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Movie Comments

Suitsfan 04/08/2016
Good-looking executive types, great cum-loads - and delivered straight to a dress shirt & tie! Way to go, guys!

pakmanno 04/08/2016
Mmm!! Any chance to buy the lucky tie??

Dan1762 04/08/2016
Thanks again, MAP - love Dario Beck and his hairy ass, and always love cum on the suit. Now, shouldn't the taxi driver arrive after 10 minutes and join in? :)

pamelanil 04/09/2016
maikel's suit always look great ...we would like to get that suit ..any help ?

stardusted 04/09/2016
Yes, more dario, glad he is back

NylonOTCs 04/09/2016
Super HOT guys!...Maikel is so cool and lean!...mmmmm....Love Dario too!...HOT OTC socks on Dario...delicious blue gray thin showing hot heels and toes and wonderful calfs...WOW!!!. (was hoping Maikel might of taken a few sole licks while he plowed that hot ass of Dario's!!! nice and melon round !!!....Wonderful gents!..more ot this would be great!....(Thin socks again maybe sucked on also would super fantasy for many !!!)

raven 04/09/2016
Maikel and Dario are a very attractive pairing and I would enjoy seeing them perform together again, perhaps in one of their apartments. I hope Maikel holds off on further inking of his beautiful body! Are the pair versatile and able to flip roles? Nice photography guys. An encore performance would be welcome! RAVEN

kapukane 04/09/2016
After they got drunk...WHY would they not go somewhere else like a hotel room? Why would you have the setting in the bar? Ridiculous and a turn off. Come on guys Think. I love this site but sometimes I don't know what you guys are thinking.

Eric1 04/09/2016
The guys are horny, a hotel means walking to another location and checking in when all they want to do is get their rocks off. I haven't seen the movie yet but from what you've described, it is a VERY understandable scenario. This scene is hardly ridiculous; I'm 62 and in my lifetime have flogged and fucked a hell of a lot of guys in a bar. I think you need to get out more?

johnnyt43 04/10/2016
Awesome movie, lets see a little more of calvin love the impression of Dario's butt on the calvin"s so hot,, thanks MAP

DesertMan 04/11/2016
I think Kaupkane has it right. The setting is a bar, not a bath house. It's ridiculous to think anyone would undress a man in a lounge and have sex near the entrance. I think your dreaming, Eric. A video loses something when it doesn't have a thread of reality. These two gorgeous men are definitely hot & well dressed. Loved Dario's hairy ass. Hated Maikel's gross tatts.

sockscalze 04/12/2016
love Dario Beck thanks for giving us 2 great vids of him in a 5 week period.

olderbutsexy 04/13/2016
Hot sex gents! My thanks to cast and crew. Maikel (what a cock!) knows how to fuck and Dario certainly knows how to take it! Bravo, guys

Eric1 04/25/2016
I have now watched the film and, Desertman, I'm not dreaming. Been there, done that.

robicart 05/04/2016
Great scene with two of the hottest guys!

rickis75 06/14/2016
dario's hairy bubble butt is 1 of the best

Sherman 07/12/2016
Dario's hairy butt &. Hairy cock area one of the best.

Sherman 07/24/2016
Dario has a great "hairy". Body & we were not exposed to his hairy body & his cock area. We needed to enjoy him with no clothes on & expose his equipment. Handsome man....just more exposure of his body......good video.

musclefucks 09/14/2016
Real hot, passionate sex, great chemistry ... bravo, gents! One could see the real enjoyment, and that communicated to us as viewers

robicart 09/27/2016
Doesn't get much better than this - Dario Beck and Maikel Cash - great passion.

Bull2016 10/08/2016
Beautiful hairy ass!

Sherman 12/21/2016
We missed Dario's hairy large cock presentation. He has the best hairy body at MEN AT PLAY....and we enjoy his body exposure. You missed this with Dario. You need to have Dario,Mike, and Jean in a video with their hairy large long cocks for some major excitement.

Sherman 03/20/2017
Dario, you have a great hairy. Ass BUT missed you large "hairy" cock exposure. You need to show us your hairy body like "Gents".....

halpofein 03/04/2018
Dario's ass is a work of art.

robicart 10/02/2018
Loved the set-up AND the consummation.

robicart 01/10/2019
LOVE THESE TWO GUYS - DARIO BECK AND MAIKEL CASH. I like everything about them. Maikel sucking Dario's ear lobe was a great touch.