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Movie Comments

limerick 08/12/2016
Two very sexy men! Johan is a keeper! We need to see him perform a solo, so we can fully appreciate every inch of him. He is: Joyful, Ornery, Handsome, Awesome, Naughty, Kinky, Adorable, Nude, and Exciting!!

Rainer75 08/12/2016
Actually, I don't like blond men with long shaggy hair flying. But Johan stands there grinning so dominant and enjoys this macho kind blowing so much. Is he straight? In the end he is pounding poor Klein so insensitive and merciless like a stoned rabbit - really worth seeing. Dirty and boner stiffening. Yeah! It's a pity he didn't returned the borrowed tie totally messed up with his spunk...

stardusted 08/12/2016
I only like this one,bc of Klein kerr, more of him with other hot men

air4711 08/13/2016
Don't like the two actors so much

suitboy116235 08/13/2016
excellent,,hot long suit scenes, and good shots/angles..

hugo2014 08/13/2016
totally agree. I personally love the longer hair. Very hot!

costardminet 08/13/2016
Love the combination blue jacket / grey pants. Couldn't you show us more in the preppy style ? With white tightened pants or even bermuda and tie+jacket ? Congratulations to Klein Kerr, I love the mysterious glance and falsely innocent air. For Johan Kane, long blond air is very nice, but the masculine way doesn't need a beard. You should shave it and dress in light grey with a tightened tie. Suggestion of a scenario : a college student is invited to a party, he decides to reach it on bike, though he wears jacket and tie. Climbing on his bike, he tears his very slim fit pants, on the central seam of his back. He is riding for a while, followed by a car. Finally the biker and the car stop, the biker invites the businessman-driver to play with the air pump…

suitstudda 08/14/2016
I have read all the comments of what you don't like, it's becoming sad. Life is not perfect, therefore we deal with we have. It seem everybody is director, but truly you're not and if you really what your own type of video, then submit suggestion of your ideal video for MenAtPlay to produce.

bootjack 08/14/2016
Johan kane ROCKS! Don't change a thing! i think i could watch him fuck all day!

louiscapet6 08/14/2016

Alann11 08/16/2016
Good scene! Love Johan Kane and his long hair! The clothes were on way too long in this scene.

masstiehemd 08/23/2016
The productions summer at Men at Play, follow each other and are alike the same....Departure a guy in suit and tie, the other step. Either they exchange their dress Finally it is always around the guy in tie and that it is good for me. It is the particularity of this video quality site and pleasant to look and it is for that I m believer to Men at play. But the purposes of these last videos are also always identical. 2 partners end by being naked ....And for me, it is not good. I like seeing the juice flowing(sinking) on the shirt, on the tie of one of the two partners. I like that, at least one of the partners stays till the end in shirt collar jacket....Naturally, he can have nuances! There one day I would make for you the list of the movies of Men at Play which I prefer! I have saying a little my disappointment for 3 weeks.

NylonOTCs 08/26/2016
I just got to this one!...I thought it was fucking HOT!!!...Who in the fuck cares about Johan's hair???...okay, bit 90's but the dude rocks and rolls SEX!!!...Like I would suck his cock in a heart beat and let him plow my ass with that cock of his. He does come off as cocky and I like it...I have to agree with "suitsstudda". Go with the flow here and the flow was wonderful!!!...NIce ass on Klein, make any straight guy pop a boner!!!...It was great, MAP!!!...I want more of Johan just the way he is super HOT PIG!!! (mean that in a good way!) and he can make me "OINK"!!!

NylonOTCs 08/26/2016
OH yeh!!!...HOT SOX guys!!!...mmmmmmmmmm...Keep those coming with the suits, "Gentlemen"....(dip those toes in wine and suck deep!!!)

cumchum 08/27/2016
More of this long haired Johan. Why? He's just not sexy. Klein is fit but let down by this greasy haired Johan. First new guy for a while and I've gotta say its a BIG disappointment. Get some new muscle hunk in!

goonlad 09/02/2016
Johan is pure sex! MORE JOHAN!

musclefucks 09/11/2016
Hot fuck, thanks guys :) Johan very sexy with the blond tresses, and an amazing fucker. But, a little body make-up here and there would be good ...

dougspanked 09/04/2018
Very hot paring of men and great fore play with ass before fucking...totally awesome!