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Movie Comments

Normal everyday looking guy. Normally build and (dick)shaped (we're not all Ken Rykers). Not really someone who would make you stop and turn in the street. But sometimes that kind of guy turns out to be a total sexbeast in the bedroom. Could be interestin

I agree with the above. I also agree , he can be a sexbeast if his fantasy is awaken by the right thing. One should find out what is that thing. I don't beleave that should be romance.On the contrary.

Kind of boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah quite boring really

sorry, no....not in your standard now is it? sorry...guess we are a bit spoiled.

srrh 11/26/2009
REALLY BORING! Sorry, an ordinary straight lad who loves himself too much - not sexy at all. Please try harder!

Does not even come close to the guys that menatplay go for. For me, as harsh as it sounds he's boring and does nothing for me. He just seems to be full of himself and does not follow through with his earlier comments about himself.

SEANNY 11/26/2009
Looks like he drives a white van! Nice body but came too quick!!

Would all the guys who are riping Darren please contact MAP for their photoshoot, so we we can reverse the complements!!! Darren had the balls to get up and do the photo shot, he may not be everyones man but he is a typical guy, we are all not pruned and

diverko 11/28/2009
I personally liked the video and would love to see him again in suit.

This awkward banal stop-gap boy does not fit really to the breathtaking community of real men seen at MAP before. Just look at this boys hands to mention he is not used to suits, so imagination does not work.


Shut up with showing buts already! think youve made your point, you like buts.. we get it

he is sooooooooooo sexi

why no butt shoot ?

Seemed to take ages to get hard - very average guy in the street - not really a MAP guy in my opinion.

I love this men