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Movie Comments

Rainer75 09/09/2016
Denis is sexy as always but Jesse Ares got old and chunky. Urgently he has to retire from porn business, sorry. My own ass also got more massive, so I don't work as a underwear model. That's life, Jesse. Most clips in the past become more and more folkloristic - Spanish groove from Matt and Rico - but this video seems to be the climax. I hope we don't have to whistleblow an episode with real bullfighting and Fandango-dancing in a bar full of serrano-ham hanging down from the ceiling. Maybe I'm old-fashioned: theme of suit fetish combinating with Flamenco and azulejos isn't a real blockbuster! Please remember the roots and the natural ingrediences: offices and all the nasty sidekicks a ceo may use like X-Cines, tearooms, cruising areas etc. Sorry not to be enthusiastic with the first film of the new generation.

colik555 09/09/2016
Rainer...that's pretty harsh. Jesse is by no means fat. There are sites for twinks if you're into that sort of thing. What I will agree on is this whole Spanish dress theme. I'm sure there are some guys that will be turned on but I'm not one of theme. Last weeks video was absolutely hot and sexy...I guess I'll just wait until next week.

musclefucks 09/09/2016
Wow, Olé ... muy benito. Thanks guys ... Jessey is a real stud and Denis as always takes it like a true believer ;)

Keith_Lincs 09/09/2016
Disappointing video - used the fast forward button a lot ! This is a suit / shirt / business wear site - where does bullfighting and an overweight tattooed journalist supposed to fit in ?

Rainer75 09/10/2016
colik - I didn't call him fat, I'm not inpolite. I described him as chunky but also I could say overweighted. And no, I'm not into twinks. I'm here for the real hunky, athletic stallion. Wearing well fitting suits, of course!

myfyp2 09/10/2016
Jessy is hot. Masculine, muscular and huge.

actor117 09/10/2016
like the idea a lot ........ but camera work and what it choses...yikes not very good not well put together but again great idea

actor117 09/10/2016
The sock licking , worship stuff ......AWESOME!! more more more!!!

explorer310 09/10/2016
Denis Vega is tops in my books. Takes it like a champ and never fails to produce a great cumshot. More of him please. Jessy not so much...too many tattoos and a bit overweight now.

jeremy_hunk 09/10/2016
One of the hottest videos of late. It is great to have Jessy Ares again. To me, he is still very hot!

Suitman63 09/10/2016
10/10 for trying something new. Prefer the full on suit stuff but liked that velvet jacket.

mtmslg 09/10/2016
Sorry, this was a misfire for me. The direction was very muddled. And if you are going to have such an elaborate and sexy costume, fetishize it! Show me those tight pants! Linger on that ass and crotch! Toro!!!

rickdick 09/11/2016
So hot to see Vega sweat his ass wearing matador pantyhose!!! more of this please

zapness 09/11/2016
Excellent video, very hot!!! Jesse covered the suit aspect of the video, and looked amazing in his sheer socks - a big burly beefcake of a man. And the new matador theme giving the opportunity to see Daniel looking gorgeous in his pantyhose - the only feedback I'd have is to echo the prior sentiments about Jesse exploring that more to up the erotic factor! All in all, one of the hottest, freshest and most exciting videos on here in recent months - keep up the good work!

raven 09/11/2016
Enjoyed the scenario and models as well as the set. I thought Denis , as toreador, should have been on top and Jessy, the more bullish appearing character, been on the bottom, receiving a fucking from Denis. Perhaps I don't understand the drama of the bullfight. Nevertheless, the production was quite entertaining! Thanks guys! RAVEN

WeHoDad 09/11/2016
Thanks for the new port of entry and new route to your site. Less impressed with story line and performance.

DesertMan 09/12/2016
Kudos for your new updated format. Very nice. But, "Bull Fighter".....not so much. We all know you can, and usually do, much better.

musclefucks 09/12/2016
Hah-hah, Denis is such a drama queen ;) And those pink feet! But great show, senores, well done.

NylonOTCs 09/13/2016
Denis and Jessy were great!!!...Loved the sock love and the "HOT" ribbed nylon OTCs!....(of course!!!)...Actor117 is abs. correct in saying and same goes here, "More, More, More"...Thx guys Denis is so sexy savvy and Jessy so nice and burly!...mmmm..suck those nylon toes anyday!! Ps. nice ass "Fucktion" to Denis from Jessy!!!///

GamblePorn88 09/13/2016
Loved the beginning with the Flamenco Soundtrack. It gets me back... you know... when the good old MAP Videos had awesome soundtracks. On the other hand a scene with a bottom-matador doesn't work for me.

angelfire 09/13/2016
Would have liked to see at least one shot of the full matador suit! Its called Bullfighter and we only got to see his sexy tight trousers which is what makes the suit! Missed the whole point with this one. The sex is good and the tights ripping is hot, but...

oreobernard 09/24/2016
Jesse Ares is past his prime: time to move on.

raven 09/25/2016
DENNIS, AS STUDENT OF THE BULLFIGHT, THE MATADOR, AND ARTISTIC DIRECTOR OF "BULLFIGHT" please explain your PLAY with JESSIE. Seems as though you should have been in control, taunting your Bull, bringing him to his knees , and remaining on top , GIVING HIM A SOUND FUCKING. YOU LOOKED GREAT IN YOUR COSTUME, THE SEX WAS HOT, but I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD HAVE REMAINED ON TOP. PLEASE EXPLAIN. THANKS! RAVEN

rickdick 09/27/2016
hot to see a bullfighter in pantyhose! more please!

oomphf 12/24/2016
I think this is a step in the right direction for MAP. More guys are wearing tights and it's nice to see them amongst the other videos too. I hope there are more to come.

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
He still super hot and knows how to perform....and wearing long sheer socks...uuffff...super hot!

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
at least sheer socks and garters

Sherman 03/19/2017
Just boring................not good video. Waste of time.

Sugarman06 07/29/2017
Does Denis have a Foot Fetish?

luckyloo 11/01/2017
The intro looks promising and a dress of a matador is hot... ...but a more sexy story line could help, too°

robicart 10/07/2018
Matador without pants? What a disappointment.

rickdick 02/10/2019
Loved to see a stalion stud in pantyhose,,,we need more !