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Movie Comments

Great build up to action. Donato's incredibly hot, plus Dani's going commando & slow stripping out of his suit all wonderful stuff. Well done!

oikoik 04/19/2013
HOT!!! LOVE the contrasting white collar and white french cuffs, the braces, the arm band...great styling Matt! Now this should have been the PURE SUIT addition.

sparty 04/19/2013
Liked the movie a lot. Beautiful men with only one tattoo. Could have said something to each other for more realism. Good work Matt.

Matt Jordan 04/19/2013
i know! Didnt Donato look so hot!! I'll try and get him in to do a pure suit movie !!

Okay 04/19/2013
Would like to see him piss more, and drying his fingers on the tie. Did not see the second guy piss at all :( Short pubes, and no hair in the ass... And the suits just dissapear... But like the urinal cumshot, even if the first could have had his hand lo

hatetatoos-4-2 04/19/2013
Good job. Donato is an attractive man. However, I am spoiled because the movie last week was so outstanding. I hope we will see more of Woody Fox and Justin Harris. They are the dynamic duo. I continue to be amazed how you turn out great movies week aft

Bluedog 04/19/2013
Yes Matt ... Dani was great but Donato is one fine looking man who looked superb both fully dressed and butt naked .. Great movie ...thanks !

raven 04/19/2013
Donato and Dani played well together. Rather slow developing until they kissed, which was pivotal .Handsome, well-endowed, clean cut business men, happily not covered with tats. The semi-public john was spotless which added to the comfort of the scene.Nic

Rainer75 04/20/2013
Both actors are great and really like each other - hot kissing. One of the best films and worth to watch very often. I like a well designed surrounding but a tearoom always has something fascinating. A pity we haven't seen the spunked urinal... I have h

wolfgang41 04/21/2013
wonderful film, liked it a lot. Scenery with urinal is perfect. Rainer - just tell me where to find you and I'm open to surprise you :-)

Rainer75 04/21/2013
Womit genau möchtest du mich denn überraschen, Wolfgang?

DonDraper 04/22/2013
hot. love love how he licks the underwear crack before that fantastic rimming. yum!

suitedattitude 04/23/2013
Hot models, hot set up, hot clothes (braces particularly) but then it goes awol when the suits fly off.

Reyes follows his man into the gents and gets what he wants. A kiss, a grope and suited condom invasion. Mission accomplished. Two lovely looking guys, great haircuts, handsome cocks and some sweaty suit action. We all have our `personal zenith` with

Rainer75 04/24/2013
Yes, what a nice idea! Long, long time I haven't seen two guys just jacking off each other. ( helping hands! ) Most sexy, when one guy stands behind the other and do a dominating masturbating and forces the cummer to lick his hand clean afterwards... The

LORIS 04/26/2013
Love it - especially the beginning when Donato persistently teases Dani while showing off his cock and wanking. In this movie both guys simply had to get out of their suit. It was so audacious in such a public place where always somebody can come and the

yeah I love the `reach around` too Rainer, where a dominant suit holds a younger prettier guy from behind, and masturbates him, maybe with a little bit of coercion as well, trapping his arms behind his back. It happened to me in an E London cottage years

juicer 04/27/2013
Really hot, great couple, loved it, thanks

raven 05/06/2013
Love watching Dani and Donoto play with one another. They are young, fresh, cute and well defined. Suitable for immortilization in marble! Let's see them in bed together. A joy to watch them smile at each other. I think they enjoy working with each other

joedoe1000 05/08/2013
I still like movie which one actor stay suited (maybe taking at least shoes off and the bottom is the one that take off jacket, shoes and pants. Is a fair balance and will please many of us. I am ok with fully undress matter what MAP is filmi

cactusman26 05/10/2013
Just to agree with Raven. Like to see these two sexy good looking guys sensuously sexing in bed together. Please. Lovely sexy work Dani and Donaot, thanks. Ps. Can never see the point in kissing underwear or trousers when the real thing is waiting to

olderbutsexy 05/23/2013
Such sexy work gents - well done! Donato is so very beautiful

hatetatoos-4-2 06/27/2013
Two great models make a terrific movie. Sexy Donato Reyes and the absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and sexy Dani Donato. I have three nits: 1. I wish they had gone from the bathroom to Dani's office and had sex on a large sofa and desk. 2. I wish Donato h

hatetatoos-4-2 06/27/2013
Two great models make a terrific movie. Sexy Donato Reyes and the absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and sexy Dani Donato. I have three nits: 1. I wish they had gone from the bathroom to Dani's office and had sex on a large sofa and desk. 2. I wish Donato h

devonpor 09/24/2013

masstiehemd 08/26/2013
Yes it is a very busy place by gay and it's happened that I have do good meetin in the public urinals (restrooms?). With a risk of bad meetings. On the other hand never I went to strip naked. In these places I have never seen him. That is why the end, w

devonpor 09/26/2013

eiswirth821 12/08/2013
Fantastic scene. My only complaint is of the ugly tattoo on Donato's stomach. More Dani, please.

thomasthomas 05/24/2014
Danto - best suit tie shirt combo and the yellow braces are sexy as hell

markmelb 12/19/2014
The screencaps gallery doesn't match the movie. What's up with that?

seahbh 05/12/2015
the 1st guy at the urinal is helluva good-looking and he has the sexual prowess to match. there is sex everywhere but sex in the corporate world is very exotic as it involves men of different rank and file. which gay guy would pass a chance to sleep with

chadle1 06/13/2015

robicart 08/01/2015
Two of my favorites!

Dutch4 12/07/2015
Dani is so sexy, please bring him back for more

robicart 01/22/2016
Really wish there were more movies of Dani!