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Movie Comments

loosetie13 11/13/2015
WOW! What a hot scene - one of the best you guys have done. Both guys looked gorgeous in their white shirts, and loved how Flex gradually loosened his tie and they both undressed one another. Ticked all my boxes, I can tell you.

olderbutsexy 11/13/2015
Vitteloni! Wonderful guys, good sex ... grazie mille, fellows!

coxnsox 11/13/2015
Absolutely Perfect. Sensual, stimulating, erotic, enticing - from suits to socks it was hot. Seemed to fulfill the variety of fetish elements members of this site crave the most. I know it pushed my buttons.

coxnsox 11/13/2015
Agreed - one of the best in a very long time

Jgland24 11/14/2015
Sexiest video on here. Just came all over myself

everhard12321 11/14/2015
Flex is about half the size he was a year ago, but he's still very sexy.

hirvi7 11/14/2015
ZOMG wonderful

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
One of those movies that is all about models not even men at play let alone suits

hugo2014 11/15/2015

NylonOTCs 11/15/2015
flex has such beautiful ass!!!...(Please don't ever crack that spinal cord throwing that ass out there like a book shelf..LOL!!!) Beautiful guys. Massimo has great thrust with that HOT HARD Cock!!!....Great work, MAP!!! Ps. too bad there would not have be

auhottie 11/15/2015
Very hot. How can I get a job at the MAP offices? ;)

WeHoDad 11/16/2015
Great sex scene with two hot models. The weight loss on Flex improves his looks and gives better muscle definition - hot guy!

gartenzaun 11/30/2015
please show me more feet an hairy legs

summer32 03/01/2016
Weird load at end

barneylincoln 10/02/2017
Everyone should have a little dose of Vitimin F (FLEX) daily!! What a man, this is the ultimate "sex at the office" scenario..just great! Massimo I'd just love you to sit on my face. I think I''ll have to wait in line for this one. love Barney.

RQUEST 01/20/2018
I love Massimo's hair cut and I think he is so sexy.! Love sox guys, especially with shoes! Go For It!