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Movie Comments

Dan1762 11/03/2017
YES! Seth Santoro is your hottest new guy in a LONG time -- fantastic. Let's pair him up with Teddy Torres? Thanks, MAP --

masstiehemd 11/03/2017
For me a sequence of video with Men At Play who ends by the complete nudity of the protagonists is already bad. It's a pity because the introduction was promising: Very elegant suit(costume) for the customer and very attractive tie....The second is also amazing and being strained in his suit, fortunately he keeps his clothes a large part of the sequence and there is game of cock on its tie; that it is good . And then the end which goes down the drain!!!! It is ugly and we have the same step envy to give a wink in front of.... It's a pity ! I would have seen well a cum shot springing on the lined yellow tie...

masstiehemd 11/03/2017
It is the second time when I see this attractive yellow tie lined blue and every time it escapes the cum shot !!!!

markbind 11/03/2017
Wow! That is some of the hottest fucking I've seen in a while. They really looked like they were enjoying it immensely and not having to act. Great chemistry with these two and both are extremely hot. I also liked the early dynamics and power play and not sure who would end up taking the cock up their ass. Very well done.

kevdesu 11/03/2017
It looks like the tie was saved for pure suit 3 so hopefully we'll see it then

LORIS 11/03/2017
Awesome movie ! Both men ooze the quintessential masculinity and Seth Santoro is pure male beauty - the new MAP star is born ! Great chemistry between them, great pairing and great fucking ending with fantastic Manuel's cumshot. Thanks MAP !!!

stardusted 11/04/2017
More manuel

topsuitedgam 11/04/2017
Great movie but still missing men in suits or tuxedos having sex :(

brian74 11/04/2017
Would preferred to see both in suits/socks

Sherman 11/04/2017

Sherman 11/04/2017
J.C..... Men At Play produced a great video and finally we have two handsome men with great cocks and good black “hairy” bush around their cocks. Sexy men. Manuel has a 10” thin beauty cock & Seth enjoyed it as well as Manuel had a great cum shot on Seth face. Good chemistry throughout the movie between the two. Seth kept saying, fuck me....and Manuel used his 10” cock and gave Seth the time of his life and wanted more of it throughout the video. Thanks again for giving us two handsome bodies with great “hairy” nice size cocks. Great job, J.C.

Sherman 11/04/2017
J.C. I forgot to mention that Seth had a great ass and enjoyed that thin long 10” cock into his ass and wanted more of it. Again, great chemistry between them. Thanks Manuel for the great cum shot. Both of you are new and exciting to watch on Men At Play. Again, great job J. C. For producing this video. Also surroundings were outstanding. Thanks..........................

Sherman 11/05/2017
J.C........thanks for a great video with these two handsome men. You did a great job locating two men with great cocks but most of all they both had great black “hairy” bushes which makes them sexy and real men. Best part is watching Manuel using his 10” skiing cock going into Seth ass.......and he enjoyed that long cock all the way up his ass. Great chemistry with both gentlemen........and thanks to Manuel for the great cum shot at the end of the video. Great job guys.............................see you next time.l

musclefucks 11/06/2017
Great, passionate sex, thanks guys, bravo to cast and crew. Manuel is an ace fucker and handsome Seth is so enthusiastic about being fucked. Besos

raven 11/06/2017
Simply a stellar pairing of Manuel and Seth! Beautiful, well-kept and well- endowed men, both fired up and eager to pleasure one another bringing each other to quite respectable climaxes. Each was professionally dressed, well groomed and without tats. Seems like everyone enjoyed checking themselves in the manor-sized mirror, enhancing the great photography. I enjoyed each man sampling and enjoying the other's milk. The only thing lacking in this production was a flip, which I am pretty sure the men could have easily managed, as athletic as they are. Nice casting and directing! Wouldn't mind seeing these guys together again soon, if you please. RAVEN

Sherman 11/08/2017
Manuel, You have a large skinny cock that we enjoyed giving Seth a pleasure. You certainly prepared Seth asshole before you penetrated him. Great job. Seth, you have a great black “hairy” bush around your cock. You are a sexy man and both of you had great communication with each other. Enjoyed your video. Thanks.

Rainer75 11/10/2017
Thank you very much for the wonderful photographs in the photo-section! They are great and a good jack-off stuff!

Sherman 11/10/2017
Seth, you are a master in bouncing up & down on Manuel’s large skinny cock & enjoyed every minute. Great filming of the large dick going into your ass. Seth, you have a handsome body and enjoyed your “hairy” cock and body. Both of you enjoyed each other and good chemistry between the two of you. I enjoyed this video all the way to the end as you both moved quickly & gave us lots of action in all positions. Thanks

Sherman 11/12/2017
Men At Play....You are right. I watch this video Dailey because this video moves fast and keeps your attention and “you have two great gentmen” with lots of chemistry between them. They enjoyed each other. Great to see a new approach to your video’s. Thanks for sharing this video to “all of us”...............................................Great job gentlemen......................12 November 2017...........................................................

jijizhazha 11/14/2017

Sherman 11/16/2017
Besides the beautiful hairy large cocks.........Men At Play, thanks for great surroundings. You did a great job with surroundings and great photography on those great cocks.........Thanks.

Sherman 11/16/2017
J.c., we all forget to tell you that you did a great job in selecting your gentlemen with “ hairy” large cocks and great surroundings. Thanks

Sherman 11/16/2017
We also forgot to mention about the video, Seth has a handsome ass and did a great job in exposing his asshole and Manuel did work that asshole with his tongue. Gentlemen, well done.

intern2016 11/17/2017
Damn Seth that was great.

Suitman63 11/18/2017
Matt, is there some way you can control this nonsense, commenting 12 times here and then banging on about it on another movie's page in order to criticise the other movie is plain OTT and unnecessary.

Sherman 11/19/2017
Seth, you long skinny hairy cock was great and how you entered Manuel,s ass was the best & I loved Manuel’s expression of enjoyment.

Sherman 11/20/2017
Good producer, JC, great photography, great video, great surroundings, great models. Seth & Manuel outstanding. Seth, great long skinny hairy cock with great cum shot. Thanks for the enjoyment.

Sherman 11/23/2017
Great chemistry between the two of them. Seth, you have a great hairy long slim cock and Manuel the best looking ass. Wow....... 22 November.......................

raven 11/29/2017
Yup. Back for another helping. Thanks for the wonderful treat! RAVEN

Sherman 12/06/2017
Good Morning Men At Play, You are right, I watch this video over and over again every morning for several reasons. Seth & Manuel are handsome men with great hairy large cocks, great chemistry between them with great surroundings, and also they enjoyed each other’s large hairy cocks. Manuel has the best ass and enjoyed Seth fucking him by all his expressions. Thanks again, sharing this video to us. Looking forward to another video with great surroundings and handsome men well endowed.......................................6 December 2017..............................

Sherman 12/21/2017
This is the best video of the year with handsome gentlemen and “ hairy” large cocks with great chemistry between the two them. Thanks to Men At Play for this great video and environment.

Sherman 12/24/2017
Manuel, a great cum shot on Seth face. Loved it when Seth sucked your cock at the finale’. Manuel, you must have been exhausted from all the fucking Seth did on your beautiful hairy ass as you had a bad cum shot with very little cum on your stomach. Great job to two handsome gentlemen with great environment and chemistry between them.

halpofein 03/03/2018
Both so good looking. Awesome scene.

raven 03/19/2018
Nothing to equal or exceed this production in the past 4 months at the MAP studio (in my opinion). How about an encore presentation with perhaps a flip fuck added featuring the scatter-brained Seth and the all together Manuel. They are an awesome pairing and your production warrants another episode with these two sexy, clean-cut, well-endowed, well groomed and dressed horn-dogs. Why not? RAVEN

Sherman 03/25/2018
This is by far the best video in the last four months with great communication with each other and not to mention the large “ hairy” sexy cocks. I watched my last video at Men At Play and will be giving up my subscription.........I hung in there the last few months but the same cast of characters are bad videos.

Sherman 03/25/2018
My comment about giving up my membership is 25 March 2018.

silkascot 04/21/2018
I like the scene. They are hot. Dressed to the tee is exiting.

silkascot 04/21/2018
I would like to see the ties {silk} with cum splattering on them.

RJHToday 06/14/2018
Great movie. I'm always interested in seeing what's under the guys suits, seeing Manuel undress was awesome and the sensual shower scene was fantastic. Will definitely watch this one again and again,thanks men at play.

raven 10/15/2018
So when are we having another production featuring Manuel and Seth? What is keeping MAP from giving their fans another episode of these men? RAVEN

The Little Gay Boy 10/31/2018
Was that blood coming out of Seth's asshole in two shots past the 20 minute mark?