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Movie Comments

I wish him into my ass

It's not new is it?

Matt Jordan 12/08/2009
no, just re uploaded as it got missed on the change over to the new site

I really like the way the this guy moves.

this man is just too damn good to believe that he exists!; thanks though that he does! you have a great group of men, hard to make a choice, but christian makes the top for me!

have to add; this man is an antidote to whatever troubles you! after a long workweek and a draining day at the office, to watch those perfect hands stroke himself, to watch that handsome face, damn there are not enough adjectives to describe this incredib

scottfin 03/02/2010
What a beautiful man. He is too good to be true. Thank God, men like him want to have sex for us. Thanks Christian for giving me such a hot time alone in my room.

This guy is not only good looking but also very, very sexy. He is the man. He is masculine, manly and sexy and enjoys getting fucked. And it shows in his performances. None of that macho, only top stuff. But apart from the Shrink scenes, he has not been p

What a guy!

c-hamdrag 10/06/2010
I give Christian 2 thumbs up. He is one of the hottest guys on the site. What would be nice if there was one of him in a romantic situation.

I get hard every time I see Christian's perfect butt!

This man is totally delicious ALL the way around. 3-meal-a-day Hottie.

Sexy MF

Christian my favorite star of MAP hmmm!

He is among my top three stars. The man has an absolutely awesome body with a magnificent ass and delicious cock. I wonder where he has disappeared to?

olderbutsexy 03/24/2013
100% gorgeous ... please come back!!!

peleth 03/10/2015
Beautiful man. Beautiful body. So sexy.