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Movie Comments

Hausmannskost12 01/06/2017
PERFECT! That's what i want! Destroyed Clothes, powerful guys and good sex. NICE!

Tccg4315 01/06/2017

suitmen1 01/06/2017
Very hot! PERFECT! That's what i want! Destroyed Clothes (trousers, suits), good sex. Need more similar clips with destroyed suits and trousers. Thank you very much!!!

markbind 01/06/2017
Wow! These two are awesome together. Fucking hot and that cock of Kayden's, whew!!

musclefucks 01/06/2017
OMG, Cayden is rapidly becoming your new superstar: intelligent, responsive, a hot fucker, very sexy body, and of course, the huge, fabulous cock. Mike takes it well, great sex gents, thank you. Me myself, I find cutting people's clothes up plain silly, but I accept this is a fetish sight, and I hope my friends came buckets when those trousers were destroyed ;)

Jon62 01/06/2017
This is the best movie in ages. Sharp smart and sexy. Mike especially with the white shirt, dark suit and red tie. Great to see some real suit destruction/humiliation after so long. Looking forward to more of the same. Do rip the shirts next time.

pickel24 01/06/2017
OMG!! More Kayden Gray!!!

auhottie 01/06/2017
Fantastic. Came twice! A really hot film.

NylonOTCs 01/07/2017
Completely tantalizing!!!...HOT men, HOT sex, HOT chemistry....loved it, guys...IT was said, Yes!. this is what we like...Oh! yeh! "ps" here, .... "Lose the shoes"!!!, MIke....not so erotic with dress shoes in the air when sexy nylon feet could be loved on by Kaden!...

raven 01/07/2017
I particularly enjoyed Kayden's massive erect cock and the sight of his substantial ejaculate sprayed over Mike's genitalia! Damn HOT! A strong and memorable initial installment for the NEW YEAR! Thanks Guys. RAVEN

suit77 01/07/2017
hot scene, hot actors! why no cumshot over shirt and tie, that was my disappointment. Then again, I expected that much - real cum soaking on suits only is only featured on map like every 6months or so. bummer.... REAL bummer.

Sherman 01/07/2017
Kayden has large thick cock but Mike has a better hairy, thick, long cock & you did not share Mike's large cock to us. Kayden needed to suck his too, so sad this was not in the video. You have two men with thick, large cocks in which you should have taken advantage to show us. This video could have been better. Try next time................................

Sherman 01/07/2017
Poor cum shots. They could have done better.

kapukane 01/07/2017
Nope. Scene did not work. Dialogue, everything. Note to MAP.: Any thing to do with doctors, hospitals, and medical field are NOT hot or sexy. It is a hospital! People are sick, dying, and injured. No one is thinking about sex. The opposite. Love this site but need new writers, there are countless believable masculine scenes they could be doing.

Rainer75 01/07/2017
I agree for 100%. I know it's porn and not a Hollywood-blockbuster but to cut up a suit is a) not believable, b) not erotic but extremly stupid. Tearing into pieces during a rape - ok! - but this was real kindergarten, guys. This site needs new writers - no doubt.

Rainer75 01/07/2017
Actors can improve everything with a good assistant director but not beeing an effervescent geyser, honey. Sparing the precious seed for weeks make the organism stop the production of this fluid because it's not used. Try to drink a lot and save for 3 days may be successful ( and I think every pornstar will do before a performing date ) but every guy is different. One species splatters to the ceiling, the other lets a droplet run down the shaft. That does not make any difference in the intensity of the orgasm - only the sperm-queens among us come too short.

mtmslg 01/07/2017
Sorry you didn't like it. But NOTE TO YOU: try using your imagination. Doctors are sexy! As for sickness, dying and injury?? JEEZ! Why are you projecting your dour associations onto porn?

mtmslg 01/07/2017
Three things you have wrong: 1) Porn does not need to be believable (It's often fantasy). 2) Suit destruction is very HOT. And 3) Rape is NEVER ok.

mtmslg 01/07/2017
This was FUN! Loved the suit destruction! Also LOVED the way Kayden worked Mike's tie: tugging and pulling and reaching through the knot. (Nice recovery from last week's acne misstep!)

Rainer75 01/07/2017
1) Porn a l w a y s is fantasy, but it works even better, when it could be really happened. And MAP has a really high standard - so why not try to combine fairy tale and real life? 2) Suit destruction is hot - but not with a scissor and no defence. If my doctor would start snip my suit I would beat him for sure - wether he is attractive or not! 3) You refute yourself with your own arguments. I mean rape in the imagination - a widely used conventional sex fantasy. Even a lot of women are dreaming about beeing raped from a testosteron filled bad boy. Real rape is always a crime for sure!

masstiehemd 01/08/2017
Yes I'm OK! I wand see a large cum shots to the knot tie and on the face!!!! We have men like Hector to do that!

Keith_Lincs 01/09/2017
Brilliant - at last some shirted action without jackets! Great movie - gorgeous actors - great filming of the length being taken - more like this from now on please !

Sherman 01/10/2017
Mike, you are something else to take that large thick long cock. You handled it well. Was disappointed not to see your hairy large cock, because you do have a great motor with all that pubic hair. Looking forward to your next video with your body exposed.

BlackTie2006 01/10/2017
That was hot, real suit sex, great shirts and ties, the guys looked like they were really into it, thanks.

coltego 01/13/2017
you gotta be kidding me. Horrible camera work and editing. Faces, faces, faces. Close-ups close-ups close-ups

robicart 01/13/2017
Kayden Gray is one of the hottest men in porn. He sucks cock really well too. Should have had him do that too.

Sherman 01/17/2017
Mike, you can do better. This is not you best video. Your body to us exposed is what you need to do. Show off your large, thick, hairy cock.

Sherman 01/18/2017
Mike, you best video was "Cocksure".....where we were able to enjoy your long, thick, hairy cock threw out the entire video. You are a sexy man. Keep up the good work.

Gael1206 01/21/2017
Have always loved the medical/doctor themed videos on Menatplay.....more please!

joedoe1000 01/22/2017
The Dr theme is burned at MAP. Need to be more creative with that medical appointment. Regular ribbed socks...awful!

Sherman 01/25/2017
Mike, Kaden is giving you competition with his "thick" long cock like you have. The best part of you Mike is that you have the. best "hairy" sexy cock on. Men at Play. Need your body exposed more often. You make us all horney. I will take Mike in a shower anytime.

Sherman 02/26/2017
Mike, your ass must be worn out with Kayden's large thick certainly enjoyed it.

qabradford 03/05/2017
Gray, oozing pre-cum at the start, gives an insatiable performance. And De Marco, literally is a great actor. Often the scenario lends itself more and this one, with the power differential, certainly did to an extent. Surely give some nods out of the 70s adult film masters before things were just "porn" and add some details in environment like a chaise of a psychology office; a coach, referee and paramedic ensuring a rugby player still has some spunk; an after class session with a grad student and professor; an inspection at airport customs that gets hard and heavy; a really huge delivery package in a very boring mail-room; a flight attendant reviewing safety with a customer in private jet, etc. The different costumes--suit always included--make a ton of fun. Also take some nods from Japanese film and throw in a couple seconds of environmental footage to loop, like the building's vacant hallway with some echoes; a character walking up the building starers from afar; the liftoff of a airplane; the soccer field being mowed, etc. Whatever the case, this was nice work. A favorite for me along with Gentleman and Beg & Steal.

Sherman 03/11/2017
Kayden, great "thick" large cock. Mike has one too. Mike certainly enjoyed sucking your large thick cock. Good video gentlemen.

Sherman 03/16/2017
Kayden, you have a beautiful "thick" large cock in which Mike enjoyed sucking. But, Mike has the beautiful " hairy" thick large cock that we should have enjoyed. Not much exposure of his body, however, Mike must have a great asshole to accommodate that large thick cock of Kayden's. Enjoyed, but need more of. Mike's body exposed. And

Sherman 06/07/2017
Kayden had a tick, large, long cock But, Kayden should have sucked Mike's thick, large long, "hairy" cock (Mike has the best presentation on Men At Play with his "hairy, thick, large, long cock) that we all enjoy having a pleasure seeing it. We missed Mike's presentation of his motor. Looking forward to seeing Mike ..........SOON...............again. Great video of large cocks........enjoyed.

Sherman 07/02/2017
Hey you guys, Bothh of you have the thickest, largest, long cocks at Men At Play. We enjoyed, however, missed seeing Mike's "Hairess" large long cock. Kayden should have sucked this large cock and place his face in Mike's thick hairy bush. Good job men.

biguy 07/07/2017
When Dr. Grey goes in to private practice, I'd like to be his first patient. Of course, I would schedule a very complete physical!!

Sherman 07/09/2017
Kayden, you have the thickest, largest cock at Men At Play.......BUT, we did not get to see thhe other Largest, hairy, thick cock that Mike has. You and Mike have thhe largest and thickest cock on Men At time, you both share each other large cock. Kayden, great cum shot........................

Sherman 09/17/2017
Kayde, you have the largest, thickest cock that we all wished we had, however Mike does too. Kayden, you should have sucked his large, thick, hairy cock.......

Sherman 10/24/2017
Kayden, WOW, you have a thick large cock that we enjoy watching every morning. We all wish we all could have a large cock like yours.. thanks for sharing your large "thick" cock.

Sherman 11/08/2017
Kayden and Mike, you both have the largest and thickest cocks at “ Men At Play” this video I would have like Kayden suck Mikes cock and buried his face in Mikes “thick black bush”. Great job men.........Wow, you both have great cocks............

Sherman 11/27/2017
Men At Play, You may not realize it but you have two gentlemen who have the “ thickest” and “ largest” cocks on Men At Play. Happy to see you were able to get them together. Unfortunately, we were not able to appreciate Mike’s thick, large, “hairiest” cock on Men At Play as Kayden did not pull his pants down and Kayden didn’t Place his face into that hairy large cock of Mike’s. Good video and good chemistry between Mike and Kayden. Thanks for sharing them to us.....they do have the two thickest and large cocks.........WOW......lucky gentlemen...................several months later and still enjoying...................27 November 2017.

Sherman 12/12/2017
Kayden, you should have given us the pleasure of sucking and burying your face in Mike’s thick, large, “ hairy” cock......he has the best hairy cock and we missed this in this video. 12 December 2017...................................