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Movie Comments

kerlefaktor 01/13/2017
extremely hot Russian stallion...

suit77 01/13/2017
you should really emphasise more on the suit fetish. Most of your models starr on other porn sites just as ht as on yours - with most of them cheaper or even free. Your site is one that involves alot of suit, but in my opinion, not all the way. In (perceived) 90% the guys take the suits off latest in the last quarter of the movie. Or in this case, a beautiful cumshot goes 'to waste' because of a not suit/shirt-focussed camera angle. I don't know but I think you could really stand out of all the general porn if your guys got their beautiful siuts messed up more often. once in three months just isn't worth a long-term membetship for me.

Rainer75 01/13/2017
I'm horrified. What a pairing! The most beautiful, horniest and most elegant guy in your squad gets to do with a clumsy all-world fucker with ugly hands and fingernails and a neglected beard. No mimicry, no refined penetration, no subtility. I know he's got a lot of fans - but why??? The russian planer rams the first-class hunk like a Duracell bunny. What a fake fucking and what a messy workday for the creme de la creme star Renzo. Film spoiled but you remains the hit, Mr. Renzo Rimenez! I will concenrate only on your attractive attributes while bating...

Rainer75 01/13/2017
Yes: Dump fucks well. But not even that is true with Mr. Foland.

Suitsocks 01/13/2017
WOW Very hot ! No sock action again ? Remember you have men who cum to the site to see hot suit sock action.

Suitsocks 01/13/2017
WOW Very hot ! No sock action again ? Remember you have men who cum to the site to see hot suit sock action.

jake2064 01/13/2017
amazing combination...look good together with Dato shooting a good load as always

musclefucks 01/14/2017
Wow! Great to see Enzo getting fucked at last, and well done by Dato. In the bottom role, Enzo is of course superb as well. Thank you guys, for this treat :)

eurotop 01/14/2017
One of the sexiest scenes ever!

Sabypierre 01/14/2017
Avec ces deux monstres sacrés du porno, on aurait été en droit d'attendre une scène explosive. Hélas rien de tel, le scénario est inexistant, les deux acteurs pas convaincus par ce qu'ils font et le tout m'a laissé de marbre avec un certain sentiment d'ennui. Déçu donc.

Sherman 01/16/2017
Enzo likes to suck large cocks well and does the best job all down his throat ( see other videos). First time I enjoyed watching Enzo being fucked and he enjoys it well. Good job Enzo. Still like to see more men with hairy cocks like Mike, Dario and Jean.

michduncg 01/17/2017
Such a great pairing deserved a better scenario and more premium surroundings. There was no build up, no sexual tension. The guys looked stunning and it was great to see Enzo bottom but think it could have looked more premium

NylonOTCs 01/20/2017
Dato is breathtaking. His demeanor when fucking is totally awesome. Just a "machine" !!!....This was good. Enzo is great also. Thanks! MAP for taking it back to the bedroom!....I'm with "suitsocks"....little more HOT sock action is all that is needed here. Enzo sucking cock was wonderful .... mmmmmmm!!!...very good gents!...erotic, sexy with two HOT men!!!

joedoe1000 01/22/2017
Cheap socks...wait for next scene

pornboy1 01/31/2017
Enzo is awesome on the bottom. Keep this guy around and always in his black socks.

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
Quality of video is super low! Dato without suit is not very appealing and boring. MAP is turning this site into a regular one (elegance is going down the drain).

Michael9696 02/09/2017
Absolutely awesome! And although I totally enjoy Enzo on top, and it's great to see that he can bottom as well! Kept me hard all the way through!

Sherman 02/15/2017
Enzo, You are at it again. You are the best cock sucker at Men At Play. Enjoy you all the time, your best was with Mark at Cocksure taking that large, " thick " cock. You need to take Mark and you be on the bottom and let him place that large, thick cock into your ass. Can Mark ever do this or maybe no one can handle that thick large cock in their ass. A challenge, I must say. Enzo, you are a pleasure to watch. Good job.

freesiafirdaus90 03/13/2017
Again, another favourite of my Menatplay videos that I am expecting to watch and enjoy !. ...Good Job!

Sherman 03/23/2017
Enzo is a great guy at Men at Play with his small cock "straight up"....he need a better thick sexy bush. Enzo did his best video at "cocksure" taking on Mike with his thick, large "hairy" cock (great bush)). Dato is OK with his small cock but had a good hairy ass. Enzo, your first being fucked, you do better fucking the. Other gentlemen. Cum shot poor. OK video.

Tristram20 05/17/2017
Great video but would have been even better if we could have seen more of Enzo's gorgeous body