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Movie Comments

rian4ever 05/01/2015
Logan is so so HOT!!!!!!

karlcocksuit 05/01/2015
You dont film in London anymore? All the recent stuff is abroad. Nice film 2 very big juicy cocks shot nice load of spunk :)

Matt Jordan 05/01/2015
No we haven't filmed in London for over year now

shughie 05/01/2015
Logan is a star, extremely sexy and handsome. Would love to see him soaking wet in a suit again - how about in a pool or hot tub!

suitstudda 05/01/2015
Hot and passionate is the best way to sum up this video. Matt will you be filming in London again? How about another Pure Suit video?

LORIS 05/02/2015
Oh, yesss, Logan is back again, my very No. 1 on the MAP site ! Logan, loved the elegant cutaway collared white shirt on you with powerful red tie and particularly that electric blue suit which makes you so hot and desirable, mmmmm... Xavi as tattoed, fit builder is also great, bravo for Spanish guys again, even I am not at all into tattoo. I'm writting all this on the base of screencaps as I have unresolved technical problems for three months now which unable me to watch the whole movies.

seahbh 05/02/2015
pornstars need to have at least 8 inches of cock to be one, eh? won't a bottom like Flex, Dani and Logan have difficulty in walking after being fucked so hard, so deeply and so intensely? they would not be able to walk if they have to do consecutive fucking scene after scene!

Suitsfan 05/02/2015
I totally agree! Logan is dreamy good-looking and a passionately sexy actor - and never more so than when soaking wet in a suit! (Or maybe messy, ripped - or both?!?) I live in hope, anyway! ;-)

olderbutsexy 05/03/2015
Great film guys, super sex, and so beautifully filmed too. Logan has never been more beautiful than in this suit and tie. Xavi is magnificent - his cock out of a dream. Would have liked to see that big head going into Logan's arse, and (really chaps) who gets turned on from getting rimmed through suit trousers? But these are details - definitely a highlight; thanks to cast and crew

olderbutsexy 05/03/2015
Sorry about the double comment :( Have to say, Logan has ALL the luck - and who wants to walk after that ;)??

Matt Jordan 05/03/2015
"and (really chaps) who gets turned on from getting rimmed through suit trousers? " Er... really olderbutsexy who doesn't!!

raniesuit 05/03/2015
Both beautiful men, and cool that Mr Duran, even that he is very casual we can clearly see that he would look great suited. But still longing for that day when two good looking guys like these two, both dressed to the nines, can flirt with each other with a lot of humour and smile. Just like this saying I just read: Today, politeness is so rare that it can be taken for flirting. I love it, and I´d love to see a MAP film done after this cool saying. (Of course it will end up with kisses and shaging, but please, let´s see the suited flirting for a long time first...)

Angus 05/04/2015
Simply perfect!

lost449 05/05/2015
The promo picture obstructs the video screen and won't go away... anyone else have this problem?

tiedupsuit 05/08/2015
Handsome suit on Logan. Great seeing it on that dirty floor, being used as a blanket. Would have loved to see him get dressed back up again, just to see how dirty and wrinkled the suit had gotten.

aljuarez12 05/08/2015
THE GOOD: Logan! THE GOOD: Long opening scene in full suit. THE BAD: Again, the umpteenth repetition of the same formula: turn-around, peel-pants-off from behind and drop the pants (THE GOOD: Long dry rimming showing off the suit pants!). After the guy is in this "toilet look" (pants down, everying else still on), the rest of the suit is gone -literally!- in less than a minute. Shirt, tie and suit jacket become obstacles to be quickly removed, rather than enhancements. Variety please! More shirt and tie! More half-opened shirts! More rolling up of shirt sleeves! Locations and scenarios change (greatly appreciated!), but the actual way in which the suit drops is often the same!

NylonOTCs 05/11/2015
Great men!...Truly HOT and Logan with those nylon otc's on mmmmmmmmmmm!!!...Xavi is so HOT also. I loved the fuck scene at the stairs and Logan is just groaning biting his hand!...How fucking erotic!...Love it, MAP!!!...Logan's ass is just too tasty pretty!....what cheeks and can he throw it back to take a nice fuck standing up!...Dam!...I will watch this one again (and again, and...) for sure!

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Hehe yeah ❤️

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
With so many movies we have to choose sometimes that the suite stays on or that it goes off fast. In this location was this the best option. But thanks for your tips. Tell me about your biggest suit fetish and I Will see if I can do it next time in my movie for you

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Haha we love to fuck and been fuck hard. So we can walk a marathon after this hehe. No for being a porn actor its from 7 inch and bigger. How bigger the Dick how easyer your work is. If its 7 or 8 you have to be good in way more stuff as a actor with 9 or more. So we do our best to give you the best pleasure ever. I hope I give you that☺️

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Aah gladd you are happy that im back. Yeah I love this suit too. Is your problem solved now or cant you still don't see the whole movie

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Hehe thnx and yeah thats a hot idea

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Thanks guys for watching this amazing movie and again for your kind comments. Horny hug LM

joedoe1000 06/05/2015
getting wet while keeping on shirt and long sheer socks from beginning to hot!

BlowUBO 06/17/2015
Logan is really handsome and hot. I love how MAP always play with the suits. For someone who has foot fetish like me, I always go so turned on by those shoes and black socks! More angles for those please!

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
Well this movie had chemistry and a lovely suit. It is simples - keep the suit on, rip bits if you need to but keep it on till you cum

satosi10 05/08/2016
I really like xavi duran's look. His face is amazing and sexy. I wanna see more of him.

intern2016 01/12/2018
Logan you are one of the hottest men on this site. That was a lie. You are the hottest man on this site. I met you in Las Vegas once and you couldn't be nicer.