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Movie Comments

stardusted 04/28/2017
Please bring more models to this site, tired of seen the same guys over and over, I don't get enough of Logan moore, keep him.

Jon62 04/28/2017
Excellent one ! Great to Dani getting messed up in his suit.

musclefucks 04/28/2017
Good sex boys :) Dato looks great with the extra muscle, he remains one of MAP's chief bellos; and Dani takes cock like a star. Great cum shots too, thanks to all concerned

admin 04/28/2017
Errrm.. perhaps you missed last week? but we had Alex Mecum and Gabriel Lunna together, both brand new faces to Menatplay. Rico

pornboy1 04/28/2017
Best load on this site. Damn!

mtmslg 04/28/2017
Welcome back, men! Great to see these two professionals together! Dani's suit was elegant and snug. The side shot of Dato taking his time eating Dani's ass through the pants with the fabric tightening and relaxing left me breathless! WOW. I love when the models have a total disregard for the condition of their clothes! The messier the better. Nice work all around.

everhard12321 04/28/2017
Is Dato on meds or special supplements? His load looked like water.

suitstudda 04/29/2017
thanks, for the new additions. I have seen many new faces of the past months. What I would like to see is a match up Robbie Rojo, Hector de Silva, Alex Mecum, Dario Beck, and Mike de Marko in an Office Sex Fest with the suits, ties, and shoes on throughout the video and with Hector de Silva and Dario Beck bottoming.

suitstudda 04/29/2017
Question! Matt and Rico Have you moved your operations from London to Spain? If so why? Will the members see and new video made in London and/or USA?

Nasanaz84 04/29/2017
The best

Matt Jordan 04/29/2017
Yes we moved to Spain 3 years ago in April 2014. We have occasionally filmed in the UK since then but our base is mainly in Spain now.

raven 04/29/2017
Dani and Dato are a great pairing. It is nice to see the action move outside. What supplement is Dato taking to produce such an awesome, copious ejaculate time and again? Dan looks great in his three piece suit and I am liking Dani's longer hair. I too would enjoy seeing a group scene including D and D in the future. Nice installment today Men! RAVEN

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
Very dissapoonted on how this scene was edited (watch minute 17:57 how it jumps to abruptly to cumming-a disaster). The theme outdoor with a blue collar construction workers is boring and repetitive. The screenplay not the best for menatplay (Dani don't even resist first sexual approach of Dato- super unreal). Dato needs an intense British English course to smooth that accen (actors need to dominate the universal language of business). The suit looks old and MAP needs new pair of thosr cheap Chinese socks if they want to continue with those (sheers were more elegant and Matt knows that very well) The elegance of the scenes filmed back in London is gone. Now everything is filmed with rush, no attention to realism and super low budget. It seems that actors are paid and used as marionettes and don't have any voice to say what the public/fans wants (no teamwork). Guys...go back to white-collar executive actors...back to the roots. Will wait for next scene.

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
No supplememt...that happens when you cum frequently the same day. He was not prepared for this scene. Should be a week without cumming in order to produce a thick semen. Nowadays actors are not very professional

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
The best is Perfect Strangers

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
A watery cum is not should be a big load of thick cum

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
The models are hot...the problem is how were poorly directed

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
And that was hot....except for scenography

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
All of them wearing elegant sheer hot!

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
Unfortunately the way it was filmed did not capture that very well and have to use slow motion which is old school in porn

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
Dani Robles is the best man in suit and long sheer him in Perfect Strangers

pornboy1 04/29/2017
Really like that Dato is letting his pubes & cheast hair grow in. Love Dani's submissiveness.

tiedupsuit 04/29/2017
Dani always looks amazing in a suit. Love the contrast between suit and tie businessman, and rugged laborer. Great cum shots. Only wish Dani's suit had gotten dirtier

Rainer75 04/30/2017
I think, now every actor has fucked with everyone. More new faces please - it starts to get boring. Thank you.

Matt Jordan 05/01/2017
Within the last month we've introduced Alex Mecum and also Gabriel Lunna, and before them this year Diego Reyes, Sergi Rodriguez, and Sebastian Reiss. We do try very hard to find new models and 1 new model a month isnt bad.

Matt Jordan 05/01/2017
by poorly directed do you mean do you mean they weren't wearing the socks you like?

elunico 05/01/2017
love Dato and Dani ..handsome mens to fuck....thank you.

Rainer75 05/01/2017
I'm not active in this business, but I'm sure that MAP has an excellent reputation in the industry and belongs to the creme de la creme of the studios. It is certainly a highlight in the career of a porn actor to be tuned at MAP and to have the chance to become an icon of manhood. The exhibitionism is still widespread - the USA and Hungary for instance generate a multitude of talented guys who are just waiting to shoot their cream before the cameras of MAP. And they may discover how extremely horny they look wearing a suit. Or am I just naive?

LORIS 05/01/2017
Pure delight ! First I love outdoors and second it is always nice to see Dani and Dato. Dani is more and more handsome and he enjoys so much being hardly pounded by such a horny stud like Dato who, by the way, is getting more and more muscular - my dick is instantly hard just to see him taking off his shirt and showing off his protruding veined biceps, uffff.... And I particularly loved the final cumshots; oh yesss - Dani getting off over his beautiful waistcoat and Dato literally showering Dani's mouth with his hot load. Thank you so much for this movie !

kennyj2254 05/02/2017
Very hot scene. Loving the socks on both of them. More please

eiswirth821 05/02/2017
Two of my favorite models delivering two of the best cumshots of the year. What could be better?

NylonOTCs 05/04/2017
Perfect!!!..Dani and Dato...Oh Man!!!...what could get better....Hot Cocks, Hot Socks pretty ass on Dani and Dato. FUCK!!!...Loved it Gents!!! PS....MORE!!!

bdw71967 05/04/2017
WOW......HOT, HOT, HOT.........awesome facial......

Suitman63 05/05/2017

joedoe1000 05/13/2017
My comment above provides a full description of what failed...of course, sheer socks is just one of them.

calente78 05/16/2017

explorer310 06/24/2017
Wonderful cumshots and to have Dani taste and swallow Dato's hot cum did it for me. Super hot men.

Sherman 11/05/2017
Dani and Dato win this video with their cum shots. The best of two men. Loved watching Dato shoot his large cum snot into Danis

actor117 07/27/2018
Any time you use this guy (Mr Foland) and you don't put him in a suit-we ALL lose.

toolelover 05/07/2019
Great scene. Dani love's Dato's big cock. And what a facial! Loved the cum running down Dani's beard and the cum kissing.

robicart 08/31/2019
Dani looks terrific in that gray suit. He is "THE BEST".