41 01/25/2014
Perfect, guys. Loved the film right from the start. dan's cute smile, him working on Paul's dick, Paul fucking Dan, couldn't wait to see Dan fully naked. Especially liked Dan riding on Paul. That was very intense and sensual. Both guys fit well together a

Fuckboot 01/25/2014
Great chemistry. The chemistry of mutual cuteness?, found it deeply sensual and provocative. It's what masculine homosex is all about. Ten out of ten! More raunch without making it artificial might be good in a further scene. Maybe some low macho sexy mus

oikoik 01/25/2014
I wish that cum shoot was imbed all over Dan's face, hair and shirt collar! Can't wait to see another movie where both models are and stay suited.

mbutterfield 01/25/2014
I was looking forward to this, but I'm kinda disappointed. Dan is so cute in that suit, shame it wasn't with his 'boss' Langdon though. Maybe next time!

Suitsfan 01/28/2014
I second that idea! A bit of oil, or mud, getting on the suited boss from a dirty, hot workman would be a great turn-on! Whatever, former Mr Gay UK Dan is gorgeous in or out of a suit & tie. More scenarios featuring him will always be welcome.

stardusted 01/29/2014
No rim job, too short, why Dan lose the socks

Manier 02/03/2014
Absolutely bad quality of performance . It wasn't pleasure at all .

HardBear204 02/04/2014
Two very hot guys. Real fan of Paul Wagner. Dan is very attractive. The two are a great match.

alanning1 05/07/2014
The scene was too short

alanning1 05/07/2014
The scene was too short

loosetie13 06/20/2014
I'd love to see more of Dan Broughton - that moment where he's getting fucked by Paul, who's simultaneously taking his jacket off. Plus he looks unbelievably hot in a white shirt and loosened blue tie.

loosetie13 09/22/2014
Do you think we might see Dan again? Just been rewatchiing this one and it is so hot!

rikardoghd87 11/11/2014
more Dan more Dan more Dan

PornfanHH 02/15/2015
Buddy Sex! So hot!

seahbh 05/06/2015
fucking hot, loving english couple; my heart melts at their dashing good looks. did they say they wish to get married? not in britain. fortunately, the netherlands is close by

Olz132 10/18/2015
Lol! Gay marriage was entirely legalised when you wrote this

Skiier 04/11/2016
I Love me some Paul!

Sherman 01/22/2017
At least they have a little hair around their cocks. Boring.