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Movie Comments

Suitsfan 07/03/2016
Both guys are hot, with Rex Cameron a very welcome new arrival! I admire his oral talents, as well as his handsome looks; seeing him lick out Dato's foreskin, and then take Dato's spit, really got me hot! The best moments, though, are when Rex takes Dato's copious cum-load straight in the mouth - followed by Dato leaning down to kiss and lick Rex's cummy mouth, sharing the flavours between them. That did it for me big time! Thanks, guys - great job! ;-) (BTW, when you find an actor willing to take spit in the mouth, could you treat us to a bit more of the same? I realise not all actors are up for it - and that not all of your subscribers are, either - but when Rex took a load of Dato's drool into his mouth I was gagging for Dato to give him some more, but it didn't happen. Hope we might see more of the same in a future video, anyway!)

hugo2014 07/03/2016
So damn hot and sexy

raven 07/04/2016
You have provided a great pairing for our Independence Day celebration. Rex and Dato have awesome good looks and seem to enjoy giving and receiving each other. No Tats on either model; conventional hair cuts, unblemished facies and buts, copious ejaculates topped off with Rex's willingness to take Dato's load orally added up to a pleasing experience for the viewer which was enhanced by Rex's well fitting suit, good grooming by both models and great photography! Thank you MAP. RAVEN

ksonggwong 07/05/2016
sorry i only meant to say it once,

jake2064 07/10/2016
love it enjoyed every moment and ends with Dato shooting that massive load into Rex's mouth. Wow, good work

jake2064 07/10/2016
and the face fucking is just amazing

Alann11 07/18/2016
Loved this scene! Great performances by two gorgeous men and you get to at least see both of their body's by the end of the fucking!

NylonOTCs 07/20/2016
Loved this for sure, Gents!!!...Rex is so savvy and fucking business that opens to being so beautifully fucked!!! Cum shot was wonderful from Dato. Touche' Cum shot in the mouth of Rex ....mmmmmm and the kiss that followed by Dato def. took me over the top on this one! Thanks! guys...More of Rex and Dato for sure!!!!

musclefucks 09/12/2016
Wow! Imagine going on a routine canvassing call and getting Dato! Good sex guys, thanks ... great cumshots too; and so nice to see Rex smiling broadly whilst getting so well fucked

Upndown 10/09/2016

joedoe1000 12/15/2016
Will love to see Rex Cameron in a Part 2 of this scene wearing sheer socks instead of those old ribbed old socks. Awesome scene!

joedoe1000 12/15/2016
So sexy to see the top taking bottom's shoes off and display socked feet. Beautiful!

bdw71967 04/22/2017
That was a hot scene with a great facial ending..........

Sugarman06 06/18/2017

tiedupsuit 12/09/2017
Just came across this movie. Love the scenerio of a well dressed suit servicing a rugged blue collar guy. Great movie. Dato's wet cum shot is always amazing. Would have loved to have seen Rex's suit get dirty