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Movie Comments

klaus 07/06/2012
geile säue sind das doch!

Mick4984 07/06/2012
Absolutely FANTASTIC and hot and raw clip! Definitely one of the best of the year and I love Samuel Holt, he is criminally underused. Who wants to see week after week of Harry Louis (very over-rated) when you can have this dominant beefcake all over you?

ariesboy 07/06/2012
Wow... this is fantastic, always a big fan of Alex. Samuel Colt is hot. He's in quite a few dominant roles and very verbal in the past. I'd love to see more movies with him being on the submissive role. Great job MAP!

Yes one of the best thanks

blaze 07/06/2012
Already drooling that Samuel Colt will be in this! Can't wait to see it.

Jon62 07/06/2012
Very very good but why edit down the ripping bits so much ? They were the best. You should have kept whole of each ripping bit. Very good combo of models though.

Oh Dear, Not so long ago, Alex was a stunner, What happened ? That bloated belly is a real turn off. Gone is the "come hither" excitement that once exuded from this man's eyes. He's no longer "hungry". What a loss. What a pity

Excellent- I don't care about Alex's change in physique, which is only slight anyways. Alex is still one of the most handsome men on the planet!!! Thanks for this video

sparty 07/06/2012
Great movie, just wish they would talk to each other thats all.

Love Alex's big gut and man-tits! Always one of the best.

OMG Alex is loosing his gorgeous body!!!.... WTF with that bulge??

Holy crap! What a hot clip! Awesome pairing! Watching Alex fucking himself with Sam's ramrod made me shoot a huge load that went all across my keyboard. Need a new one. Matt: Under the cost-by-cause principle, does MAP pay any damages, lol?

Alex is getting a little soft around the middle and as hot as I think these guys are, this video was a little slow. Alex needs a little time in the gym before his next appearance.

Well done lovely couples good pic!

Alex Marte has put on a bit, so what? This is menatplay and not Classcomics, he is not an action figure and he looks extremely sexy in his suit. I don't mind, if he has gained some weight, he still is the moneymaker of this site and he could come over and

Suitsfan 07/08/2012
Alex Marte does need to step away from the cookie jar - but he turns in a pretty good performance in 'Captive'. (The water-spit-in-the-mouth was a hot move, in particular!) The suit cutting & ripping was a turn-on, too - spoiled only slightly by Samuel

Well not all of us agree. He is way too big to wear suits and is getting even bigger. Personally he has always seemed to me more suited to a medieval banquet than anything whatever to do with offices, smart dress, or suity scenarios. I do not deny that

Leaving Alex aside (and his suit inevitably flying off), I thought this a great movie with a strong dark and sleazy quality and Samuel took it like a man. When it comes to ripping, I really would like to see a few models get their flies ripped open befor

Rainer75 07/11/2012
I think the same and stand behind you.

Alex is the hottest model on this site!!! He looks so good in and out of his suit. I want him!! haha

I love to see Alex bottom. There's just something that drives me crazy about seeing a man that big and powerful take a cock up his ass. i LOVE that he is versatile

Great scenario! Alex and Samuel are men's men and to see them both bottom is very arousing! I would love to be in that male sandwich!

any pictures of sam colt with his p a in

alex is hottest man on this site . i want him, jajajaajajajaj he so handsome. i love him

Yeah he is a honeypot

This film is just great!!! I can't think of anyone else in the MAP stable that could have done better, Alex is superb. Sam is just passive enough. I used to find Alex a bit..well samey? but here.. HOT HOT HOT.. Whoever the director was, 11 out of 10 for

Man. This is HOT!! Alex is a little beefier than in his earlier films. And I love it!! His body is amazing. Damn!!

77mojito 11/09/2012
excellent fucking. both men are superb ! i find both very sexy ! AND i just luv flip-flop ! Way to go i think in man2man sex !

Samuel Colt is wearing fantastic Spanish Sheer socks, those are so hot for Business scenes. Next time, will love too see Alex taking Samuel's shoes off and start worshippping Samuels sheer socked feet with his mouth. Also,Alex Marte is the perfect man t

Alex Marte with a cock up his ass is a thing of beauty.

Okay 03/09/2013
cockring ruins everything, and the suit is lost and play no meaning in the end again...

marioisq82 07/05/2013
Alex and Samuel two really hot men

luis2 04/13/2014

everhard12321 04/06/2016
I'm fans of both these fine porn studs, but I have to admit this film is a snooze.

bootjack 06/13/2016
Incredibly hot video!

sport94220 01/02/2017
Very HOT and a Great one

TomHHCity 01/20/2017
Wow! Hunky action! Would like to see both studs again on MAP. Whether it is together or in different vids.

cowboyjojo 03/20/2017

bmwva1 05/03/2021
So hot Two Hot Guys thickalicious