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Movie Comments

stardusted 10/12/2018
Waste of film with pietro

masstiehemd 10/12/2018
bad - little interest - too quickly undressed, the tie disappears !!!! where is Hector de Silva ya only you who wears the tie suit and who fucks like a god with jute jets on the neckties

Virgoan 10/12/2018
Too chiffon for my taste.

Virgoan 10/12/2018
Too chiffon for my taste.

musclefucks 10/12/2018
Very good sex, gracias guys. Manuel is such a hot fucker and Pietro is looking fabulous. Great spurt of cum from his purple cock all over his super abs and pecs and then a regular gusher from Manual too; lovely stuff MAP.

explorer310 10/13/2018
Manuel Skye is always great. He is always ready to deliver and his cumshots are always fantastic. Both cumshots are spectacular in this video.

RQUEST 10/14/2018
OKAY! Will you quit with all "gold toe" socks highlights already. Most of us including me here like sheer and TNT. You are not giving us any sheer socks in the last few months and it is not fair and don't tell me to leave the sight. Give me a break here. I have been an active member since 2004 so I can say this. Oh Marcel! Where is Marcel LOL

Rainer75 10/14/2018
Most of us? Socks are socks. Who cares about socks when horny guys have sex with each other? There are special sock fetish sites you can exlore in the net, my dear!

jeremy_hunk 10/14/2018
The scene - Manuel sucking the naked full muscled Pietro's dick is just too hot too handle. Awesome

blaze 10/14/2018
Not sure about the criticisms for this video, I found it very hot. The chemistry between the actors were great and the gum shots were amazing.

eiswirth821 10/15/2018
Despite Pietro's hideous tattoos and earplugs, the scene was hot. Manuel does his usual overacting, but the terrific cumshots saved the day.

RQUEST 10/16/2018
Well I have been here since 2004 and I like the sheer socks better. Point Blank! This site was populated on sheer sock play/fun and then took a turn. Regardless don't leave the original member out. That is not fair

pornboy1 10/18/2018
Love Pietro. Chemistry is off charts with this. And on the socks debate: good for all the way. Sheets look like pantyhose.

pornboy1 10/18/2018
I meant gold toe all the way. Sheers look like pantyhose.

krex9000 12/29/2018
When you have beautiful men in beautiful suits, why so many close-up shots?

blotski 01/27/2019
Wow. Manuel Skye is off the scale. Love him.

Logan5 07/31/2019
Manuel Skye should only bottom.

HOANGDUONG 10/08/2021
I think He should only bottom too.