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Movie Comments

not impressed.The scabs on his hands don't help.He doesn't seem comfortable in the clothes.The last 2 films have not been of your usual standard.Where are the films with Ben Brown,Hugo,Jay,Marco,Axel and so on.

Rainer75 08/12/2011
A nice idea, the handsome Paddy so in scene. A small jack-off-film with a clever variety. Well done.

Love the concept........ disagree with alanr I found this movie a real turn on and Paddy looked so good in the tux and suit! Beautiful cum shot too.... thanks!

Id like to see Paddy but not in a solo anymore....Please give him another nice guy if possible bottom , Paddy should only be top ,shouldn t he ! I would give anything just to rim Paddy ,so gorgeous !

Like many of others have said, seeing Paddy with someone as equally good looking would be a treat (to say the least)!!!! However, i don't want to take anything away from Paddy, as he still remains a strikingly good-looking guy!!! You can tell he puts a lo

tux_man 08/12/2011
Great Tux - Great Pin Stripe Suit - Great Guy - Nice video. Nice attention to details: pocket silk and watch, shots of shoes and socks, all added to video.

Clever. Creative. Paddy has an awesome set of balls. Would love to sink those nuts into my mouth. Handsome man, tastey all over. Grrr.

Just like a working man dressed up, his hands tell the truth I think he is sexy rugged and very very yummy sexy suit at night and hard hat and jeans during the day ..... Oh Paddy you could come home to me any time you like and sparks would fly!!

Loved this! A very clever concept which it would be great to expand upon - uniforms, sports gear, suits, hair styles, workmens clothes...

Paddy : You look like a wild cat that was domesticated. Your hairy body is wonderfull but your face is the best. I want to see you in many other films.

Paddy, I fell in love with you! Will you ever try to make love with some guys? I'd love to watch you again!


Paddy in leather... wow.

WOW.... so hot and what an arse!!!!!!!!!!! hairy in all right places cum shot incredible - can't wait to se more in some hot man to man action

suitslover 08/14/2011
Matt - This is an excellent, excellent film. Very hot! Innovative concept. Handsome model. Sexy attitude. Great clothes. Especially the hot tux. We don't see enough tuxes on this site. And Paddy fills this one out splendidly! It not only looks great,

Clever movie and love Paddy, he is just as gorgeous in the flesh.

I am more into suits but actually would have liked to see him play and sweat in the leather, was glad he swapped the tux for the suit and had a good wank in that, well horny.

Rainer75 08/14/2011
No problem! With a little effort Paddy is to discover on several ordinary websites wearing leather!

Really hot man, and so totally handsome. You need to pair him up with a really hot top.

Love the butt shots , thanks

I love paddy he is a real masculine man !! he doesnt need anybody else just the look he gives the camera as if hes talking to you he looked great in any of the clothes he wore ,,would of liked to see more of the leather and shirt combo though ! Paddy is t

Great format. Would like to see more in boots and leather and perhaps uniforms.

doublej 08/16/2011
Wow! paddy is all man...keep him cumming!love this film!!

JFCC0819 08/19/2011
Would love to see Alex Monte in this format. What do you think, Matt?

mmm, what a awesome guy, cant take me eyes off him, from the tension in the muscle, to oh! to tight of arse, firm, hard, just the right amount of hair, everywhere in fact! the format was a great take on both the gaming style, and the clothing options; and

wow that was hot and innovative - love the outfits especially the tux and the white collar shirt with loosened windsor knot.

Paddy's just perfect-looking in every way. So handsome and rugged, muscled but not in an overdone way, hair in all the right places. You'd never get tired of looking at him. Loved seeing him in all the different outfits.

Hope to see him in straight porn! And also it is delightful to see him suck dick, doing 69 or mutual masturbation with a straight guy !!!

I seem to be too stupid to get the video to do what I want? Any idot proof intructions?!

As noted by others, this film is just perfect. Paddy has a great "naturally" muscular bod and a very sexy hair-do. This particular facet of a man is very important to me, I dislike severely cropped heads, but not giving head! I was pleased to see the D/B

any help with making this work please?

Mmmm.... nothing to get my juices flowing like the sight of a sexy muscled hairy straight guy being stripped in and out of his clothes, especially as he works his nips and meat and flirts with us guys . And then for him to bare his arse and even his puck

Rainer75 10/11/2011
Just seen at Zona erogena blog: Paddy blindfolded is getting sucked by a (very handsome) guy!!! MAP-team: go on! Barriers seem to be broken, now it's your turn to give us such delight!

Matt Jordan 10/14/2011
Don't worry it's in the can as they say ;)

I wish I could see his soles and feet...too

Very hot! Enjoyed this video of Paddy.

Paddy is just in the borderline to delight us with a dominant role or may surprise us one of these days with a passive role. Matt Jordan: Paddy will need to wear the most beautiful suit, shirt, tie , shoes and Vannuci OTC sheer socks VN1 (like Ben Brown

Paddy is totally awesome! He is not only gorgeous but he does a great job performing his sexual acts for the camera. I would love to see him with another male doing the dirty. I am aware that he did his first act getting a blow job but that wasn't enough

P E R F E C T .

I subscribed to this site just for Paddy. No one else. He is the best!

I agree. He is The Man!

I agree; paddy is the best combination of "boyish looks" and masculinity.

klaus 01/02/2012
Wunderbar! Das Gesicht, der Arsch, der Schwanz, alles.

klaus 01/07/2012
Ich habe mir Paddy eben wieder angesehen. Er hat ja wirklich einen geilen Arsch und dann diese starke Behaarung an der Votze, die er gekonnt zur Wirkung bringt. Ist schon ein geiler Kerl, dieser Mann!

klaus 01/13/2012
Ist schon ein Lieber, dieser Paddy!!!

klaus 02/04/2012
.... dieser mannn ist supersexy .... ich mag ihn sehr .... sein behaarter arsch und diese harige votze dazu .... einfach herrlich .... gern möchte ich ihn von kopf bis verwöhnen und lecken, besonders das arschloch von ihm .... seinen samen möchte ich t

klaus 02/26/2012
... paddy ist sehr geil ... sein arsch ist toll behaart ... gern möchte ich seinen samen und sein loch auslecken ...

klaus 03/02/2012
... paddy ist toll ... sein behaarter arsch sowieso ... ich möchte mal sehen, wie er gefickt wird ...

he is so fine

When is this Handsome, Sexy, Hunk of a Stallion coming back? He is a George Clooney clone! I want Dr. Neil to examine our Sexy Paddy to test his sexual response to certain stimuli:the dildo, the fleshjack, Dr. Neil's big fucking dick, etc. Lims

Paddy is an Adonis Deluxe-- When he dons that sexy tux! But, I am not a prude-- I like Paddy best in the NUDE!


klaus 04/11/2012
Hi Paddy, You are the coolest man I know. And that's why I like you very much. You have a fine face, my eyes, your body is well designed. Your ass is very hairy head. Your cock and balls are beautiful. Your asshole is super cool. I would like to lick your


he can't be that straight surely?? he's already overstepped the straight mark, by doing gay porn lol. I bet he's had a few guys in his time. I would love to screw the hell out of him. He's typical Irish looking. I mean how the hell did that site 'beauti

bring him back for duo action video and maybe even would bottom please.

sthill0110 11/02/2012
I wanna see Paddy and Justin Harris in a video together. I think that would be pretty hot.

loveandlights 06/02/2014
Paddy O'Brien has the face, charisma and the body of a British or Hollywood mainstream actor. Too bad he choose adult film. But I am ambivalently pleased with his display of body that wakes my guilty pleasure lust!!!

loveandlights 08/30/2014
Can you have him featured in full length mutual masturbation until he and his partner ejaculates in glorious explosion???!! Fair him with a straight guy doing mutual masturbation.

loveandlights 08/30/2014
Can you have him featured in full length mutual masturbation until he and his partner ejaculates in glorious explosion???!! Fair him with a straight guy doing mutual masturbation.

woodyalert 09/23/2014
Paddy is absolutely one of the best of the best!

Sweetness 11/04/2020
Man, I'd love to think, and I have no reason on earth not to, that Paddy Is one helluva sweetheart of a guy in our everyday world; loving, friendly, caring, loving. I know, I said it twice. For me and a whole lotta guys, it's the most important quality we seek, bar none. Three LTRs I've been involved in. Not one gave of himself, love- and affection-wise,as if they thought they were going to deplete their storehouse of this most selfless of emotions. They, and others like them , deserve no recrimination; only pity; and that someday (with sincerest of hopes) they'll have an epiphany, a rare watershed moment when they realize their gaffes and endeavour to let the love FLOW! Hope I didn't offend any o' you guys--not at all my intention. I sorta fancy myself a frakkin'-horny-all-the-time writer (Now who doesn't? lol). So, since my life partner passed, three years now, I still let the love flow (as always on my kitty Daphney) but now I kinda let the words flow too. Man, that Paddy is right up there with the top 0.00001% of striking studs on earth! I'd (fill in the blank) him any (fill in yet another blank)!! (time, hour of the day, day of the week, atop the highest of mountains, bottoming at the deepest of valleys & canyons, etc.). Ok, maybe the mountain thingy's a bit much!