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Movie Comments

You guys rock with another brilliant scene Tomas Brand is pure perfection add the amazing Darius Ferdynand and Dirk Caber and you have porn that only Men At Play can provide!! Thank You guys again!

Bluedog 08/30/2013
As per usual guys ... The suits seem to come off way too soon .. But hey 2 great studs and one very willing, fit bottom all perform well together.. Nice one .. Thanks !

tiedupsuit 08/30/2013
Love the scenario. Overall, great video. Would have been better had all three guys kept their suits on.

bxlchris 08/30/2013
Brilliant work guys! Hope this is the beginning of a series. Dirk and Tomas are two of my favourites and Darius serviced them like a pro! Thanks for a great st

bxlchris 08/30/2013
Great scene! Hop it is the first of a series. Tomas and Dirk are two of my favourites and to watch them working over Darius together was hot. Thanks for a great start to the weekend, keep up the good work!

Great video, I like the school concept. Professors wearing otc socks and garters are so hot. Next time boy should keep shirt and socks on.

hatetatoos-4-2 08/30/2013
What an outstanding movie in every aspect. Darius Ferdynand is adorable. I would love to see him with Woody Fox, Landon Conrad, Jesse Ares or Justin. Great work.

Okay 08/30/2013
Good job, but still miss seeing the condoms, and afterplay. and a big thank you to the hairy man. that had the tie on the longest.

lastofthewine 08/30/2013
Loved this one. What a trio! The little upstart in particular. Should have been spanked first. Can't wait for BBB2. Thank you.

outstanding trio ! these 3boys sure keep themselves very busy. there was no gap, everyone was busy w/ each other. GREAT VIDEO. DO I THINK I PREDICT ANOTHER GREAT BBB ... SUGGESTION: Landon Conrad, Jesse Ares AND of course the cute bottom, Darius Ferdynand

Splendid movie for the end of summer and another school year... Very, very hot with all the necessary ingredients - three very sexy guys, superb bodies, great cocks and not only sucking but also a very nice rimming and fingering before fucking. I cummed a

vmvperm 08/31/2013
boy and mens....

olderbutsexy 08/31/2013
Very erotic ... Ferdynand is a find! Thanks to the models and all concerned

olderbutsexy 08/31/2013
Threesome action well-managed by the director, usually one partner is left out to a degree; well done

tiedupsuit 08/31/2013
Had to watch it again. Though the suits came off, I do love the "rawness" of the movie. In the end, Darius looks like he had just been totally abused. Nice! In the future, maybe your could do a scene similar, even with the same guys, as they were grea

tiedupsuit 08/31/2013
Had to watch it again. Though the suits came off, I do love the "rawness" of the movie. In the end, Darius looks like he had just been totally abused. Nice! In the future, maybe your could do a scene similar, even with the same guys, as they were grea

tjmac 09/01/2013
I watched this just to see Dirk Caber in suit & tie looking incredible and loved his ass. I thought he could have kept his tie on, and wish he demanded more attention to his tits - much rather see that than boring old fucking. However a very sexy 3way.

masstiehemd 09/01/2013
The scenario is excellent: meeting in the office of the head master of a student and his professor! It's necessary to decide on a punishment....The suits seem to come off way too soon. I shall never say it enough! We are not on this site to see fucking na

bombaybigboy 09/01/2013
more threesomes please. these are friggin hot

Matt Jordan 09/02/2013
Sorry about the suit thing. We try and do a variety of suit scenes and naked scenes. The scene is set at university or college and not at a school so the student wouldnt be in a uniform. I as a suit lover personally prefer the contrast between suited guys

I agree with you Matt about combining casual with formal suited men. What about business least that style for university boys will be cool and will not cross the line of raunchy, which I don't think is in line with this website. Keep up the h

Matt Jordan 09/02/2013
For me the rougher the better to contrast with the smart suited guy - otherwise theres no tension between the two

Matt Jordan 09/02/2013
Business casual i think just seems like a compromise which is neither one way or the other

nardot 09/02/2013
Thomas Brand 's cock is very interessting and deserves some close-ups The piss hole is very wide open it encourages to penetrate the tip of the tongue to taste a few precome drops ...Hummmm ! the foreskin looks like a turtleneck pullover ! delicius ! plea

suitedattitude 09/03/2013
I like the overall set up here but I tend to feel it's a bit of trial run that needs another go to get right. It would have been nice if it had been made clearer that the student fancied the tutor and that this had something to do with his smart dress -

Rainer75 09/03/2013
I really had to giggle! Dirk Caber is really a sterotyp for a typical "good old german teacher". And I don't like german teachers - sorry Dirk. Probably you are the nicest guy on earth....

mtmslg 09/07/2013
One word for this movie . . . Creepy. Two old crones salivating over the fresh meat on campus. Gross. I'm no prude, and I like the threesomes, but I prefer, even in sexual fantasies, all parties to have equal footing and that any subservient role is ch

Rainer75 09/07/2013
Cool down, honey! That's a porn phantasy and not a school story from Eaton! By the way: If you were never dictated to do something during intercourse, you have no idea of hot steaming sex. Maybe you are too young yet and have less experience. One day..

mtmslg 09/07/2013
Giggle . . . Too young? Thanks for that! I'm old enough to know what's creepy. This movie, in my humble opinion, is creepy.

WildVirg 09/10/2013
This was Hot...wish I had been that boy....even if I am 55 lmao

Jockassbuddy 09/11/2013
Very hot scene! This is one of my fantasies...2 hot older men of authority taking advantage of me...very hot

cchmarco 09/11/2013
i love that guy Darius Ferdynand!!!

jayboy 09/13/2013
This is my favorite film ! I want to be that boy ... you need another double fuck scene soon though - this would have been a good one!

ajdamen 09/15/2013
What's creepy is the painting behind Dirk. What's hot is that Thomas seemed more aroused by seeing Dirk than by the kid.

olderbutsexy 09/18/2013
Really hot sex, great performances, especially from Darius. A threesome that actually works!!

Flyman51 09/20/2013
I can't load anything!! Something is wrong!!

Spycker 09/27/2013
great scene..... too bad I cant see it anymore

cactusman26 09/28/2013
Super presentation, story, threesome and camera shots. Eventually all nude, great!., Much enjoyed, thanks. guys and team ,

cactusman26 09/28/2013
Second viewing, Top of its class!!!

Fuzzguy 09/29/2013
Can't get past the few first minutes! Dick is hard, out and ready to fire...between the acting, the eye contact, the setting, the men as well as their obvious chemistry with each other, the plot - or should I say ploy to get this boy naked - what is not

Zarcman 09/30/2013

Suitsocks 10/16/2013
wow hot men ! Nextime maybe the boy could have been forced to lick the OTC dress socks as he had a cock in his ass ! Lets see some shoe & socks service ! HOT! Good work

kattle123 10/27/2013
This is why I join Menatplay. Great actors, beautiful bodies and a setting that is a real turn on to anyone into role-playing. The fact the two dominators keep their shoes on puts it ive the top. Very hot. Thanks Menatplay.

HERBST08 10/30/2013
next time pls keep long white socks on the boy's feet.

cactusman26 12/15/2013
From time to time MAP team you come up with an exceptionally good video presentation, as per in my opinion 'BOYBEEN BAD' Now I find myself wondering if you are going to exceed yourself again with a special Christmas week presentation? Thanks for all the

georgeroundy 12/31/2013
Not keen on this, Comes a bit to close to home. Next!!!

PornfanHH 01/18/2014
I am a member of MAP since one week and latest after viewing this incredible hot vid I know that it was a very good decision! I am so jealous of Darius that he can suck Tomas big and beautiful cock and get fucked deep and hard! All three guys are so sexy

arpiefordham 01/18/2014
That fantasy will last me months ... years!!! Great scene.

Happyfella 02/07/2014
One of your sexiest videos ever. To see this young guy so thoroughly fucked and worked on by the two older ones made me spunk several times. Love that there was one big uncut and one cut cock - sexy combination. Wish I could have fucked him too. His a

jamesbondg82 05/16/2014
So slow to show

LORIS 06/23/2014
So hot, almost unbearably hot ! I can watch this movie over and over again - one of the best MAP movies ever !!

John1404 06/24/2014
This is by far one of your hottest scenes.

juscruzn808 07/09/2014

sebastianxxx 07/23/2014
Darius is such a great buttom ....

sebastianxxx 07/28/2014
How can I find some double penetration scenes on MAP ... that search funkction doesn't work at all .... ?

Bensbox 08/24/2014
What! No Tattoos?!! (just kidding...Luv these guys)

kintyre 09/09/2014
This is still one of the hottest porn films on this site!!

LeatherBlue 02/26/2015
I'm enrolling at this college asap !

seahbh 04/27/2015
is this justice? for silly pranks, a boy actually got REWARDED with sex with 2 hot daddies!!! i wish i was the boy!!! i like innocent, nerdy daddies who turn instantly into animals in a wild orgy. keep it UP!

ken4cock 09/21/2015
First time seeing Dirk Caber. This flick is really his show: nerdy, lecturing principal morphing into a powerful, muscular jock. Dirk's fantastic upper body shows who's boss, here. Darius never had a clue what was cuming his way, as he takes a double poun

marcekeller 09/23/2015
Thomas Brand is the best. Bring it again and couple him with Dallas Steele.

marcekeller 09/23/2015
Thomas Brand is the best. Bring it again and couple him with Dallas Steele.

frankieboy62 02/21/2016
This is really hot! Wonderful men doing a great job.

maseons 08/15/2016
hot wish i was the kid

Skiier 02/10/2017
Dirk and Thomas should have their own movie, that would be HOT!

DragonairQuest 06/18/2022
saw dirk caber at IML a few years back. looking all hot.. if he asked would have dropped to my knees and did anything that silver fox wanted