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Movie Comments

mtmslg 05/05/2017
WOW! Loved the tease. Loved the tie. Loved the WET! Logan Moore is a god! This is Menatplay at its BEST!!!

Rainer75 05/05/2017
Logan could cut his toe nails and would still be erotic. I could watch this guy sleeping. For hours. So the vid is great. The same is true for Enzo Rimenez. Get these super stallions paired one time?

jameslin 05/05/2017
Finally! A movie with bare feet which we do not see often enough on here and Logan putting his trousers on without underwear.. I LOVE how underwear has all but disappeared from MAP... you rarely see it now.. I despise underwear so keep the guys commando please

Nasanaz84 05/05/2017

musclefucks 05/05/2017
Beautiful guys, nice sex. Good to see Logan back on top ... and exquisite (alas now ruined) tie

stardusted 05/05/2017
Love Logan

Sherman 05/06/2017
Boring with the hairless cocks and not large cocks. Not sexy bodies with no hair around their cocks.

johnnyt43 05/06/2017
So Hot MAP!! Love that they didn't just bend over and fuck. Nice tease and wonderful chemistry between to very hot guys.. Love the slow pace and enjoyment of the "game". Marvelous job director.!

Matt Jordan 05/06/2017
You say the same thing every week LOL!!! Why are you still here?

Farman69 05/06/2017
MAP are you running out of ideas??

Sherman 05/07/2017
MAP.....has Mike, Dario, and Jean. "Retired"? Missing them every day.

soakingwet4life 05/07/2017
fuck yes! Love that Logan stayed in his wet suit the whole time. Incredible!

edfries 05/07/2017
I loved it how Logan's commando dick looked in his suit pants as Sunny proceeded to splash them over and over keeping him wet. It doesn't get better than that! I feel sorry for Sunny who was not given the chance to unload all over a wet Suited Logan.

Matt Jordan 05/07/2017
No i don't think so - we've kept the ideas coming every single week for 15 years. Why whats your great idea?

joedoe1000 05/13/2017
He still think that there is a hope to see his fantasies on a new scene!

joedoe1000 05/13/2017
Sunny Colucci is just a pretty face in this scene, his performance is terrible. Both actors are really good for bottoming, both need strong men to explode their assess. I prefer 10 times the scene of Tomas Brand with Dato Foland in and outside of the pool. Dato was wearing beautiful suit and long sheer socks which Tomas enjoyed so much.

Cali-suit-shoot 05/14/2017
This was fantastic! Love the total disregard for the suit as he gets in the spa- completely unreal but very sexy. Both men beautiful with fairly natural chemistry for a porn flick. Keeping the suit on throughout was what makes this site work for me. Saw that you kept the structured upper part of the jacket mostly out of the water so you can probably use it again- I hope!

Tristram20 05/20/2017
Sunny Colucci is even hotter than Logan Moore, love the tattoos

CutawayShirt 05/21/2017
I would prefer the scene not in the water because of the suit and this beautiful tie. But even in the water, Logan was able to make me very horny in this scene again. Logan, from now on you are a sex-god to me and my favorite pornactor.

Tuxboy 06/02/2017
Next time pur Logan in tuxedo. But in next time for a wet tux situation. More tux movie please.

RQUEST 03/25/2018
This one scored so low on my measure, but both boys are totally HOT HOT HOT! It is me! I hate wet, water, pool, shower scenes where WET is the theme.