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Movie Comments

tooshiny 08/15/2014
OMG! A top in black OTC TNT socks with his shoes still on. Against a brilliant white backdrop and owning that boys arse. Am i in a dream!

juanpadilla 08/15/2014
the blond actor is unattractive ...I would t like him... I don t like this week´s video.

joedoe1000 08/15/2014
Outstanding! Misha knows how to seduce this boy...the touching, kissing and ass tasting using fingers full of saliva is so seductive. The clothing is suit with otc tnt socks is so is POWERFUL!. Allen demonstrated the power of lust, he managed Misha's dick as a professional. The setting with white walls was incredible sexy to appreciate better actors and clothing.Excellent transitions from bed, kitchen, stairs,, back to bed. Thanks Matt so much for this movie, was a big surprise to see again Misha and Allen!

johnnyt43 08/15/2014
grab some glasses, he's beautiful.

suitstudda 08/15/2014
Outstanding and a very passion love between the two actor. I tollaly with juanpadilla comment.

craigdb 08/15/2014
great tattos on two good looking guys! great cum shots!

olderbutsexy 08/15/2014
What an excellent film. Great sex. Neither actor is exactly my scene (give me Alex, Andreas, Axel, Robin etc.) but their performances are both sensitive and very erotic. Well done to all concerned. (Loved the cinematography too )

suits4me 08/15/2014
A well kent story done with map's excellent touch. Lovely set and well acted by both actors. Lovely clothes,missed the pocket square in the jacket, but very sexy and a very well presented film.

Matt Jordan 08/15/2014
Unattractive ? are you serious.. He makes me cum just looking at him

brisgay 08/16/2014
Not bad but the suit came off way too early. Such a shame.

moby17 08/16/2014
Wow! Heaven is place on stairs! This has all the ingredients of a great SEX movie (worlds above the usual 08:15 porn): smooth and slow story, passion and fuck build up, natural acting, feel good after play, the lovely "and the birds were singing" soundtrack, the sock contrast to the white setting, hmmm! But every long living gem has to have one unique feature that only one actor can deliver: Misha's beautiful hands make his finger fuck a unique turn on at MAP. He (and the team) IS a goldmine (but please switch from trashy gold to shiny silver watches - and make condoms a bit more tight fitting)

sebastianxxx 08/16/2014
Like the finish when Allen lying on his back ... he is just a great buttom

NylonOTCs 08/17/2014
Excellent!!! ... What a hot young stud with an ass on him like a little "God"....Great scenes, great sex and great OTC's . just wish we could of got more feet and sock close ups!....But totally awesome. Misha and Allen were wonderful... Thanks! MAP ... Score!!!

34mtwhy5 08/17/2014
Misha Dante is one of the hottest guys around. Damn he is sexy. Any video with him in it is hot. This is one of those hot video. The two guys are stunning and sexy.

ilst 08/18/2014
Good performance, hot scenes, I just don't like twinks. But as an exception it may pass.

greg_n 08/18/2014
Awesome. I loved it.

raven 08/18/2014
Misha Dante and Allen King are a very appealing pairing of two well groomed gorgeous men who are able to play to our fantasies with sensitivity, skill and passion! A 5 star performance by both men. Allen is a bit of a twink, and I would prefer that Misha work with some one slightly older appearing, but Allen seems to know what he is about, is a very accommodating bottom, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Misha and his partner perform!. Thanks guys. Raven

tweee 08/18/2014
Loved it!

tiedupsuit 08/19/2014
Dante looks totally hot in that suit. Love the precum. A wet spot down the front of the pants would have been great.

LORIS 08/23/2014
Nice morning sex - loved it: a lot rimming and fingering. Lovely idea of kitchen-stairs-bedroom hot action also.

joedoe1000 08/24/2014
Will love to see again Allen King in a scene where he can talk more, his accent is so sensual.

Angus 08/26/2014
He makes me weak!... I find him so sexy...

34mtwhy5 08/30/2014
One of the best scene ever. Love love love Mischa Dante. Such a hottie. ONe of the sexiest guys around. More of him please. Maybe put him with Jay Roberts

socksheer 12/11/2014
Love the sheer sock play. it's a major fetish of mine. wish I could find somebody like sheer sock stud like Misha in Fort Lauderdale. More pics of hot men in sheer socks, please. Rick

Fuzzguy 01/27/2015
Beautifully done! Handsome couple...kissing is over the top, hot! Congratulations on this production. I'm sure you captured your vision of what you wanted to bring to the screen. Dare I say, masterpiece!

Cortez64 05/03/2015
Love older men with younger

uncledaddy 05/05/2015
Hot Hot Hot

uncledaddy 05/24/2015
Love when the Hot bottom cums when the top guy is still fucking him & facing him. Good looking older guy fucking a hot younger guy!!!

baisemoi63 06/11/2015
very very nice film

robicart 08/23/2015
When do we see more of Allen King?

robicart 02/29/2016
Allen King is so hot!

eatingarse 03/17/2016
Misha Dante knows how to eat ass! No wonder he couldn't take his face out of Allen King's butt.

prnbatr 08/02/2016
Awesome scene. Misha is such a beautiful guy who knows how to eat ass and fuck.

makelake 03/04/2017
Wish we would get more videos with Misha Dante.. He is the best..

jake2064 10/03/2017
so good

rnlpakele 12/05/2017
Best on the site

Richie2675 08/15/2018
Allen little grey briefs and Misha sheer sock the undressing the the sex ..... WOW LOVED IT

robicart 06/11/2019
The look on Allen's face is priceless. I loved the foreplay. And Allen really likes to suck a big dick. The fucking scene is wonderful. Allen gets so hard when he's being fucked.

Waystrange 02/15/2021
WOW! We need to see much more of Allen King! He is a cutie!!