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Movie Comments

Suitsocks 04/27/2018
WOW ! I have been waiting all week ! Hot MEN! But sorry guys , do you need me to send you some new socks :(?? Sad state for us socks guys .

grahan16 04/27/2018
nice work with the tie at the end.

kevdesu 04/27/2018

kevdesu 04/27/2018
The ending with the tie was sexy. mmm

musclefucks 04/28/2018
Nice thick cock (deep breath guys) but ... not one of your better films

sabe1949 04/29/2018
more skin and more cum eating is what i like, I know I am in the minority on this site, but you can do suits, sock and just end it all nude with a nice cum eating scene and a nice cum kiss.

RQUEST 05/06/2018
Matt and Rico! Thanks! This one was fun. I know you have several preferences to entertain, but him tapping trhat azz and sniffing/kissing thosde socks was HOT. Wish that frame time was more substantial but i loved seeing it. Socks were meant to be played with. Loved the skull/cheek massage too.

RQUEST 05/06/2018
LOL - I like sheers better, but that sock action was kewl.

RQUEST 05/06/2018
b.t.w. - Max Duro is HOT HOT HOT! Would love to see him bottom in sheers/tnt. Where is Dani Robles with his sheer sock wearing azz?

DesertMan 05/10/2018
I agree. I’d never waste all that luscious cum on a tie when my mouth would do a much better clean-up.

robicart 06/16/2019
Max Duro has a magnificent dick and Nicolas Brooks is superb at sucking it. Max also does a great job sucking Nicolas' dick.