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Movie Comments

Suitman63 05/06/2016
OMG.... well, will someone give Dani an award for the best cum shot in Menatplay history it even beats Steve Hooper spraying his tux.

Jon62 05/06/2016
Yes, that cum shot was pretty impressive and nice to see it all over his suit. Like Dani's hot new look too.

trombone1988 05/06/2016
Wow - the best cum shot I have ever seen Men At Play!!! All over his suit jacket and belt! :-)

markbind 05/06/2016
Hot, hot, hot!! Very good scene and love the two shots Dani gave us, whew!! Very sexy men to put together.

LORIS 05/06/2016
oh yessss, I totally agree with comments - for me this is the best movie with Dani Robles so far. I also like very much his new hair styling, very sexy, and ha gave us the the most amazing cumshot ever on this site!!!

Keith_Lincs 05/06/2016
Great cum shot - impressive!! Loved the white shirt action too - lets have more jackets taken off going forward :-)

olderbutsexy 05/07/2016
Gentlemen - bravissimo! An outstanding film. I am always so grateful for MAP's high level of production and the professionalism of its actors. Dani is a most accomplished performer - his foreplay with Enzo's cock at the beginning was superb, also the "stand-off" between them at the beginning. And he makes you believe that the fuck is so delicious ... but then, to be fucked like that by Enzo is probably everybody's dream! Enzo is superb in every way, a superstar, sensitive actor and such a fucker ... thank you again! My last request to see all of Hector's (great) body was granted, now please (if all concerned are agreeable), may we please see Enzo getting fucked? I hope you all had a great dinner and many drinks after this magnificent show :)

Suitsfan 05/07/2016
I haven't managed to get beyond the first 12 minutes of this video! Dani Robles' first cum shot is probably the most copious and magnificently targeted I have ever seen on Men at Play - and Dani himself has never looked better! Well done guys; you (and especially Dani) have given us an absolutely fabulous performance in Part One. When I've recovered my composure, I look forward to seeing what Dani, and Enzo, serve up as an encore!

Suitsfan 05/07/2016
PS: Your production standards with this video deserve special mention, too. The lighting, camera angles etc are as seductive as the sexy actors. A genuinely classy performance.

stardusted 05/07/2016
dani robles has become boring

raven 05/08/2016
Dani definitely raised the bar at MAP with his spectacular ejaculation half way through the video and he was somehow able to come again after Enzo gave him a sound fucking. He gave new meaning to the phrase "all pumped up" Enzo was a treat to watch throughout but his climax was not very spectacular compared to Dani's buckets of com. "Cine-X 3" was unbelievable ! RAVEN

tiedupsuit 05/08/2016
Great to see Dani shoot two loads. Too bad the suits did not stay on

masstiehemd 05/09/2016
I do not find especially when he oozes juice on his suit and his tie I dreamed always to ooze juice as him

NylonOTCs 05/12/2016
Dani is like a machine!...OMG!!!....This was fantastic guys!...Love, Enzo!...mmmmmmm. Still am "choked up" over that cum shot of Dani's...x 2! , no less....Thanks! MAP!!!

gay53bb 05/16/2016
WoW! OMG!!! They are sooo HOT!!

robicart 06/18/2016
Beards don't always work. But on Dani in this scene, it's perfect!

suitboy116235 07/27/2016
great shots of enzos suited crotch..thats nice spunking on suit,mmmm. believable &,raunchy.

bearliners 10/13/2016
Staggering chemistry .. Menatplay at its usual best .... awesome.. in fact, the whole Menatplay website is awesome. Thanks and standing ovation for a job well done . You are by far my favourites.. Un fuerte abrazo a todos

barneylincoln 07/20/2017
much as i love you, Enzo, i think the butched-up Dani has won the cum-shot scene. These are two of my favorite MAP men and the suits were perfect! thanks to all involved. Barney.

raven 09/21/2018
I stand by remarks of 7/5/16 in all respects! I love this pairing of MAP performers. Enzo is awesome to look at and listen to; Dani's climax is astounding, like I have not seen before or since in all his performances on MAP. Could we see Enzo and Dani together again at the Cinema or elsewhere please. With this quality production MAP lives up to its high standards of gay male entertainment. RAVEN

robicart 04/25/2019
Oh, for those good old days.

Wetsuitntie 05/16/2019
After Dani did such a fab job of cream-coating his own suit, Enzo should have added to it! If Dani's suit really had to come off, it should at least have been torn off. I didn't join MAP to watch naked guys fucking; that's available all over the internet already.

robicart 06/13/2019
Dani, as always, is superb at sucking Enzo's beautiful dick. It's a shame Enzo didn't return the favor.

Larry 02/07/2023
Get hold of these two and have them shoot another scene for menatplay. They are both beautiful to watch and I love that we could see all of them au naturel eventually. Beautiful bodies!!! And, yes, Dani's cum shot! Spectacular! Love him!