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Movie Comments

avm212 09/02/2016
Ugh! Another one with Johan Kane! Enough already! I'm about to cancel my membership.

tiedupsuit 09/02/2016
Logan looks amazing, as always. Kane needs a haircut. Great load from Kane but I didn't see one from Logan.

rudy1231 09/02/2016
Please get rid of the breeder with the hair, he looks like he rather be watching television

actor117 09/02/2016
one might hope he could kiss--he's being paid after all-- if you can have sex with a guy can't imagine why you can kiss him, the idea that he's straight and so it's some kind of special that he has sex with a gent is sort of passe-----rumor has it ownersh

sum_gai 09/02/2016
lol i can't blame Logan for not cumming, given what he has to work with here -___- ugh

limerick 09/02/2016
Mr. Moore is a very lucky man!! MAP, when will we get to enjoy Mr. Kane having a solo performance--one totally about him--for our and his enjoyment?

goonlad 09/02/2016
Johan Kane is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danvtr67 09/03/2016
See ya! Don't let the door hit ya on the way out! Great Job MAP...loving Johan a bunch!

stardusted 09/03/2016
Logan is the best, Johan needs a more business haircut, too surfer style

ozwalker 09/03/2016
Definitely not into guy with long hair

bootjack 09/03/2016
Johan Kane is awesome! Don't change anything about him. Only wish I could smell him!

LORIS 09/03/2016
I wouldn t smell him for nothing - he seems so neglected, Johan Kane, as he didn t wash his hair for months - disgusting ! What a shame to pair him with Logan Moore ! Two stars only because of Logan.

blakfoxx 09/03/2016
was pretty bland for MAP, which is a shame, both guys are hot

air4711 09/04/2016
Johan Kane appears bored and def needs a hair wash. Logan great. But it is obviously that there is not chemistry among them.

treeesq13 09/04/2016
Thought we were passed the days when MAP would feature a scene where their "straight" model doesn't kiss, suck cock or rim his partner. He is supposedly "gay for pay." there is a lot more to gay sex than just sticking his cock in his partner. Didn't you p

alfredhui 09/04/2016
Johan too bored, no kiss, no suck, only know fuck people...very bored

pppob 09/04/2016
Johan Kane is hot as lava, but he seriously looks bored - and even worse, in occasion, disgusted with his choice of partner. Seriously, sometimes he looks like he's trying to picture a girl while having sex with the other MAP men. Just no. 1/5

pppob 09/04/2016
Johan Kane is hot as lava, but he seriously looks bored - and even worse, in occasion, disgusted with his choice of partner. Seriously, sometimes he looks like he's trying to picture a girl while having sex with the other MAP men. Just no. 1/5

masstiehemd 09/05/2016
I m ok with you

Rainer75 09/05/2016
You name it. Rumors. Matt and Rico have style. They would say "Good bye" to us.

NylonOTCs 09/05/2016
Must be that love for straight guys!...Johan Kane is fucking HOT!!!...Cool, calm and collected!!!...I thought him fucking Logan was awesome!!!...Johan likes those sweet cheeks of Logan's. And those are buns boys!!!....mmmmmmmmmm The hair is just his style

cumchum 09/05/2016
I dislike Johan so much I don't think I'll even watch this video. He does nothing for me at all. He is not sexy. His body isn't fit. And the hair is disgusting! And it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks this. All his videos have low star ratings.

cumchum 09/05/2016
I agree. He just doesn't seem interested at all!! If you were fucking Logan I think most would be ecstatic! Is he straight then? If so - there's your answer.

Rainer75 09/06/2016
What harsh words for a simple phenomenon. Some like blonde German giants, others prefer fiery-eyed Latinos. Where is the problem? Many want to be peed on - there are certainly spectators standing on unkempt, greasy hair. An obvious hetero shoots Logan hi

nilpferd 09/07/2016
Why are there only the trailers - where are the movies?

musclefucks 09/07/2016
Mmmmm - nice one, guys. Johan is a hunky kid with a really sexy presence (plus a very pretty cock) and Logan is the ultimate Pro. AND, congrats on the cool new site stylings, MAP x

ronylh 09/10/2016
After all we got a sexy long haired....among ALL short haired or even shaven heads... we have two erotic beauties... preserve them please.

mtmslg 09/11/2016
Logan is a god. This Tarzan guy, not my cup of tea.

Thick85 09/16/2016
If he was knocking at my door at 2am I wouldn't be thinking he was straight.....

Thick85 09/16/2016
Kane, if you as me it looks like your not into it and you need some pussy. Maybe you should re-think this and go fuck what you enjoy.

Thick85 09/16/2016
There is no edit for a typo anymore, lol as = Ask****

LeoMap15 12/04/2016
That is why they let you preview before you save. You can edit in the preview.

coltego 12/26/2016
The editing is so lame! Close-ups are overrated. I'd love to see Johan's face and dick in one shot not jumping back and forth! Porn sucks in general because of this close-up business.

actor117 07/04/2017
You know you should get Johan back in a suit and otc dress socks , now that we know he will both Kiss and Bottom..

barneylincoln 07/09/2017
well, the 16 min running time say's it all. the cinematic equivalent of a quickie. logan is of course is wonderful, his clothes and acting skill is the only reason for giving this a second look. as others have noted the other guy is in the wrong film and

musclefucks 02/11/2019
What great sex guys! Lovely Logan and huge Johan have a great chemistry, bravo to all concerned