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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 04/10/2015
Bravo !!!! enfin belle jute sur la cravate j'adore......

tuxedo1967 04/10/2015
About time you messed up a suit. Just a personal opinion.

Suitsfan 04/10/2015
Amen to that - especially when a totally subservient bottom like Dani is on the receiving end! He clearly enjoys it as much as I enjoy watching! ;-)

olderbutsexy 04/10/2015
OMG! What a cock :) Great sex gents, bravo x

Rainer75 04/10/2015
Craig Daniel!!!! Bravo! No piercings, no tattoes - just pure manly beef with a strong face and enormous cock! Give him your best suit you find and let the fuck-machine go... He knows what to do. He's the boss. Remember my other advice? Just also take Nick Capra on board. You need more stallions and less pussy...

Dougradford 04/10/2015
Another fabulous performance from Dani and Craig new blood love when Craig pulls Dani trousers down no underwear nearly cum there and the sex fantastic more please

BlackTie2006 04/10/2015
Superb horny cutaway shirt collar tie and tight fitting suit. Well done.

limerick 04/10/2015
Dani Robles is one of the handsomest men ever to grace the Men At Play Website--and this is say a lot of many of my favorite men are been Men At Play models--Neil Stevens, Axel, Jason, Steve Hooper, Sean, etc. This scene is a hot one--for Craig Daniel gives Mr. Robles a thorough fucking over!! And, no one sucks cock like Dani Robles!! Thank you Matt J and Rico--and Dani and Craig!! Wonderfully hot scene!!

limerick 04/10/2015
I meant to say--this is saying a lot for many of my favorite men--I should have proofread--sorry Men At Play members!!

ken4cock 04/11/2015
Just what my libido needed on a Friday night: an incredibly hung meat-and-potatoes man like Craig sharing his humongous portion with an eager, hungry bottom-feeder like Dani. A king-sized meal fit for a king; consummated with a rich dessert of gobs of creamy spunk spattering the host's clean linen. Mmm ... bring on the next course! My appetite has barely been whetted.

NylonOTCs 04/11/2015
Super HOT!, Super Sexy!...Dani Robles has it going on, baby!...The man is a class act!...And the suit with tight buns OMG!...He fucks so well, smooth lustful buns just sucking up that HOT Dick of Craig' into it!...Thanks MAP! for the oh so very erotic otc tnt's on Dani dont ever stop wearing those with the great legs and feet... absolutely perfect with that nice suit. And now!, Craig!...You get my ***** five stars for that gorgeous cock!..Juicy and Long, pretty and strong!!!...mmmmmmmmmmmm did i ever enjoy this one, can you tell!

cityguy 04/11/2015
Where are the screencaps guys?

tiedupsuit 04/11/2015
Loved he video. Beautiful suit. Would have loved to see the front washed as well as the back.

effeemme76 04/11/2015
Loved this video! But I prefer when Dani gets the sperm on his face/mouth and then sucks again the partner's cock... Please do more of this!!!

loosecollarntie 04/16/2015
That was the best film to date, so erotic, would of loved to see a loose collar and tie, however didn't spoil it for me at all!!!!. loved the cum over the white shirt at the end and the initial suit wetting, this was so hot! thanks guys.

aljuarez12 04/25/2015
Very hot. Dani is a favorite. But as soon as the top turns around, you just know he'll get his pants peeled off, shirt, tie and jacket will remain on, and rimming will ensue. I vote for more variety in the way the suit comes off! More focus on the dress pants! Let's see the hunk ymen in shirt and tie! Rolled-up sleeves! How about a half-open (but still tucked) shirt?

joedoe1000 05/16/2015
Dani Robles and Craig Daniel performance in this scene is a total boner! Both did an oustanding job within their roles...the combination of white and blue collar jobs is a great idea at MAP. Dani in that suit, tie, long sheer socks (he has the most beautiful legs for sheer socks in the porn industry), and shoes look impecable. Craig was pure fire...desring to eat Dani's bottom with pants on. I have to say that this scene is a perfect 10. Can't wait to see next movie with Dani Robles wearing exquisite suit, tie and super fine sheer socks with lace up shoes...and see the top undressing him just leaving on him the socks and light blue shirt to see all that sweat in!

joedoe1000 05/25/2015
MAP: How soon we will see gorgeous Dani Robles as a top actor in one of your scenes? He is versatile!

Albertochile69 05/30/2015
Very horny

raven 05/31/2015
I wish Dani could clear up his perianal folliculitis! It kind of spoils the view. Raven

suitboy116235 07/24/2016
mmm loved the shiny suit,,what a hot suited arse,,i would have preferred to have seen the other guy get down and put his face in his suited arse,worshiping it,sniffing it,licking it,,then wanking over his trousered arse and licking his own cum off them,,, suited arses are made for putting your face in,sniffing and licking mmm with passion,,the soap on the suit trousers didn't do it for me personally, naked anal porn isn't essential every time anyway.,

musclefucks 04/27/2017
Lovely fuck guys, many thanks. What a cock - lucky Dani!

kelle68 07/26/2018
shit, what a hairy fucker....

musclefucks 02/10/2019
What a hot man this Craig is, butch and authentic, his splendid long cock finding a perfect home between Dani's plump and juicy butt cheeks!

sheer 10/11/2020
Craig is sooooooo hot!!!!!! And Dani with the ribbed sheer socks!!! My fav!!