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Movie Comments

Awesome david ! Your amazing. Wish you well luv !

stardusted 04/08/2011
he needs a good suck and ass eaten,looks good in tux,wish he left on the paten shoes.

His hole wants a toy.

Yes! More more more please! More tuxedos, maybe even more white tie/tails, more shiny patent dress shoes! And maybe involving more gentlemen dressed like that ;)

Everything should be perfect! Why am I bored? He has no charisma? He has no! But everything should be perfect.....

I agree, his hole needs a toy! Cleaning up a man and putting him in a tux is always so sexy!

What a surprise! I certainly was'nt expecting this. The other Divine David as the solo vid. Wonderful! Mr. Jones is as gorgous as ever, sorry to gush but this man is Hot Stuff. I've seen him on other sites under a different name,but you Map Men make him s

Rainer75 04/09/2011
Tastes are so different! For me a disguised boy plays nasty and serves special preferences showing his ass he was instructed before. Sorry David, there is no tension in it. Please Map-team - wake me up when the next suit related movie comes out!

Love the underwear play, love to see a guy play with his hole and keep his underwear on for a while during his play session. thanks MAP.

I agree with Raniesuit, a good looking boy dressed to perfection, even the black silk handkerchief which added flare, but all too soon down to the usual jerk off. I was bored too, something is missing!

Another j/o,,,,,,, yawn..... another all clothes off half way through,,,,,yawn second week.......

he is very hot but i agree with others...need to be fully unclothed for full impact...and where were those sox shots...just teasing?

Matt Jordan 04/10/2011
do you mean he should be fully unclothed or fully clothed - not sure who you are agreeing with as there seems to be split on opinion on this


suitslover 04/11/2011
Matt - When I first saw the teaser for this film, I was extremely excited. Formalwear that includes a white tux jacket is one of my hottest fetishes. I was so looking forward to this. Unfortunately, David was only shown fully clothed in the tux for

Well said. Couldn't agree more.

I agree about the clothing, it seems to be a direction the site is taking, getting away from the focus being on the suit/formal attire theme, and going to mainstream porn, I think it is because there is more money in that venue, but I could be wrong.

i'm very fond of this site indeed including the artistic side, like the choice of this particular background music.... so very unusual!! it adds something really special for me! David Jones is one of my very fav models around (too bad he said in his audit

hot guy you need to get him back for a duo action suck and fuck video, dont like solos.

David is hot, but he needs to let his body/pub hair grow. Wow!

A beautiful guy - perfect as he is. Lets see him play with someone

Great - loved that he kept his dinner jacket, bow tie and shirt on - very hot.

Love his chest. Would be fun to meet him at a wedding and follow to bathroom

great !!! I hope to see a video when he fuck and he is fucked !

David Jones is VERY sexy. Love those eyes. His bio says he is straight, but is he really all the time? :D

wow David is one hot young man.To hell with the clothes,in a 20 minute video ,it should be 5 minutes then of with the clothes.loved his spred the ass cheeks routine..best video on the website.

Good movie....excellent....10 stars for you and the model..on a five star scale.........GREAT....thanks...greg

Will be amazing to see David Jones with another performer wearing that white tux jacket and semi-sheer white socks.

It is The Pearl of MAP!The most gentle imperceptible vision!The easiest dream,the mirage bewitching and dementing,breaking heart!The most sweet suffle sweemeat and The Zephyr.

Woof!!!! Would love to taste that sweet hole...... Umm.....

duo action video with him please.

77mojito 05/06/2013
it doesnt matter whether Mr. David Jones is straight or not. That Man-Hole he's got is just tantalizing. Beautiful to rim/lick. I bit he's gonna love it once he taste my tongue ! i must say that's one kind of beautiful asshole and the videograher took it

77mojito 07/04/2013
sure is a very delightfull manhole. He should try first a dildo fucking his asshole, then if he enjoys it get a real hard cock.

Franc 05/28/2014
One to one I repeat my words wich I said at 2012: David, my sweetest guy from my lightest dreams! I love you my pearl!

limerick 03/27/2015
David Jones is another handsome man who I wish would do more for MAP!!

dagorik 02/20/2017
He is pure Brit hotness.

robicart 11/22/2018
David Jones is beautiful all over. Including his beautiful ass and ass hole. Such a shame he never gets fucked.

Waystrange 02/02/2021
David Jones is the perfect prom date! He does so much for a tuxedo, and the tuxedo does so much for him!!