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Movie Comments

olderbutsexy 06/26/2015
Lovely film guys, thanks. Dani always good at taking it, Massimo is a hell of a fucker! Bravo to cast and crew

Craig65 06/26/2015
Boring boring boring

Matt Jordan 06/26/2015
very articulate

Jon62 06/26/2015
Good to see Dani again - he's a great suit fetishist and happy to keep it on the whole time and have some complete fun in it. Top marks to him. On a production note, I never really get, though, the wearing of mis-matching suit jacket and trousers. Maybe I

suitstudda 06/26/2015
Dear Matt and Rico, Can you ever make anybody happy? Maybe you should invite some of the members over to do a videos and get to hear what everybody else said about their video debut. I would say: " It might not be that nice." I been with before you start

Matt Jordan 06/26/2015
Really? Yes you are missing a suit trend its everywhere!! check out some of the hot guys on instagram. But the sports coat with dark, grey or very light trousers has always been there its not just a new fashion but its definitely coming back strong. To be

Matt Jordan 06/26/2015
Thanks suitstudda - no its true , it is impossible to please very one - that is a taken. So what we 'try' to do and I emphasise we really do 'try', is to bring something different each week - thats why we do romance as well as sleaze as well as fetish. T

Craig65 06/26/2015
If only your scene had been as biting. You waste the money and time of your members when week after week you often tepid, uninteresting sex. And suits are just an afterthought now. Your art is boring, boring, boring!

Matt Jordan 06/26/2015
It just strikes me your paying to complain. i mean its your money, do what ou want but lets look at the evidence, a few examples - 12 weeks ago your complaint was "what a bore" , 28 weeks ago " below par" 37 weeks ago "turned off" 38 weeks ago " no chemi

auhottie 06/27/2015
I liked it a lot, guys, thanks. Really felt a connection between the two. And the cum action was HOT.

Craig65 06/28/2015
Won't be a Member for long- there are other suit sites- and believe it or not you are off your game- and have been for a long time- the main reason I stayed was that everyone has a down turn. But you down turn has become the norm. Boring porn is boring po

robicart 06/28/2015
Really like both guys, but the movie did not sizzle!

suitmen1 06/28/2015
I liked it a lot, thanks. I Love when men cum on suit.

Matt Jordan 06/29/2015
ok thanks for your time. bye

masstiehemd 07/01/2015
me to and I love love when men cum on tie knot , collar of shirt ..... very very exciting!!!!

actorguy 07/02/2015
This is a guy romance. There's plenty of great raw fuck films. This is a hot fuck love making video. They're both into it.

actorguy 07/02/2015
This is a guy romance. There's plenty of great raw fuck films. This is a hot fuck love making video. They're both into it.

hugo2014 07/07/2015

hugo2014 07/07/2015
I agree with suits. Be certain to have all the dissenters make a video so we can critique them! LOVE your variety

Fuzzguy 07/09/2015
Touching...beautifully up to the action and a story line to give the project background! Excellent work, gentlemen! May I suggest future glimpses into the bromance of these characters, perhaps in the not too distant futu

NYCfan 07/12/2015
Matt, you are absolutely correct, but you have to admit that we never see any smooth/clean shaven OR circumsived men any more.

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
What? The scene is super hot and full of seduction...I live it!

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
Matt....Dani and Massimo chemistry was amazing! The two actors are beautiful and with excellent attitude. BROMANCE may not have the sheer socks that I like, but you know what? doesn't matter.....I love the scene because is so ROMANTIC. Thanks buddy f

cutwood 07/28/2015
Beautiful and passionate -- sexy men.

NYCfan 07/31/2015
Dumb response. no one is paying us a monthly fee.

NYCfan 07/31/2015
which sites are those?

NYCfan 07/31/2015
which sites are those?

robicart 08/23/2015
I hate when the "pants" come off before the cock comes out, i.e. Dani Robles.

Guido25 08/31/2015

imhorny 01/03/2016
There are few things hotter than seeing a handsome, masculine, bearded man getting a big dick beaten into his asshole ... and then producing such a spectacular load! Wow! I especially liked the camera angle that showed Dani with his right leg up. That was

olderman 02/10/2016
What a pair of arses ! And those lovely cumshots...........................

Sherman 05/22/2016
Great romance story. They showed love for each other. Very rare you see this with two men...great name for video..."Romance"...good job to both of them.

Alann11 09/06/2016
Too much clothes on at the end!

Sherman 05/02/2017
This is a 2 year video of "romance" between two men. Well executed. Lots of love for each other. 1. Dani has a great "hairy" cock, but a small motor. He does have a sexy hairy asshole. 2. Massimo has a long cock and enjoyed Dani sucking it. 3. Dani en

Archethic 08/12/2023
This is so well done; beautifully acted, skillfully directed aand sensitively photographed. Thank you to everyone.