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Movie Comments

Rainer75 11/04/2011
A charming, sophisticated "hombre" with flirting magnetic eyes. No wonder Matt couldn't take off his hands! I wonder how far this guy will go - explore him, MAP-team, please!

aww.. Matt, I just love it when you "help" the model. Demon by name, demon by nature; a very sexy man and really dressed to shag,the pink shirt is a killer! Perhaps, for me the crotch area was shaved a little toooo much but I loved the glistning sweat on

nice guy.. love to see him in movies..

very sexy eyes wanted to touch him myself !! love to see him with kyle king !!

tiedupsuit 11/05/2011
Gorgeous guy! And no tatts! Where do you find men like this? Do you approach them on the street or do they come into your studio inquiring?

He does indeed have lovely eyes. Reminded me of the Steve Hooper solo (pink background and all that). It's very sexy until the suit flies off - some of these guys seem to be so passive that they can't get off without having at least something shoved up

Very attractive man, but needs to grow out his body hair, especially his rear.

How beautifully dressed with perfect Windsor Knot, sexy cutaway collar and well fitting suit - so sexy.

Love this one! (The only little important detail missing is seeing more of you, Matt!)

sparty 11/06/2011
Hey Matt was that really you and your helping hand? You lucky fuck!

Matt Jordan 11/06/2011
Yes, it was, and yes I did feel very lucky ...he was gorgeous!!!

A fucking brilliant film Matt. I could have done with your helping hand !

sparty 11/07/2011
I want to be you! Thanks for your reply.

Hot Hot Hot! Hope we get to see much more of this guy!!

stardusted 11/07/2011

I luved him defining himself as "bilingue": one of your tongues will do me any day, guapo!

Beautiful....model, suit, tie, shoes and sheer socks. The perfect passive for Junior or Caballero.

I wet myself just thinking about him. He's so gorgeous!

Rainer75 12/26/2011
I just wanked with him and suddenly i had a brainwave! He's into blonds! Just pair him with Steven you introduced lately! Both men have special eyes. Spanish/italian intermezzo - jut get a hard on again thinking at it!

klaus 01/13/2012
Ein geiler Junge ist das schon, dieser Dani. Er hat eine geile Fresse und eine schöne Votze, die er gekonnt ins Bild setzt. Ja, eben jung und knackig, dieses Model.

Matt: minutes 11 thru the end were helping Dani to get horny and caressing his TNTs! Do that more often in solos.

I agree. No tattoes...that is rare in the days and exotic!

DANI IS STUNNING, VERY SEXY AND MUY SIMPATICO... when will you delight us with some men to men action with Dani...??? looking forward,,,

Where is Dani Demon? When we will see him performing with other MAP guys? Matt...give us an update!

He is awsome..............want more he is looking so good Dani you are just to much....

More Dani Demon, yes, yes and yes.

bring him back for duo action videos.

Seriously sexy! Duo videos (and more).

raven 01/18/2013
Would like to see Dani Demon and Donato Reyes paired. They are both handsome dudes who get ones juices flowing. What is it about those Spaniards ? Will you play Dani and Donato opposite one another? Raven

miguelpro 01/19/2013
WOW! More please. Enjoyed the cameraman assistant as well.

Now this what I call HOT! Dani remind me one of my favirites "Niel Stevens" Slender, defined bod and nicely hung. What a turn on. Hope to see more of him in the future. Lloyd

77mojito 04/02/2013
awesome ! delightful ! Hot ! gorgeous cock ! nice anal plug !

hatetatoos-4-2 06/26/2013
Dear Matt: Dani Demon is absolutley gorgeous and incredibily handsome. He is extraordinary. This is the best solo performance I have ever seen. Please, please bring him back for some more films. I can picture him with Justin Harris or Landon Conrad or W

eiswirth821 12/08/2013
Too beautiful for mere words.

Franka1950 06/05/2014
I would love to see more videos of Dani Demon...HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!!!

robicart 08/01/2015
He is so hot! Wish he would come back.

mandler 06/24/2021