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Movie Comments

loosetie13 12/16/2016
Great movie! Loved how both of them loosened their ties, and sexily too. Always like to see ties loosened before they come off, even if just for a moment.

LORIS 12/16/2016
I adore both men from previous movies as both of them are such a feast for the eyes - they both have fantastic bodies, Darius's protruding chest is particularly to die for, big cocks and they are both sexy as hell. And once again I could admire Enzo's fantastic abilities - he is amazing cock sucker, passionate ass licker and hard fucker - chapeau ! Thanks MAP, once again top MAP porn !

Rainer75 12/16/2016
For me Mr. Enzo Rimenez is the most handsome, sexy, elegant and charismatic guy in the variety of MAP-guys. Watching him acting with his french attitude is priceless. He is convincing and sovereign and thanks for the camera man ( Denis Vega? ) to show lot of this guys best attributes - his well groomed veiny hands and his well shaped and also veiny penis! Thinking of beeing touched and pampered by both "instruments" gives me goose bumps! This frenchy got it and Mr. Ferdynand is to be envied! A superstar like this stallion can make forget all past flops.... He should be the anchor man of MAP and I beg for a hot "one to one" and pics of him. But: Animals on a tie? Brrrr - proletarian style at it worst case. And from that extremly kitschy interieur you can get eye cancer!

Matt Jordan 12/17/2016
Hi Rainer75 thanks for the feedback and glad this one was a hit for you. Just to let you know, no the casmerman is not Denis Vega, Denis is not a cameraman for Menatplay he has directed a couple of our films but never on camera. this was filmed by our regular team from the past 3 years. As far as animal print ties go they seem to be produced by all the top designers so I guess its just a matter of taste. And the interior look of our shoots just depends on the location that we have for that weeks filming Matt

Matt Jordan 12/17/2016
Thanks Loris. This may actually be Darius's last performance with us as he is taking along break from porn right now so we are glad he went out with a bang - literally

Matt Jordan 12/17/2016
Yep sometimes the guys have ripped their ties off before we get to see them just loose so we were lucky this week!!

joedoe1000 12/17/2016
Will wait for next scene. Both actors were dehydrated - shooting drops of cum. I have seen better performances by these actors. Anyway, good luck to model Peter Baranyai (porn actor Darius) in whatever he decides to do in the near future; maybe is going back full time to school to finish his career, that will be a smart move for him.

raven 12/17/2016
Nice set and great photography along with awesome models made for a welcome addition to your MAP film library. "Beg and Steal" was flawless. I would enjoy seeing more stories from the hotel with more of your handsome, unblemished, well-groomed models. How did you plan to handle recovery of the stolen belongings of your guest and how will you discipline further Darius? The story line has loads of potential for putting more of the MAP regulars to work in the New Year. Happy Holidays to you all! Raven

avm212 12/17/2016
Enzo Rimenez returns?!! This is the best Christmas gift yet! He would look amazing in those red OTC socks that sometimes make an appearance. I hope there will be more of him in the new year!

musclefucks 12/17/2016
Enzo is the real deal - a lover, not just a star fucker. Beautiful Darius has a rougher edge, and takes Enzo's great curved cock with such enthusiasm ... and Enzo's nipples are as superb as always. Two great performers at the top of their game. Thanks guys :)

SaberEgo 12/19/2016
thank you for early Christmas gift menatplay....thank you

jake2064 12/19/2016
Enzo has the perfect cock

PeterB 12/20/2016
why don't these men ever wear underwear

Sherman 12/20/2016
Enzo did a great job sucking the large, long cock of Darius all the way. Darius has one of the longest cocks on MEN AT PLAY. You all enjoy.

Rainer75 12/21/2016
... because you can better watch the bulge beneath the fabric. And you have less problems unwrapping the cock out of the zipper. And think of the problem to treat a cock while wearing a suitpant and an underwear - where to put the underwear? - normally as a narrow roll beneath the scrotum: that disturbs the circulation of blood and it hurts! Okay?

Sherman 12/22/2016
Darius, your large cock is unbelievable in size. WOW. Enzo did a great job on you taking that large member all the way to his throat. Good performance.

RQUEST 12/24/2016
Darius is cute - plus he looks so hot in that vest, tie, slacks and shoes

goma86 12/25/2016
One of the best parts was Darius taking off his slacks with the camera focusing on his ass. I hope to see more of this on the next movies.

Sherman 01/04/2017
Enzo, you do well in sucking large cocks all the with Darius and then Mike. Great job. Enzo. That was a mouth full with Darius long cock.

Sherman 01/07/2017
Men at Play..... You win, Enzo knows how to suck thhe longest, thickest and hairy cock on your video's. he is the only one that can handle large cocks. Congratulations enjo on taking Mike and Darius. You are te best.

Sherman 01/17/2017
Enzo, you do not have a large cock, but it is straight up. You are best sucking thhe largest cocks all the way like you did with Darius and Mike. You are the champion in "sucking late cocks" all the way. Enjoy your moves with these large cocks. The cock sword fight with Mike is a good example.

Sherman 02/11/2017
Enzo, you are the only one with a small cock "straight up". Looks great, however you are "the best" in sucking the "large" long cocks at "Men At Play" are enjoyable to watch how you handle the long large cocks all-the-way into your throat. Great presentations. Enjoy you with Mike.

Sherman 02/25/2017
Darius, you have the longest beautiful cock on Men At Play. Enzo, you suck cocks better than anyone at Men At Play. Good moving video. Good scenery. Well done gentlemen.......................

Sherman 03/13/2017
Enzo, you are the best cock sucker at Men At Play. Amazing how you take Darius and Mike's cock all the way. You have a great throat. More. Of you .....please.........

Sherman 03/28/2017
Enzo, you have become the "CHAMPION". At Men At Play. You know how to handle and do it well with those long 9" to 10" cocks. You suck them all the way. That is a. Challenge and you are good at it. We do enjoy you. Darius long cock at "Beg and Steel" and then how you tackled Mike's large, thick, hairy cock on "Cocksure" was the best. Looking forward in the hear future you attacking Dario, Jean, and Mike again." Keep up the good work. Do enjoy your. Small "straight up" cock................ENZO.........LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU. SOON. Your rating is a 100.

Sherman 03/29/2017 have the longest cock at Men AT Play.........Enzo sucks the hell out of it. Miss the sexy hair around the cocks. Good moving video.......Darius, for your build, you were blessed with a 10" cock..............enjoy it............

Sherman 04/09/2017
Amazing Darius, your 10" cock is a beauty....Enzo loved it as he took the entire 10" cock in his throat............loved to watch Enzo do all that sucking. Darius, you are a lucky man.

kensike1 04/15/2017
Please menatplay Darius Ferdynand & Rogan Richards. One scene.!!

Sherman 05/28/2017
Darius, we are going to miss you. "You have thhe longest cock at Men At Play"""""""and enjoyed your videos and your long cock. Your finale was Enzo sucking that large long cock all they way. What a mouthful for Enzo.........great job Enzo..............Best to you Darius..........we will miss that long cock.......................................................29. May 2017........................................................

Sherman 08/08/2017
MEN AT PLAY.....................We need another grand finale' with Darius. Thhe only gentlemen with a 10" thick long cock on your videos. Hhe was thhe best and was shocked to see that lare cock for thhe size of him. And by the way, Enzo is the only gentlemen that can suck large cocks all thhe way. Look what he did with Mike........Enzo, you are the best cock sucker and "Darius" you have a beauty in your 10" cock......................................................months later, still enjoy you. 8 August 2017.......................

Sherman 08/19/2017
ENZO........Here you go again, you are the best "cock sucker" at MEN AT PLAY. You took Darius 10" cock all the way to your throat. Great job. Enzo, please come back. We enjoy your moves. Also you are the only one with a cock "straight up" when it is hard. Please come back...............................19 August 2017.....................................

robicart 10/03/2018
It would be hotter if Darius had pulled Enzo's dick out before unbuckling his belt. Also if Enzo had sucked Darius' dick before undressing him.

robicart 10/07/2018
Darius is a handsome guy. He has a nice body. He has a beautiful dick. I would like to see him in action with his clothes on (He always removes them or most of them before having sex.)

Ima Bigslut 02/28/2024
I hope he got to keep his job!