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Movie Comments

loosetie13 12/18/2015
Nooo! Leave Logan's wonderful beard alone! Only joking, this was super hot. Logan's tie is even a little loose by the end - would be hotter if Antonio had loosened him up to shave him...

shughie 12/18/2015
Very horny! Logan without a beard is so handsome and there is a definite chemistry here. Just a shame that Antonio didn't see fit to rinse Logan off, lol! good to see something more than just a fuck movie. Thanks, Matt. Happy Christmas.

Andy1973 12/18/2015
Very nice! Thx MAP, money well spend!

olderbutsexy 12/18/2015
Super stuff gents - congrats to all concerned. Logan looks lovely clean-shaven. Great white arse. Next time, pubes too. AS for Antonio - such a delight, butch, strong fucker ... and fabulous chemistry between the two. I predict that they become a couple ;)

hotbeardinsuit 12/18/2015
Yeah, Logan looks a hundred times hotter with a beard. This. however, has been a fantasy of mine for a long time and has only existed in my mind. It's great to see how this looks for real, having knocked out your victim with chloroform, tie him up and have your wicked way with him. Awesome!!!! In my fantasy he would be gagged too.

everhard12321 12/19/2015
Although the concept of this film is better than the finished product, I applaud Menatplay for expanding its creativity and adding Antonio Miracle (along with his big dick!) to its roster of studs. I think the forced shaving tried to be erotic--sort of an homage to The Barber series MAP did years ago with Nathan Price--yet those films were able to achieve a level of eroticism that "Clean-Cut" does not. Maybe the shaving in this film took too long or maybe the models weren't able to generate the right amount of horniness for each other. I don't know. "Clean-Cut" isn't a complete success because I think it's trying to satisfy too many fans, fantasies, and fetishes: too many ideas in one film. Whatever the case may be, I enjoyed the film, though I have to admit, as much as I prefer clean shaven men it will take me some time to get used to Logan Moore sans-beard.

skibutt 12/19/2015
Total hot and sexy fantasy....thanks Matt. Of course I would have gotten the shave cream all over his shirt and tie, but that is me..hehe. Love the cum shots too, especially Logan cumming all over his! Thanks for the early Holiday gift. Andy

NylonOTCs 12/19/2015
Perfect!!!, MAP...I dont think there is anything you could go wrong with Logan!...HOT dude, HOT ass and so erotic!. Tony is wonderful with his big tasty cock for Logan to suck on and get fucked with!....Five stars here, gents!..."Merry Christmas" !!! just love it!!!

Dan1762 12/19/2015
Logan, please marry me. <3

Phaerim 12/19/2015
I really love this movie. It would have been perfect if Logan had been gagged while being taunted and shown the Razor :) Otherwise excellent movie.

jonberis 12/19/2015
Seriously it really is okay to make a video where submission, being forced or coerced or humiliated isn't involved...seriously--ever think of actually doing a video showing a healthy relationship or encounter taking place. Nice people have sex too..

Matt Jordan 12/19/2015
its true - nice people have sex too - but this is about fantasy not sex with your boyfriend. Submission and humiliation are hugely horny subjects for a porn movie. If its not your thing we have plenty of movies of 'nice people' - take a look at "Blackout" for example. or "Bromance" . You have to try , if you can, to understand that different people like different things, and we try to cater to a different facet of the sexual mind each week.

Thick85 12/19/2015
Matt, very nicely said. Those this video isnt my thing, like you said there are videos out there for me. I'm very happy to see how open MAP is with sex. How porn should be. I'm happy you also took the time to say something about comments like the one your replying too. Keep up the good work!

Dan1762 12/20/2015
But grow your beard back first.... :)

jenseng 12/20/2015
If people have these fantasies,I wonder what they would do in reality.There is a fine line between fantasy and reality.

Matt Jordan 12/20/2015
they watch porn - we scratch their itch

DFWTailor 12/21/2015
I prefer the darker side of it. My fantasy has always been, me in a bar with a suit on like in the original nastyboys,

Cltguy2 12/22/2015
Great scene. Sex is hot. More Tony Miracle anytime!

joedoe1001 12/25/2015
We are ready for next movie...let's see Santa's gift for us!

georoundy 12/25/2015
It's a miracle I did't shoot my load before the end: It's a miracle Logan Moore is SO sexy in his SEXY suits! It's a miracle menatplay has given us the wonderfully hairy Tony Miracle! thank you. and more Antonio in 2016 please!! George Roundy. XX.

hotcowboi 01/02/2016
This is a great movie. Fetish of guy tied up and forced to be shaved. Head shaved or buzzed short is right up there as well. Put that man tied up ... in a suit and i'm yours! Great work!

goma86 01/07/2016
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE shaving scenes. the best ones!

intern2016 03/11/2016
Logan Moore is your sexiest model. I came back to your site to see more of him. There is nothing better than the sight of Logan with a hard cock sliding in and out of his pretty ass.

musclefucks 04/10/2017
This is a winner! Logan as sweetly sexy as ever, Antonio a sex bomb. And what a cock - curved for maximum effect ;) Kinky and sensual. Thanks to all concerned.

Kaiserxx 05/06/2017
Love this movie! Logan Moore is as handsome as always. Would love to see him totally naked.

Tristram20 05/20/2017
Logan Moore's body needs to be seen totally naked