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Movie Comments

colik555 02/19/2016
Ugh....this had the potential of being one of the hottest scenes this year until at 13:30...the clothes come off. I thought we were going to get vintage men at play but I guess not. Three stars for story set up, well dressed men and hot, raw man on man attraction.

Timmaness 02/19/2016
Really hot. Both guys have a very jacked body. Nice chemistry between them. Love the situation as well.

robicart 02/19/2016
Good setting. Great to have them both active.

raven 02/19/2016
Denis and Ivan gave a masterful performance for this installment of MAP! This is the quality of production I had come to expect over the years but had found lacking in the past several months. You are definitely back on track with CINE-X. It was a 5 star production. I hope you can continue with this quality of models, setting and scenario. Thanks! RAVEN

sparty 02/19/2016
I'd like less moaning and groaning and maybe some talking.

Rainer75 02/19/2016
It started with Kris Evan's solo and then your cinema-story. Really - you are back! This story has it and everybody of us can remember a similar situation, I think. So it's realistic and make stiffen our cock at once. Sure, they lost their suits too early - but shit: there is so much to explore from feverish eyes to caressing a massive boner through rustling fabric.... I would have wished a shy eye-witness, but it's o.k. You gave a promise for this year - now it becomes old MAP-class back! Go further on guys - bottom of a valley is crossed!

jeremy_hunk 02/19/2016
Totally hot ! Two absolute muscled-hunks with a contrast - I get turned on seeing the hairy tanned body with big nipples of Denis against pale smooth with smaller nipples of Ivan. Cut and uncut. Nice. The groans from the background movie made it even hotter. Good job.

LORIS 02/19/2016
Well, I have two questions. Why the new guys no longer introduce themselves ? They are not presented either like they were before, I mean country, age, sexuality, dick size.... And where is Enzo Rimenez, I do miss him and so many guys who came on MAP site last year.

admin 02/19/2016
Funny you should ask about Enzo... watch this space.

Phaerim 02/20/2016
More Ivan Gregory please! He looks hot as hell in a suit!

aljuarez12 02/20/2016
Hottest thing here in a while! Loved the early crotch views at knee level, wide open legs, very sexy. Finally that old, tired formula turn_around+drop_the_pants_from_behind+rimming+fucking is out! Loved the surprise sequence here. My only complaint --from a while back, actually--is the little emphasis placed on the shirt. Once the jacket is off, the shirt's gone within the minute. Especially disappointing when the other guy is already totally naked. I would have loved to see Denis' sweat-drenched shirt on for at least a few seconds longer. And then half-open (still tucked in!) showcasing his hot pecs! Still, great work this week!

Suitsocks 02/20/2016
Fantastic ! The best in a long time ! Finally some hot socks servicing . More sock play Please!

hugo2014 02/20/2016
So freaking hot!!!! WOW!!!! Way to go! Can we have some more?? Love it

NylonOTCs 02/20/2016
"over the top", MAP...WOW....this is one to watch again and again!!!...Ivan is HOT and of course, so is, Denis....This has to be one of the best in a long time, guys!...The nips on Ivan so hard so wonderful, Denis too, is so Fucking HOT!!! .... Yes!, the toe sucking from Ivan, totally did it here. Two very beautiful, HOT men. This was def. the best I have seen in a long time. MORE!!!....please....Thank You, Gentlemen!!!....I cannot say enough here. so I will quit for now!....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!...How's that!...WHOA!...repeat this action with nylon foot love and fucking like there is no tomorrow...You have made my night!!!....oxoxoxoxo'd it! , gentleman......OMG!!!....."NylonOTCs"

Downeaster63 02/20/2016
Denis is even more muscular and sexy and the new model Ivan is a great scene partner. One of the best in a long time and the theme of the scene was interesting with the porn on in the background. Real gay actors enjoying gay porn. That you rarely see in videos.

Downeaster63 02/20/2016
As an addition to a previous post I was also looking up Enzo Rimenez and could not find him in the models section. I hope Ivan Gregory will be included. I saw an interview where he spoke of being from South Africa and his plans to move to the US. He also talked about his favorite types of scenes and his personal life. He is a great addition.

MANSMAN 02/21/2016

MANSMAN 02/21/2016

explorer310 02/22/2016
Fantastic! Two guys without tattoos and the sexy & ever ready Dennis Vega. Denis is absolutely one of the finest in the industry and always produces a great cumshot. Great job MAP!.....and more of Denis.

loosetie13 02/24/2016
I'm a huge Denis Vega fan, so this was obviously hot. But, it's obvious that the guys were quite literally getting hot under the collar in that cinema - such a shame they never thought to loosen their ties - or each other's! I always find it a missed opportunity when the guys get undressed, but just take the ties off then undo their shirts - much hotter to loosen up first, amiright? Anyway, Denis can suck me off in a cinema any day of the week...

air4711 02/25/2016
Absolutely great, not only Denis was great, but also Ivan looks very smart ;-)

air4711 02/25/2016
Absolutely great, not only Denis was great, but also Ivan looks very smart ;-)

Dan1762 02/27/2016
Great! can't wait. Love Enzo.

Dan1762 02/27/2016
Nice flip fuck. Would love to see more of this at MAP!

raven 03/06/2016
Truly the hottest, most attractive pairing you have presented in a very long time. You should do more with Denis and Ivan who are both able to give and receive, are unblemished by tats, look very professional in coat and tie, and complete a heated performance in producing copious ejaculates and looks of satisfaction.. Nice work guys! Raven

raven 05/01/2016
I have been waiting for another installment from MAP featuring Denis and Ivan again. Will you make it happen? Love the way they both with gusto give as well as receive in this plausible venue . How about another rendevous at the cinema or the baths or elsewhere if you please. RAVEN

coltego 12/29/2016
I am not a camera person but who films this? All the angles are wrong. Put the camera down and don't edit at least 20 % of it. Annoying! Back away from the actors. You're too close! The angle with the camera on the floor, actor looking down is hot! Hold it! And back away!

barneylincoln 10/02/2017
I've had issues with Mr. Vega in previous films, but I have to say in this movie he's REALLY cooking! Ivan makes a dream partner, they seem to be enjoying the encounter ( hope it's not just play acting) I loved every minute of this from the splendid navy suits to the flip at the end. well done MAP. Barney.

robicart 05/12/2019
One of my favorites on MAP.

luvsmen 06/05/2020
Great scene! Love Dennis, he's so hot. Watching him get fucked is as hot as watching him fuck. Ivan needs to come back and do more scenes with MAP. He's extremely hot and gives it as good as he takes it.