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Movie Comments

suitstudda 06/19/2015
Hugh Hunter is super and Robbie Rojo gives a great perform in fucking Hugh. I hope this an series between them in future video. Hugh is really a suit and tie person.

suitstudda 06/19/2015
Thanks Matt and Rico for an execellent video

Getcrossed 06/19/2015
Not really good! I love Hugh but the video is really poor!

jwspyke 06/19/2015
like the bottom with sheer TNT, which is so sexy. The top is so young. like the match of young top and old bottom.

jwspyke 06/19/2015
like the bottom with sheer TNT, which is so sexy. The top is so young. like the match of young top and old bottom.

everhard12321 06/20/2015
The models' sensuous kissing and caressing was the best part of this video. Hugh Hunter and Robbie Rojo certainly know how to work their lips and tongues. Unfortunately, the tiny storeroom setting is working against the actors. They aren't given much room

pamelanil 06/20/2015
Robbie would look much better in suit..

germansuitguy 06/20/2015

aljuarez12 06/20/2015
Very sexy duo! Robbie is really cute! In suit terms, a bit of a letdown. We don't even get a full view of the shirt front, suited crotch or a closeup of the suited butt. Oh, and the formula TURN AROUND-PEEL PANTS OFF FROM BEHIND-RIMMING-BANGING feels more

olderbutsexy 06/20/2015
These guys know how to kiss (big time), lick, suck, fuck ... and good chemistry between them too. But when will we see someone smiling whilst being fucked?! Congrats and thanks to cast and crew

NylonOTCs 06/21/2015
i liked it!...very sexy men and agree just needed more space to move around. Hugh's nice tnt sexy feet was awesome!...Robbie's cock is HOT!...mmmmmmmm....(slurp!)...just so wonderful . like a long hot dog!....double yum!...Thanks! MAP!...very good mix of

riezalsunway 06/21/2015

robicart 06/21/2015
Really like Robbie's cock!

Suitsfan 06/23/2015
> . . pleasing us with specific treats that take up seconds within a crowd-pleasing ten-minute video could be done... methinks.< I couldn't agree more! It just needs directors who have some appreciation of the suit-fetish scene, and ideas for incorpora

loosetie13 06/23/2015
Absolutely loved it. Hugh Hunter rocks a loose tie very well indeed, and the part at which he loosened his was super hot.

robicart 06/24/2015
Wish you would put names of each actor on ALL the movies. Thanks.

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
Minutes 17:02 thru 19:13 shows a Hugh so excited...the TNT sheer socks are so sexy on this scene!

leighliu 08/22/2015
so slowly