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Movie Comments

Suitman63 01/05/2018
These suit meets bit of rough movies are a well worn theme but the whole thing needs to be a lot rougher, add some verbal or similar, and the one in the suit needs to keep it on.

jeremy_hunk 01/05/2018
Great to see Dato and Gabriel again ... both have beautiful cocks

Rainer75 01/05/2018
I'm severe bored of always the same actors! Even what happens is always the same - sucking, rimming, fucking. This all is so exciting like cold coffee. You need fresh faces and nastier ideas in New Year 2018! I have always been a fan from MAP, but now everybody has to get off their lounge seats and think over what to make better... I'm sure you can!

Dan1762 01/05/2018
Yes, I agree completely.

Matt Jordan 01/05/2018
Erm we havent been on our 'lounge seats' . Fresh faces have been found - getting them to turn up on set is a different matter.

Mysox 01/05/2018
Female socks! Bad!

sockswpb 01/05/2018
a plummer!!! what an original Idea, never seen it before!!......

Matt Jordan 01/06/2018
True, in 15 years we never did a plumber scene. Thats why we thought it would fun to try a cliche we've avoided since 2002

Sugarman06 01/06/2018
Those are Not female socks

Sherman 01/06/2018
Come on Men At Play. This is really bad and you a high style porn video company. Same actors which have boring hairless cocks and I am tired ofDato ( which we have seen for years at Lucas Entertainment) and Gabriel and his strange cock is enough........ What happened to the “ handsome men” that you did 6 months ago, like Michael, Dino, and Jean plus others.................

stardusted 01/06/2018
Datos minus suit equals (ughh) boring

stardusted 01/06/2018
Datos is boring

Rainer75 01/06/2018
Sorry for the "lounge seats"! But if it's so difficult with the "fresh" faces just try it with the experienced, professionel ones like Adam Ramzi, Nick Capra, Austin Wolf, Lito Cruz etc. etc.etc....

Rainer75 01/06/2018
Yes, Mr. Foland is a reliable turn off nowadays!

Sherman 01/06/2018
I also forgot about Seth & Manuel as the new comers with their “hairy” large cocks as new comers for Men At Play. They have great Chemistry between them..............................Dato and Gabriel were so boring in this video. Need to move forward with new exciting gentlemen.

musclefucks 01/06/2018
E buono venire con cazzo in culo ... two stunning men fucking, what's not to like? Thanks gents

actor117 01/07/2018
Dato Foland should ALWAYS be in a SUIT on this site -NO exceptions--lol.

raven 01/07/2018
DATO has outstanding good looks but he comes across as rather bored by the models with whom he performs. He can't always be the best looking, most potent male on the set and remain exciting or truly excited. Furthermore, he never has very much to say perhaps because he is not fluid in English. Too bad he doesn't have stronger men to play opposite. DATO has been a favorite of mine over the years, but may benefit from some rehab. RAVEN

notyetexec 01/07/2018
Call them what you will, some of us like them.

NYCfan 01/17/2018
I like that Dato treats this guy likes his oral slut.

Pdvs 09/11/2019
I desagree, I really like Gabriel Lunna he is very handsome and muscle which is a figure that MAP always show un. Maybe the plumber is dated but don’t blame the actors, they portrait what the director said. A thing that could change is that, maybe less clothes, because them cover a lot of the “action”, because Gabriel has a great ass but it was with the jacket on it. I like socks, but it would be hot like socks and shoes only, I really like that.

Marcantony2 09/22/2020
You sad types who are tired of Dato, I feel so sorry for you. Just lost interest in life I guess, or just too old to appreciate him.