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Movie Comments

karlcocksuit 05/08/2015
Good until 8 31 suit off fuck sake

everhard12321 05/08/2015
"Deep Choke" is an appropriate title for this film. Fans who are really into oral sex will find a lot here to stiffen their cocks and make their mouths water. This flick strikes the perfect balance between classy and slutty. I wish more porn stars would follow Gabriel Vanderloo's example and resist the urge to get tattooed. It was wise of Matt to keep newcomer Frank Valencia--who is blanketed in ugly tattoos--covered for half of the film; just long enough for viewers to get horny and accept the fantasy. Personally, I wish he had kept his suit on the entire time. Since most MAP fans express displeasure at the sight of tattoos, perhaps the producers should take this into consideration when making casting choices. Sadly, tattoos aren't a passing trend. For some reason people under thirty-five feel the need to express themselves by marking up their bodies, porn stars especially (Do they think this makes them appear more masculine or desirable?) As far as this site goes, I think it will be a good idea in the future to keep heavily tattooed performers like Frank Valencia completely dressed or dressed for as long as possible. It may not be completely comfortable for the models to fuck fully clothed, but they're being paid to fulfill our fantasies, not trumpet their narcissism through garish body art. Regardless, "Deep Choke" is an effectively sexy film.

Poonjava 05/08/2015
Not a fan of the tattoos, but still hot

scooter58 05/08/2015
What research do you have that says most MAP fans express displeasure at the sight of tattoos? I happen to like them and find men like Frank Valencia to be extremely virile and masculine which is why I subscribe to this site. If you don't like them fine but please do not speak for others.

sparty 05/08/2015
English would be nice.

olderbutsexy 05/08/2015
Hot sex, hot guys - especially Gabriel - and such beautiful clothes. Thanks folks :) But why not subtitles for the sexy bits?

explorer310 05/09/2015
I'm with you. I am not a fan of tattoos either

ScuffedShoes 05/09/2015
Such a total turn-off. Starts out great with 2 guys dressed in business attire and then as soon as possible first one then the other is naked. I like the idea of guys going at it in suits but it seems that week after week its just the same scenario of let's get them naked as quickly as possible. Then add the ugly ass tattoos that are everywhere on this guy. I don't mind a little body art, especially when it looks like art but this graffiti stuff on this guy is a waste. Didn't even stick around for the money shot, just gave up.

coxnsox 05/09/2015
very disappointing, theme was pedestrian and the models weren't up to your usual standards. I thought the purple socks were a fun touch but unfortunately, they were only there for a fleeting moment.

Suitsfan 05/11/2015
Hot suits, but discarded all too soon - and Valencia's tats are among the worst I've ever seen. (Were he and the tat artist both drunk at the time?!?) Then shooting a load of white cum on a white desk, when there's a nice blue dress shirt just out of reach; who's idea was that, I wonder?

RQUEST 05/11/2015
YUK! Total turn-off

robicart 12/06/2019
Wow...I loved Gabriel's "soft dick" at 3:15,,,and his big hard dick following...and those beautiful balls.