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Movie Comments

luis2 05/09/2014
two beautiful men very sexy I loved ass licking and the big load

bradfittler 05/09/2014
both shot a massive load, impressive

businesslook 05/09/2014
... but only one cam to record the loads??

masstiehemd 05/09/2014
Very beautiful performance! Fellow wear necktie and suit in the crusing, indeed my regret, it is always the same for the videos of a site " fetishist dresses up tie and suit ". At the end both partners are nacked! COMMONPLACE I shall have liked seeing t

Jon62 05/09/2014
Good to see Dato Foland again (though even better when he is suited). One suggestion after climax, would be good to see the nice white shirt used to wipe away the mess. Tends to be that where shirt and suit has been taken off, they make no further appeara

smartguy 05/09/2014
Well Done! Another Great Video! Good Performances (some good chemistry), Good scene and well shot. Keep up the creative work :)

ken4cock 05/10/2014
Great to see cut and uncut dicks playing together, both shooting gobs of spunk.

NylonOTCs 05/10/2014
Fantastic! cum shot I have seen in a long time. Beautiful men both of you!...Dato and Donel ....Hope these guys made it as lovers!...Thanks, men!...very tingling and erotic! Good Chemistry was mentioned. True Blue!

joedoe1000 05/10/2014
This is 100% pure satisfaction! LOL Great movie full of cum and sweat, love it. Dato knows how to bottom, to be at the mercy of top performer. Both actors enjoyed that sweet cum natural. THANKS MAP!

Rampantlad 05/11/2014
Another great video with two hot models WASTED by getting the suit off ASAP. SO insulting to every loyal supporter of Menatplay that's been using the site for years. Plenty of beefcake porn EVERYWHERE else, including for free. I pay for a reason... Quit t

jalfong 05/12/2014
Wow Hugo Vergari where have you been all of this muscles and a but load of semen? Sing me up for more please!

peterchou 05/13/2014
why i can`t download it?

joedoe1000 05/14/2014
What is new for this Friday?

olderbutsexy 05/16/2014
Wow! Dato is so beautiful and Hugo a real find, great couple. Congrats to cast and crew, a super movie :)

everhard12321 05/20/2014
Dato Foland does not look like he enjoys being fucked. He should stick to topping.

wishbone 05/25/2014
Nice to see Dato being fucked - he's a natural.

stardusted 05/27/2014
Hot cum swallow

NylonOTCs 05/30/2014
I had to watch this again it was erotic!...Dato and Hugo are so fucking HOT!...Dam!...I think i'd like to see these gentlemen on kingsize bed do it again...Super erotic....just put some really sexy OTC nylon thick n thins on both men next time...MAP you r

hatetatoos-4-2 05/30/2014
Somehow , I missed this film. WOW! What a fantastic film, but then anything with Dato Foland is extraordinary. I loved Dato being a bottom for a change. It demonstrates his versatility. I like Hugo wearing garters, and he has a nice little tummy, very sex

tiedupsuit 05/31/2014
Great cumshots! Would love to see Dato fully suited the next time he is on the receiving end

juscruzn808 07/07/2014

davidjohntorres 07/19/2014
I think Dato is such a good-looking guy. Would like to suck, fuck, and cum on his feet.

seahbh 05/03/2015
hugo is a Latin god of sex. An icon of masculinity, he exudes an aura of confidence. As he pounds Dato's asshole with his massive cock, i was struck by his charming good looks. i would be more stimulated if Flex or tomas was his partner. Welcome to the wo

net_pal 08/15/2015
Scorching! Dato is the hottest power bottom in the town! yum!! yum!!

hotnuts 01/26/2016
The Russian guy looks bored.

hotnuts 01/26/2016
The Russian guy looks bored.

olderbutsexy 03/05/2016
What a great fuck! Hugo really gives it to Dato, their chemistry is great. And a super cum shot, Hugo's, indeed. One forgets how very beautiful Dato is and how lucky we are he's working in porn. Thanks MAP x

trophyboy 12/29/2017
Are there anymore videos with Hugo? He is hot and handsome

trophyboy 12/29/2017
Are there anymore videos with Hugo? He is hot and handsome

trophyboy 12/29/2017
Are there anymore videos with Hugo? He is hot and handsome

robicart 12/14/2018
Yes, MAP has "discovers" some of the hottest men, but then they're on site only once or twice. More of Hugo!

lovingthissight 02/03/2021
please someone get dato some underwear and lets see it please, please, please. even if its just for a few seconds!