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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 08/16/2013
Another great film from MAP. Thank you for starting a perfect weekend for me. Logan and Jake are a perfect match.

suitedattitude 08/16/2013
Given the lack of promotion, I was expecting this to be numb but it is actually rather good - a believable set up and loved the flirting. Only thing was I couldn't actually see the banana split before it was getting used.

olderbutsexy 08/16/2013
Some moments, but personally I felt not quite up to your usual standard :(

Rainer75 08/16/2013
Love that film! Both actors seem to like each other indeed. So the story is realistic, the chemistry is hot and the cameraman is flexible nothing could going wrong. Well done!

Matt Jordan 08/16/2013
Hi, what do you mean by lack of promotion? You mean we didnt do the trailer on the blog this week?

Okay 08/16/2013
Love the dialog in the start, so sexy With acents... Love the focus on the necktie in front of the zipper when they sit Down, and seeing the hole he has gotten in his pants. Really exiting when he pokes in it, and it starts to get quet. Fantastisc start!

Craig65 08/17/2013
Great chemistry

suitedattitude 08/17/2013
Yes, there is usually a lot on the blog and general hoo-ha on site when you think you are releasing a "biggie" and there was nothing at all for this one which seems a shame as it is good.

suitedattitude 08/17/2013
I do find the rankings on this site really odd (though I agree Pure Suit should be top) - this movie has not got ranked much but the set up is one of the best ever and totally believable for a couple of office guys who've been hiding the hots for each oth

Chemistry was 100% powerful, holding hands, sucking dick and fingers, and dialogue was intense and different. Hope next time actor keep shirt, tie and sheer socks on until end of movie. Great scene Matt!

Suitsfan 08/18/2013
Enjoyed the chemistry between the two guys - the dialogue and smiles, the sensuous kissing, the sucking, the hand-holding etc. Liked Logan's executive side parting, and Jake's cute face, too. Nice work! A little disappointed that the hole in Jake's tro

bxlchris 08/19/2013
Really enjoyed this, I found Jake's noncholant chat while his boss is fishing out his cock and balls and then stroking his stiffening cock a real turn-on and Logan acted like a guy who had lusted after his colleague for a long time before being given the

bluebabe 09/01/2013
Just sayin' here...if I were a gay porn director...and am far from that...I would insist, NO demand, that the bottom shoot while he's being fucked! No ifs, ands or buts! If you can't do that (I can't do it on cam...I'm not that turned on being

tweee 09/02/2013
Love the opening premises being the split in the trousers, NICE touch! I enjoyed both watching Logan and Jake sucking face, sucking cock, simmering forepaly which makes things all that much hotter in my opinion.......very intense chemistry as the other m

jekel29 09/04/2013
Enjoyed the chemistry between the two guys - kissing was awesome...the hand-holding was great...disappointed that Jake started feeling up Logan while sucking his cock and logan stretched on the desk but the shirt never untucked exposing his hot bellybutto

For anyone unfortunate enough not to of heard of MAP, I'd show them this terrific film. It's just GREAT!! I've watched this many times on various screens and my groin area always gets very aroused! Men in grey suits has never been so sexy. Others have men

PS: to Jake Bolton, don't shave, no tatts please and I love your belly!! Hope to see you very soon Geo.XX

Rainer75 09/06/2013
After getting off several times with this film I always mention new sexy aspects. So for me it's by far the best for a long time. What a good idea to compare this nordish-sexy swedish guy with that boiling-of-heat mediterranian one. Even the red-glowing e

olderbutsexy 10/20/2013
Very sexy, convincing, well done guys

olderbutsexy 10/26/2014
Sensational! These guys are real pros, bravo

olderbutsexy 10/26/2014
Sensational! These guys are real pros, bravo

olderbutsexy 10/26/2014
Sensational! These guys are real pros, bravo

Marcantony2 09/22/2020
Supreme good looking guy. Love him and all he does. Thanks again M.A.P for your work. Marcantony2