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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 04/11/2014
Perfect for sling and full suited sex action fans. Dato is time take full body view to see his socked legs.

hatetatoos-4-2 04/11/2014
Dato Foland looks like a model for Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren in his beautiful suit with the side vents in the rear of the coat. He is so very handsome and so very sensual. It was clever that Darius erected the sling, but did not know what it is used

joedoe1000 04/11/2014
I will love to see Darius in suit and socks while having fun on that sling...of course shoes off. Matt, have a great weekend!

olderbutsexy 04/11/2014
Dato is a hot fucker and Darius takes it all like a star. When he holds and feels Dato's arm when he is wanking to come, you feel it's the real thing. Congrats to cast and crew for this excellent work.

sparty 04/11/2014
Dato, what a great cum shot! Why is it some guys can shoot across the room and some just ooze out?? Any answers out there?

bxlchris 04/11/2014
Very nice, Darius is such

bxlchris 04/11/2014
Very nice, Darius is such a tempting bottom!

Jon62 04/11/2014
That Dato is one monster..... The more of him the better and he never seems to disappoint when it comes to firing off. In answer to Sparty, it is probably down to who had saved themselves up a few days ready for the shoot and those who got a bit impatient

Eric1 04/11/2014
Gentlemen: This is an excellent film as was your previous one titled "The Sling." However I have noticed that both times the leather sling itself is positioned incorrectly. You have placed the sling inside out--the bolts should not be facing up towards

otc_socks 04/11/2014
Terrible and blue socks Agaton?

luis2 04/12/2014
Dato is the perfect man His head mouth fingers nails so everything is perfect and he is a good fucker too so great

albertandrew 04/12/2014
how hot

olderbutsexy 04/12/2014
One knows that the business of film-making is tiring and repetitive, and adult performers have other problems - keeping an erection, for one thing, with technicians all around, up close and personal. That said, Darius is really having such good fortune,

Swedetodd 04/12/2014
The Clip`s are GREAT..!! But many other Top-Sites are COndom FREE

ken4cock 04/12/2014
Great man/boy fuck show. The best lessons for a young buck cum from a master of hard learning.

suitnsuck 04/13/2014
I rarely or not comment on movies, but this time it's got to be done. This movie is so good I can tell it's gonna be one of my personal MAP classic's. The basic blue suit just continues to be so extremely sexy. Probably because Dato wears it so well. It '

suitnsuck 04/13/2014
Offcourse this thing was positioned incorrectly, the poor boy did not know what he was doing ;) All part of the joke ;)

Suitsfan 04/13/2014
Darius is indeed stunning - from his utterly handsome face down his wonderfully fit body to his beautiful arse; a joy to behold! Loved all the kissing and licking, and thanks for keeping Dato dressed for the majority of the video. As his clothes are eve

NylonOTCs 04/15/2014
Loved it!, Gents!...wanna see more to cum!...Fucking HOT!!!

cityguy 04/15/2014
The best MAP video yet. Love it!

suitedattitude 04/17/2014
The models are hot. However I find the set up a bit daft unlike the other Sling movie which is so hot I can never get anywhere near the end of it without cumming.

johnnyt43 04/17/2014
best movie this year!! thanks guys for outstanding prodcutions. Love both guys in this film. thanks

Swedetodd 04/19/2014
Absolut " GREAT " please more clips with this Duo

sheerscs 04/25/2014
I do agree....this is a good movie but I'd love to see full body view to see the socks :)

raven 04/25/2014
Dato and Darius give a beautiful performance with each other and the sling .Dato is wonderfully gentle as he prepares Darius' sweet, perfect ass hole for the fucking of his life. The two men have great physiques and both are ink-free. They play well opp

LORIS 04/28/2014
Hot movie indeed - I like the sling and I adore fingering on the screen and in real life. Darius and Dato are gorgeous and Dato's cum shower is absolutely stunning - would like to be on Darius' place!

david719b 05/26/2014
very disappointing.

david719b 05/26/2014
very disappointing.

david719b 05/26/2014
very disappointing.

sport94220 05/30/2014
very hot

paul9999 06/09/2014
cum shot at end is beyond hot...

sebastianxxx 07/24/2014
just great - like to see Darius buttom in a gang bang ....

seahbh 05/03/2015
for a virgin, got be the most 'practical' lesson in sex: how to use a leather hammock, and getting 'fucked'. Lesson is gratifying, enjoyable and best of all, free. How i wish i get to deliver a consignment of anal plugs, sex toys, dildos etc. Dato's big,

uncledaddy 05/29/2015
Darius is such a beautiful stud love seeing him get fucked on his back by another musclar guy facing him

uncledaddy 06/13/2015
Love this sence

olderman 03/29/2016
Lovely squirt from Dato at the end of the scene.

olderman 03/29/2016
Lovely squirt from Dato at the end of the scene.

olderman 03/29/2016
Lovely squirt from Dato at the end of the scene.

jake2064 10/15/2016
Dato is a true professional. as always a hot hard session. good stuff

geogood 12/29/2018
Love the no Ink. Darius is a beautiful baby of the GODS--where the fuck did he get that body COCK and eyes? Would love to see him go to the gym and make his ASS add about 3 inches to the circumference otherwise BEAUTIFUL.