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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 05/30/2014
It is always a thrill to see the beautiful Dato Foland, but why the short socks and not OTC socks? I hope to see more of him on MAP, but wearing OTC socks.

olderbutsexy 05/30/2014
O dio, what a combo! Bravo to MAP and the actors. Dato with his green eyes, enjoying being fucked, and Bruno ... well he is amazing, THE new star ... thanks guys! x

Craig65 05/30/2014
Any piece of lazy, uninteresting film. No chemistry. No seduction. They can barely speak English. Once again the set and set up is weak. Once again clothes come off faster and it is all about the fuck. The quality of this scene, like many recent ones, is

colik 05/30/2014
I completely agree with you. Nothing like pushing out those with a true suit and tie fetish and who have supported the site since it's beginning and to satisfy the masses. I'm giving it one last weekend and then out. Thanks though for all the past greatne

DFWTailor 05/30/2014
Have we gone to sport coats now? Lets get some true suit fetish guys on staff who understand what is hot about this fetish.

southerngent29 05/30/2014
And why do we not see underwear anymore. Some of us enjoy the nice fit of boxer briefs or briefs..and how about something WET!!

jalfong 05/30/2014
Wow talk about contaminating the scene! I guess I'm in the minority here but I happened to love this scene. It clearly is the amazingness of the bodies of Dato Foland and Bruno Boni. I mean seriously you cannot ignore how stunning these two are. Okay ther

Jon62 05/30/2014
I Liked the 2 suited FBI-like cops idea - one taking advantage of the other - tying up, ripping shirt open - but with other's permission. Great Models. I would have quite liked to see some reverse humiliation treatment meeted out on Dato but I realise.

wishbone 05/30/2014
Good to see a Top like Dato hanging off a hard cock or even better with one up his hugely cute little arse

Matt Jordan 05/30/2014
True suit guy is on staff. I started this website cause of my huge suit fetish. And i love sports coats. They're fucking hot.

Matt Jordan 05/30/2014
Thanks jalfong glad you got something good out of it. I can't please everyone so sometimes I just please myself

joedoe1000 05/30/2014
Agree. But remember that Matt is trying to please a lot of people with different fetishes.

joedoe1000 05/30/2014
I renew my membership because I noticed that in this one Bruno was wearing long tnts. Since the release of STR8MATE on 4/17/2014 (which is a super hot movie) I have not seen sheer socks in MAP scenes. Thanks Mat for thinking about me. Have a nice weekend

Craig65 05/31/2014
Jalfong I love a great body too- in a suit- not dress socks. And they are two hots guys but no chemistry. Imagine them really connecting. You are too easily pleased.

jalfong 05/31/2014
I think a lot of people were pleasured by this, so thank you Matt! :)

Edwin 05/31/2014
I like the idea of 2 cops getting it on together and the hot oral and anal interaction between Dato and Bruno. They are both great looking men. I will renew my membership.

harvey 05/31/2014
I love the idea of two investigators surveying a crime scene and one of them decides to demonstrate how the crime took place; of course, leading into sex. Bruno and Dato are such incredible-looking men, the viewer is drawn into the film just by their mal

tiedupsuit 05/31/2014
Love Bruno's suited bulge. I could grind my face into that all day

ronylh 05/31/2014
I agree with u

bound2tie 05/31/2014
Everyone who's been looking at Menatplay since the start knows you started it cos you're into suits and ties Matt, but I think some of us wonder why you let the suits and ties come off so fast in the movies. Personally, I guess my fetish is really a Wind

cactusman26 05/31/2014
I think Jalfong has hit the nail on the head and well put too, Jalfong! Two beautifully bodided men, let's see as much of them in their full naked action as we can. Enjoyed the alternative penetration. Thanks guys and camera team... .

cactusman26 05/31/2014
I think Jalfong has hit the nail on the head and well put too, Jalfong! Two beautifully bodided men, let's see as much of them in their full naked action as we can. Enjoyed the alternative penetration. Thanks guys and camera team... .

DFWTailor 06/01/2014
I know Matt I have been with you since you started this, sorry it offended you. I still have original stuff of you and Rico when there was a wet and messy side to MAP.

DFWTailor 06/01/2014
Yes we understand the site has gone to more mainstream porn, and that most on here are not even into suits and ties, I have had people write me stating to back off and that this was never a suit and tie fetish site, LOL so most of the time I say nothing,

victorgo89 06/02/2014
i like to see HOT guy been fuck until come.

suitedattitude 06/02/2014
I too like the sport coat/jacket thing - the movie with the footballers in their jackets was super hot, a blazer and flannels can have a butch quality that a suit does not. That said, I want to see either combo stay on more.

olderbutsexy 06/03/2014
This film is superb. I am not a suit-sock fetishist; I like big guys, big muscles, big cocks, and to see actors of the calibre of Bruno Boni and Dato Foland making love, fucking one another, and appearing to really enjoy the action, with such excellent

ajdamen 06/13/2014
I could watch nothing more than Bruno walking around in tight dress slacks and still be satisfied.

joedoe1000 06/14/2014
Minute 14:10 thru 14:14 was perfect ahot from behind and full action and long sheer socks....Thanks Matt

stardusted 06/18/2014
Datos socks not sexy, need otcs.

raven 07/09/2014
Looking at the myriad of responses to Dato's and Bruno's performance it is obviously a challenge to satisfy all tastes. From my standpoint you have no finer looking men in your stable who put on a great performance with their God -given talents. There

Juraguy 07/28/2014
Bruno was so disconnected from the scene that his cock did not really get hard until Dato started fucking him. Dato was brilliant throughout. I love the suits but also love to see them coming off to reveal the beautiful bodies of the actors -,it would be

uncledaddy 05/24/2015
Hairy guys with muscles fucking, HOT, Hot, HOT!!!

Sherman 08/26/2017
Enjoyed the hairy cocks & both were gentlemen with each other. Good job gentlemen................26 August 2017. Bruno, nice "hairy" cock.

marcantony2 09/17/2020
Datos feet not sexy? Forget the socks, Its these main men that we are watching. Sex personified. Thanks M.A.P.