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Movie Comments

ungala 09/30/2016
dream Team, i love flexx and ferdynand is the best!!!

Rainer75 09/30/2016
Finally a real highlight! Love the guys, love the long stills with the actors well groomed hands and horny faces. Even love the story - this happens all the time in every cine-x all over the world. I know - every actor has to be paid - but is there a chance to see a real gangbang one time in future? Maybe Logan and 5 or 6 cumloading tops? It's just a dream...

Rainer75 09/30/2016
PS: And the lucky best is: The suits doesn't flew away in a minute!!!!!!!!

masstiehemd 09/30/2016
I m OK with you....More discharge and sperm on the collar and on the tie. It is the final which I prefer

actor117 09/30/2016
You just don't get it, do you..

actor117 09/30/2016
Does Darius have it in his contract that he never has to wear a full suit..?

musclefucks 09/30/2016
Very nice work, guys, hombres hermosas; and Darius has become such a beauty. Good fucking from horny Antonio :)

myfyp2 09/30/2016
Two power bottoms fucking?

sum_gai 09/30/2016

sum_gai 09/30/2016
Well, *that* was boring. Darius Ferdynand not suited, AGAIN... only 2 out of 3 suited. Zero loads on a suit. Epic disappointment.

Rainer75 09/30/2016
myfyp2! How boring is that! Have you never changed your position? To be a good and satisfying top you must have experience beeing a pussy. And who gave the irrevocable rule a top is always a top and a bottom is always a bottom? How monotonious must be your sex life...

suitstudda 09/30/2016
I agree with you. I would like to suited gangbang again. The last time MenAtPlay done this was about 5 years ago and it took places in an Office Conference Room. This was video directed by Matt Jordan and Rico and it was outstanding. So Matt and Rico I beg MenAtPlay to produce another video, but this time leave on the suits throughout the video.

myfyp2 10/01/2016
You must not be very imaginative then. *Wink*

Matt Jordan 10/01/2016
Are you forgetting "The Game" from 2014 2 years ago? Also Dont forget if you like group scenes and threesomes you can select "groups" from the Themes page on Movies. That will bring up all our group and threesomes in one place Matt

Matt Jordan 10/01/2016
oh and apart from "The Game" in 2014 check out "The Line Up" also from 2014 if youre looking for group scenes

Rainer75 10/01/2016
Lets meet and I show you how imaginative I am. Wink.

SaberEgo 10/02/2016
You must have watch a lot of porn to not get excited by this scene

everhard12321 10/02/2016
This is without a doubt one of the best films Menatplay has produced. If men as hot as Darius, Flex, and Antonio were fucking each other in adult theatres regularly they wouldn't be on the wane now. This film gives us hot balls-deep fucking, four thick, copious cumshots, and sexy men with fantastic bodies. (On a side note, it's funny how Darius keeps getting bigger and more sculpted--Steroids? Plastic surgery? Both?--while Flex appears to be getting smaller.) The suits were just as fine as the models and added to this film's appeal. Anyone who doesn't cum while watching "Cine-X: Finale" is either dead or straight.

masstiehemd 10/03/2016
I agree with you on your last one remarks.... Zero loads on a suit. More loads on the collar and on the tie. It is the final which I prefer

DesertMan 10/08/2016
I totally agree, Everhard. Very, very hot. I came halfway through the first time I watched. It was a bonus to watch it again today all the way through and finish with those 3 gorgeous men. Nice work MAP & thanks.

hotwind82 10/21/2016
download is very slow,sometimes can't be download in china,what's the reason?

LeoMap15 11/26/2016
I like Men At Play because they don't just make it about about watching a cock go in an asshole. Whoever directed this one should get an award. Great lighting, hot actors, and a simple series of events to the ultimate conclusion. The voyeur was a nice touch. While it was hot, it was odd how Darius just bent over like that to get rimmed, and nice that it happened after the anal.

barneylincoln 08/05/2017
Wow! Flexy is HOT in this one. Photographed like a star and costumed in a great POWales suit. and he tops as well! The Miracle was well introduced, a view of his juicy c**k first , then a well-filled out slightly bland suit, but of course Antonio looks good in anything. Yes I enjoy seeing Darius, but suit him up please! love Barney.

DaddysCumSlut 07/10/2019
Not to sound like a slur, but I’ve totally hooked up at the movies plenty of times!

Xx 07/20/2024
Very hot and sexy men