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Movie Comments

kevdesu 09/15/2017
Where is Andy Star's tie from? It's beautiful

Rainer75 09/15/2017
An office, two (!) suited guys, a believable plot - which other ingrediencies are necessary for a fine film? One guy is a real cutie - the other a super masculine hottie with a special something... I didn't mention the ugly tats, only one suit was left at the end - one never get 100%. But the result has been one of the best films of this year! Is the team of MAP on the track again?

musclefucks 09/15/2017
Good sex guys, Nick is a furious fucker and Andy is such a star

mtmslg 09/16/2017
Those ridiculous tattoos are a Deal Breaker for me . . .

stripedtie13 09/16/2017
I realize this is very picky, but the tie knots are getting s little messy lately.

loveinsuits 09/16/2017
same. Not very business man-like. They did the same thing last week with haircuts.

Sherman 09/16/2017
It's OK, better video than the last three. Regular cocks with "not much hair" around their cocks. Not sexy. Basically boring as all Nick do was just fucking his ass for several minutes. No excitement.

Matt Jordan 09/16/2017
Erm we don't tattoo the guys or cut their hair . that's just how they are

Matt Jordan 09/16/2017
sorry about that . I'll pass that on to our new stylist with a few tips on the final details

stripedtie13 09/17/2017
Thank you

NylonOTCs 09/17/2017
MAP!!!...I have read some of the reviews here. All I have to say is, Andy Star is so fucking HOT!!!...You need to keep this guy around!!!...WOW!...Ass from Heaven, feet from Heaven. (Wish we could of seen Nick suck on some of those "Gold Toe" toes!!!...would of been so much even "HOTTER"!!...This was so good, man!!!...Fuck!...Andy is like so sweet and sexy and feet of a GOD!!!...whoever gets him next, please let there be some "sole sucking"!!!...It was really good, guys!!!...cant say enough...."The End"...mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

NylonOTCs 09/17/2017
Andy, DO NOT!!!...ever stop wearing the OTC socks!!!...Man, you have no idea how HOT you look ...In fact, try Thick n Thins with the next guy. You have beautiful feet, man!!!...Your calfs are so thick and HOT!....Man, you are the best thing since "LOGAN" for Ass man!!!...mmmmm!!!...will watch you again on this one, baby!!!

topsuitedgam 09/22/2017
Why took off the suits again?

mtmslg 09/24/2017
Umm, but you do hire them, don't you? Less (or no) tattoos and good grooming. Is that so much to ask?

musclefucks 10/13/2017
Second viewing ... shit, that Nick really can FUCK!

damon-salvatore 10/21/2017
the ending, haha. "gtg!" *runs out of office naked before boss can read letter*

trophyboy 12/28/2017
I love the sound Andy makes when he is getting fucked, especially at around 13:00

AkaneK1103 01/14/2018
I really love this video. Nick's acting is fabulous and he looks nice in the three piece suits, Andy looks gorgeous in the suits and that makes him looks smart and more pretty. His face expression,voice, way of blowjob…everything is flawless. I hope you'll produce a sequel. I want to know what will happen to Andy. (His lie came out)