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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 01/04/2014
Magnificent! Sensational" Sensual! There are not enought adjectives to describe this wonderful movie. This is MAP at its ultimate with the handsome Woody Fox and the sexy Dario Beck. Thank you. Happy New Year, and what a wonderful start to 2014. P.S. I lo

NylonOTCs 01/04/2014
Very cool...guys!...Dario and Woody your great....just the nice bodies and wonderfull smiles!....This was good!....your both very handsome and love the shots the camera gives us at the end....nice to know you guys can laugh at yourselves!...Keep up the wo

joedoe1000 01/04/2014
Excellent way to start both actors. Very manly with hair in their pubic and butt sexy Dario Beck in otc...I am sure Dario will wear sheer otc in next scene. Thanks MAP!

RQUEST 01/04/2014
Superb! By far top notch. This is a good sample of scenes I like to see on MAP. I understand you have to create different scenes that cater to all of your clientele, but this type is better than the rest. Happy New Year!

auhottie 01/04/2014
Brilliant! Thanks all, yet another great instalment in the diary. The next is highly anticipated!

joedoe1000 01/04/2014
One question: are you guys using a new type of camera to film this scene? it looks a little bit blurry compared to previous scenes.

joedoe1000 01/04/2014
The pics are also blurry....just curious.

Matt Jordan 01/04/2014
Hi joe, there was an issue with one of the cameras unfortunately meaning the footage from one camera is blurs when its compressed for internet. These are the same cameras we used for the last woody scene with Johnny but as you can see from that there isnt

Okay 01/04/2014
So sexy With the black shirt and gray necktie, I am going to use that. Love the way they smile when they meet, and look into eachothers eyes, and talk. Fantastic foreplay With clothes on. The balls showing trough the pants, makes mine tighter. Absolutele

trombone1988 01/04/2014
A fantastic scene yet again! I love how his trousers are kept on whilst fucking! Can I ask if you use the same accessories for all scenes? I have noticed that the same ties and belts are used in most of your recent films?

maggeo 01/04/2014
Please take those ugly brown shoes you have Dario wearing in this video (and which you have used far too often) and TOSS THEM OUT!!! Investing in some nice slip on Ferragamos or Pradas or Aldens or Allen Edmonds would be greatly appreciated by many of yo

tiedupsuit 01/04/2014
Awesome movie! Handsome men, beautiful suits, great sex. This is why I joined this site. Keep up the great work

tiedupsuit 01/04/2014
Forgot the mention, love the outtakes in the end. Looks like they had great chemistry. Also, how did you clean up Woody's suit?

Matt Jordan 01/04/2014
yeah there were just some nice funny bits and it was a fun day so wanted you to see that chemistry between the boys. The suit is cleaned up and ready for action!

suitedcboy 01/05/2014
OMG! Woody in that blue three piece!! Dario and Woody are so well matched. Such a fantastic movie! You guys can do some absolutely fantastic work. This is one of your winners. The type of film that set you away from the others. I hope it is the type that

topsuitedgam 01/05/2014
Awesome movie.... Well done! Hope you can do some orgy movie that suits on till they cum.... Yummi :)

pamelanil 01/05/2014
love this guy- dario beck much better than harry louis..he looks great in suit

tiedupsuit 01/05/2014
Matt, good to hear from you. You didn't mention how you clean the suits up. I struggle with finding a good way of doing that. I look forward to hearing from you.

suitedattitude 01/05/2014
Now this is more like it, end of! And I could watch Woody any day of any week.

stardusted 01/08/2014
Why woody doesn't rim Dario nice bum?

Suitsfan 01/09/2014
MAP at its best! Lithe, handsome guys suited and quaffed in convincing executive fashion, gentle teasing that turns into sexual passion with lots of hot oral - climaxing with a copious spunk shower over Woody's beautiful waistcoat and trousers. Perfect!

Suitsfan 01/09/2014
A definite thumbs up on the outtakes from me, too! Good fun; thanks, Matt!

kapukane 01/11/2014
Good video..HOWEVER....when they were kissing...where was the tongues???? Who kisses without tongue? just strange. If there is no tongue why bother kissing in the movie. And please no bloopers at the end. It completely ruins the whole fantasy.

jekel29 01/12/2014
This was a hot how the guy was on the table with his shirt up while sucking woody's hard hairy abs and belly button exposed. Love the riding scene..legs spread with a major hard at attention cock the whole time..very nice! What

kapukane 01/14/2014
Hate! the outtakes. It completely ruins the whole fantasy of the movie. You want to believe it's real, like watcing a movie. Outtakes just ruin the whole thing. Huge turnoff.

Blitzkid21 03/12/2014
suck your cock

Blitzkid21 03/12/2014
suck your cock

sebastianxxx 07/25/2014
love woody ... he is so unconventionel

sebastianxxx 07/25/2014
woody is so easy going - think he is australien - beautiful

limerick 03/25/2015
Dario is one very lucky man! What a thorough fucking Woody gave him!! Woody is a sex god!!

robicart 09/27/2016
Two of my favorites - Woody and Dario - a shame the movie does not do them justice.

Sherman 08/18/2017
Dario is a handsome man and I missed seeing his hairy ass and needed more exposure to his " hairy" long cock. He has a beautiful body and need more of him in the next video showing his entire body exposed " nude"..........18 August 2017...................

carter_ross72 12/08/2017
This was a hot how the guy was on the table with his shirt up while sucking woody's hard hairy abs and belly button exposed. Love the riding scene..legs spread with a major hard at attention cock the whole time..very nice! What wo

robicart 10/10/2018
Great movie. Woody is outstanding in sucking. Dario is great riding Woody. Woody good cum shot.

robicart 04/29/2019
Great kissing. Great sucking by each guy.

robicart 06/11/2019
Great pairing. Great sex.

robicart 06/25/2019
Hot! Hot! Hot! It's still one of MAP's hottest videos ever.

Logan5 08/15/2019
Dario Beck was, as usual, fantastic. Woody Fox was ok.