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Movie Comments

Great to have Jean Franko back on board, and both Jean & Johnny going commando under their suits - wow! Good story too. Thanks & keep up the fabulous work MenAtPlay.

Really liked this. Nice twist with the webcam. Great job!

No comments until next movie. This movie will not be part of my favorites. In the other hand, is good to hear that other members love this movie...MAP keeps doing an excellent job fullfilling member fetishes (in this case: webcam)!

I liked it too. Both these guys are hot.

Very good entry into the MAP library of great flix. Very sexy. Nice to see these two performers -- haven't seen them in awhile. Nice balance of elements. I tend to like my scenes "vanilla" with a touch of a twist or kink so this is right up my alley. :-)

Very Pornorific!

Don't know what ppl see in Jean Franko. He'd turn me straight. Ewww.

I guess you might call this a bit of a back to basics movie for MAP - less fetish more steam. I did love the opening and the premise of it, particularly all that play with their bulges. But it sort of disippated a bit for me partly because the suits sta

Rainer75 12/10/2011
Haven't you mentioned his strong hairy god-like torso or his georgeous hands? While acting he looks always a bit like a sex machine -"I'm created to fuck you and not to discuss with you intellectually!" He is very sexy indeed in a bit vulgar kind. But whi

see above

I agree with Suitedattitude ...lets have a movie with performers keeping on (all the time) jacket, unbuttoned shirt, tie around neck and OTC sheer socks...this will please a lot of MAP fans. Of course do all the flirting while loosing tie, opening shirt,

Been a big fan of Johnny Hazzard for a long time. Thank God he's free to do work for other companies. Would have liked to see him with someone who was believable as Johnny's boss. I really don't see Jean Franco as sexy but it was great to see Johnny. Cada

indykatie1955 12/11/2011
Eww. Too many tats for my taste. Do most men really find them attractive? Who expects business men to have this many tats? The actors were not that attractive with their suits on and even less so when they took them off.

tiedupsuit 12/11/2011
Too bad Johnny didn't have a suit on at the end. Franco's load would have looked great on a dark jacket or even on his vest had he kept it on

mtmslg 12/11/2011
Absolutely agree! I don't get the whole tat thing. Big turnoff. And the overgrown facial hair in a business context isn't appropriate.

Santa Claus....we behaved in 2011...can you give us a trailer for Tease?

phx85050 12/12/2011
Johnny hazzard is so damn hot! Would love to see him do a boardroom rendezvous with Kyle King, Pablo Nunez, Paddy O'Brian or Conner Habib. Jean Franko im sure has his fan base just seems more like a leather fetish actor than suitsex to me anyways.

Will's load trailer is too short....please give us a better trailer today.

Jean Franko has pretty much been under my radar, so I'm very glad to say I loved this film. Mr. Franko's frown is very sexy,he is just hairy enough and those hands!! Wow!! Instant hard-on!! Jean is wearing my favourite kind of suit,grey 3 piece, excellen

WeHoDad 12/26/2011
Thanks for bring Johnny on board. It is great to see him cleaned up and in a shirt and tie. Good movie but girlfriend is unbelievable for Johnny.

very is passion.

Awesome Franko and Hazzard!

I enjoyed the movie and the actors. The movie was sensual and hot for me. Keep up the good work.

Hazzard was so hot bending over the desk Franko was hot licking and munching on his ass

Hazzard was so hot bending over the desk Franko was hot licking and munching on his ass

77mojito 03/07/2013
It must be a beautiful feeling/sensation Johnny had when he came with that HUGE gorgeous cock of JEAN inside his ass ! JEAN FRANCO IS VERY SENSUAL IN THIS VIDEO With JOHNNY HAZZARD. Excellent pairing.

Very Hot!!!!

musclefucks 01/22/2018
Hot hook-up, lovely guys, gracias cabbaleros

musclefucks 12/11/2018
JOHNNY! The ultimate bottom, and Jean the sex machine ... a coupling made in heaven